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Meryl Wilsner
Mery Wilsner is a romance writer who is fond of writing stories about queer women and love. Something to Talk About is Wilsner’s debut novel, and by looking at the reviews so far, it is safe to say that she has outdone herself. Her writing style is unique, the narration flawless, and the storyline unique. The Michigan born writer has lived in different parts of the US, including Portland, Jackson, and Oregon. Currently, Wilsner is based in Mitten State.

Something to Talk About
Something to Talk About tells the story of two women, one a Hollywood star and the other an assistant dedicated to her job. Jo Jones was a Hollywood child star, and currently, she is an award-winning showrunner. Emma is her gorgeous and very able assistant. Jo likes the way Emma handles her work, and the two women have an excellent working relationship. Things take an exciting twist when Jo invites Emma to the SAG award. Emma’s job during this function is to act as a buffer and distract the press, so Jo doesn’t have to suffer the invasive questions about her upcoming project.

True to her nature, Emma doesn’t disappoint at the award. Everything goes well, but a perfectly timed photo captures a moment between Jo and Emma, and soon a rumor that the two are an item begins to circulate. Jo has never gone public about her dating life, and she is not about to start letting people into her private life. While Emma is ready to dispel the rumors, Jo warns her against it as she thinks that any comment will just fan the flames. Instead of spending the “no comment” period worrying about the public, Emma and Jo become open about their personal lives.

Jo is about to be hired to produce a James Bond-esque franchise, and with enough skepticism because of her gender, the last thing she needs is gossip. The hardworking woman is Chinese American, and she has had to struggle to get to where she is. Jo has a hard time expressing her feelings and figuring out what to do when others show theirs. How does she handle her assistant now that a single photo has forced them to go beyond their professional relationship and share personal details? How does she tell Emma that besides being her assistant, Jo really enjoys her company?

Emma dropped out of film school a few years ago. While she is happy working as Jo’s assistant, she yearns to get back to school and later become a director. She is also a Judaist, but she doesn’t share much about her personal life, not until she starts talking to Jo. It takes time for Jo and Emma to admit that this time, the tabloids got it right. The romance between the two burns slowly as they work to separate their work from their feelings. How long will it take for Jo and Emma to discover that their feelings for each other can no longer be hidden? What do they do to keep the Paparazzi out of their business?
Jo and Emma are fantastic characters. It is admirable how Jo is distant and reserved and, at the same time, passionate about her career, family, and Emma. When Emma shares her dreams with Jo, her boss is quick to admit struggling with self-doubt despite her success. Jo encourages Emma to pursue her dreams, however wild they seem. These intimate conversations lead to a strong friendship, and it is not long before Emma and Jo start to develop deep feelings for one another. While these feelings are mutual, Jo worries about how their relationship will appear given their age difference. Won’t people feel that Jo is taking advantage of Emma since she is much younger?

The supporting cast includes Emma’s sister, who adds a lot of depth to the story. Both Jo and Emma’s friends are a joy to meet, and it is intriguing to see how they react to their relationship. Through their family and friends, we get to understand Jo and Emma better. Jo is quite rich, and while her stardom as a teenager didn’t do a lot for her reputation, she has made a name for herself as a showrunner. Despite failing in school, Emma hasn’t given up on her dreams, and she is lucky to have a family that supports her.

The author writes in a matter of fact way, which makes this story believable. The insider vibe on Hollywood is detailed, and it is clear that Wilsner did enough research on it. The story alternates between Emma and Jo’s points of view, so it is easy to see that they are both attracted to each other. However, the two women feel that they should act on this attraction because of their differences. Emma wonders how to tell her successful and wealthy boss that she is attracted to her. On the other hand, Jo worries about their age difference and how the world will think about her dating a much younger woman.

One notable thing about this story is that it doesn’t come with tension. Instead, it offers a wonderful conversation on power dynamics and sexual assault. All the characters are well fleshed out, and while there is no explicit content, the romance buildup is simply delicious. This is a perfect read if you are new to F/F romance. It is also a great choice if you love slow-burning romance stories or are looking for a novel that is wonderful, lighthearted, and wholesome.
Something to Talk About is a cute story filled with affection and a slow-burning romance. For this duo, it is not the big gestures that matter. The author succeeds in creating sweet, meaningfulness in a gesture as small as pizza delivery or a hand on the back just at the right time. Thanks to the slow-burning romance, you get to know both Jo and Emma better as their relationship progresses from boss/ assistant to good friends and finally lovers. It is sweet how Jo worries about Emma and how the public will view them once they confirm that they are indeed an item.

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