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Out of the Ashes (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
New Horizons (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fire in the Heart (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

“Metahuman Files” series is a set of novels by Hailey Turner an American gay romance, science fiction and paranormal romance fiction author. Even though she has written a ton of novels over several series, she still has a day job but says that writing is her first love. Turner has been a voracious reader ever since she was very little and enjoys reading as much as she does telling stories. According to the author, the best stories are one s with lots of action, gritty relationships and lots of action. Tamora Pierce has been among the biggest influences in her career since she wrote some of the best medieval young adult, science fiction and urban fantasy novels. Most of her childhood was spent reading such novels in addition to David Weber’s space military science fiction works. Turner has always been frustrated by the fact that she could not get more of the type of books she wanted. She started writing when she was seven as she wanted to write something that she would have loved to read. “In the Wreckage” her debut novel that was also the first of the “Metahuman Files” series first came out in 2017.

The” Metahuman Files” series of novels are military romance science fiction novels set two and half centuries into the future. It is a world where metahumans have been made from Splice chemical attacks that have made them super human. The lead in the novels is the son of a socialite mother and a wealthy senator named Captain Jamie Callahan. In the first novel of the series, he survives a chemical attack and gets a second lease of life. Even though he has no time for relationships, things get interesting when he meets Staff Sergeant Kyle Brannigan. In the second novel of the “Metahuman Files” series Kyle and Jamie’s relationship has moved up a gear as they are living together. But they need to keep their relationship secret even as they have to work together every day. The third novel of the series is about Staff Sergeant Alexei Dvorkin who against his better judgment gets attracted to Agent Sean Delaney who is supposed to be investigating him and also working with him on a mission.

In the novel “In the Wreckage” of the “Metahuman Files” series, Captain Jamie Callahan is introduced as a man that got a second lease on life. He was turned into a metahuman following a chemical attack. For the past three years, he has been an employee of the Metahuman Defense Force and against the wishes of his family the leader of the Alpha Team. The job calls for total dedication and hence he has never had a relationship for all the time he has been there. But then he has a one night stand with a handsome and charming stranger and he realizes that he has been missing out on a lot. When he is sent out on a mission to bring down a terrorist cell, he meets the stranger once more and his life will never be the same. On his part, Kyle Brannigan the Staff Sergeant is a man looking to blow off some steam after a torturous mission. He never imagined the hot and charming man he picked up was the commander of the top field team of the MDF. When Kyle and his partner are reassigned to the Alpha Team to consult on a new terrorist threat he has to balance between keeping his secrets safe as a duty and his desire for Jamie. There are regulations they are breaking and this makes everything so complicated. They are two men whose careers could go up in smoke if they are found out but they are not ready for the heartache of living by the rules. When there is an attack on the headquarters of the MDF, they have to make a choice between love and duty.

“In the Ruins,” the second novel of the “Metahuman Files” series, Captain Jamie Callahan is well aware that fraternization in the MDF is strictly forbidden. But his relationship with Kyle Brannigan who is part of his team is the best thing that ever happened to him. He is ready to risk getting found out just to be with him. When the team is sent on a mission to infiltrate a criminal cartel by going undercover, Jamie is well aware that things are going to be tough. He is to play the role of a billionaire’s son and jeopardizing his family name pales in comparison to his new role. He is to play a discharged brat looking to make shadowy business deals alongside his lover. Kyle knows that if he is to be with Jamie, his superiors cannot find out about their relationship. He is willing to wake up to his lover, which is more important than being seen in public with him. But then they go on the mission and he learns just how much he cannot have with what he had accepted as a fact of life. Pretending to be a couple had thrust him into a world of social status and material wealth he knows is a mirage but staying by Jamie’s side is as real as it could get. Surrounded by hostile enemies they need to trust each other even more and play the game to win. Their lives and careers depend on it.

“In the Shadows” the third novel of the “Metahuman Files” series tells the story of Staff Sergeant Alexei Dvorkin. He is known as a man that does not trust easily and is very wary when it comes to spies. He can work with them when he is instructed to but he always makes his displeasure known. But he finds that he likes working with Agent Sean Delaney who gets under his skin in a way nobody else ever has. Alexei is very much interested in what lies under his colleague’s mask. When they have to do a mission together, Alexei is determined to ensure Sean’s safety even as he tries to get the man into his bed. Delaney has spent years living as a spy for his country but when he is asked to find evidence against a private military company owner he knows what to do to get all he wants. But what he does not know is how to deal with his attraction for the young soldier or to handle Alexei’s advances. It is lonely being a spy and Sean knows that he ought to keep his distance but it is impossible to reject his advances once they kiss. When the mission gets complicated, they are forced to go on the run and their fragile trust is put under extreme pressure in the face of betrayal.

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