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The “Meta Superhero” series are a set of novels by Tom Reynolds, a popular science fiction and young adult novelist. As a teenager, the author went to the University of Maryland from where he graduated with a degree in American studies while minoring in English. After graduating from college, he went on to work for Acquastrada as producer/director, Family Room Manager at Apple and at Blips as Director of Producer Relations. Reynolds is also a popular podcaster who hosts “The Complete Guide to Everything,” which already has millions of downloads. His work has been featured in Metro and the New York Times while his podcast has been an iTunes Top 10 Comedy Podcast. He currently makes his home in Brooklyn New York, where he lives with Ginger, his dog that watches him write at night.

The “Meta Superhero” series of novels by Tom Reynolds are young adult science fiction books set in a world where superheroes exist. But the superheroes have not been sighted for tens of years ever since a battle between them resulted in the death of thousands of innocents in the city. According to legend, they got their power from metal bands which were silver like bracelets that provided their wearers with all manner of powers. The lead in the novels is a sixteen year old boy named Connor Connolly who lost his parents to war a decade earlier. He currently lives with his brother but feels very much like an outsider living in a new state. Still Connor is a funny and smart young man even if he is often unsure of himself. He had never really known his parents. Even though his brother has done his best to raise him, he has never been the parental figure he believed he needed. Consequently, the boy had moved around a lot and is still finding himself at sixteen. At the start of the series, Connor tries to stop a crime and is fatally wounded in the process. Waking up later, he discovers that he is wearing metabands and has some supernatural powers.

“Meta” the first novel of the series is set a decade after Connor Connoly became an orphan following the death of his parents. They had died in a fight between two of the world’s strongest metas in Jones and The Governor, that had come to be known as “The Battle.” Before then, the world was filled with super powered humans known as metas, who got their amazing capabilities from mysterious wristbands. But they had all disappeared ever since that day. Connor is now a sixteen year old that lives with Derrick, his elder brother in Bay View City who bloggs obsessively about metas as Connor attends high school. Everything changes when he tries to save a stranger and the following morning he wakes up to find that wrapped around his wrists are a new pair of metabands. He soon teams up with a masked vigilante named Midnight who assists him in getting the hang of his new powers. He does all this while still working a job at the lake. He has now become an Omni, one of the most powerful meta types in the world. But soon enough he realizes that there are other powerful metas.

The “Second Wave” which is the second novel of the meta series is set at the tail end of the summer which means that Connor needs to go back to school. But the world changed overnight and there are now thousands of people with superpowers. Connolly not only has to attend training with Midnight, his mentor but also has to juggle being a very powerful human. There is also the relationship with Jim and Sarah, his best friends, who have mixed feelings about the super powers some humans seem to have acquired. With the world struggling to adjust to what has happened over the past few months, Omni who is Connor’s alter ego is now working at the Silver Island Meta Detention Facility which could not be any more crowded. Soon enough, he is asked to join a team that is to disarm one of the most secretive and powerful metas in town. But even with the help of a government agency, things go haywire in the most unexpected of ways.
In Tom Reynolds “Rise of the Circle,” metahumans are emerging all across the globe. There are mixed feelings about these superhumans as some treat them as a threat to the race while some take them as saviors. Meanwhile, a team of elite soldiers comes to possess one of the most powerful metabands in history. With such bands, they can destroy the meta bands which up to that point have been deemed indestructible. Meanwhile, Bay View City which had been the home of the largest metahuman detention facility is under lockdown after the center was destroyed. The streets are dangerous but the Alpha Team provides protection but the price is that no metahumans will be allowed in the city. Anyone that does not follow the rules is punished by execution. Connor has no choice but to leave the only place he has ever called home. He hopes to find refuge at an elite school but what he does not know is that the school has some dark secrets.

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