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Publication Order of Metal Mage Books

Metal Mage series by Eric Vall
Author Eric Vall writes the “Metal Mage” series of GamerLit novels. The series began publication in the year 2018, when “Metal Mage” was released.

The series stars Mason. It is set in the twentieth century world where people get pulled into a fantasy world. The world has a bunch of evil wizards and powerful monsters intent on murdering everybody. Use new magical powers from earth and metal to create awesome swords, armor, and guns. Kill the bad guys, become a hero, and have your own harem of hot ladies.

“Metal Mage 3” is the third novel in the “Metal Mage” series and was released in the year 2019. While Mason strengthens his magic over stone and metal, the Master is looming in the shadows. To lure the Master out and thwart his nefarious plot, Mason and his harem of princesses and mages must do several things.

Like take the Order of Mages over, keep from getting burned by murderous and giant creatures made out of flame, and build a train and railroad system to link the kingdoms of Cedis and Illaria. Sounds rather easy, right?

“Metal Mage 4” is the fourth novel in the “Metal Mage” series and was released in the year 2019. All aboard!

Mason Flynt and his band of mages, now that the railroad’s up and running, turn their attentions to the dwarven kingdom of Orebane that lies out in the frigid northern Draconis Mountains. However treacherous terrain is not all they are going up against.

In order to get the dwarves to agree to the new trade agreement, Mason’s going to have to prove his mettle against some lethal cave dragons, towering ice giants, and the Master pulling all the strings behind the scenes. The temperatures may be dropping, but the heat’s on.

“Metal Mage 5” is the fifth novel in the “Metal Mage” series and was released in the year 2019. After being the Ice Giants in the North and saving the dwarves, Mason faces down his toughest challenge to date: politics. Mason and his group of badass warrior ladies travel off to Nalnora, the elven kingdom, so that they can learn more about the Master and his runic powers.

But, the elves aren’t as forthcoming as the rest of the kingdoms. To win all of them over, Mason has to curry favor with each of the great Elven Houses through different means: assassination, weapon building, and cultivating life saving medicine. Oh, and he must be careful so that he’s not eaten by the Nalnoran landscape.

“Metal Mage 6” is the sixth novel in the “Metal Mage” series and was released in the year 2019. Mason’s now got evidence the Master works in Nalnora, however he’s rapidly learned that getting elves to cooperate is just like herding cats. Murderous and dangerous cats. So he must take matters into his own hands, particularly when the elven beauty Deya catches his eye.

To keep her, and the rest of his women, protected, Mason’s going to need to walk a razor’s edge while playing a dangerous political game, learns more of the power of runes. He also tries to keep a step ahead of the Master. In order to keep a step ahead, maybe it is time he upgrade his method of transport.

“Metal Mage 7” is the seventh novel in the “Metal Mage” series and was released in the year 2019. Mason’s about to leave Nalnora, but he will go out with a bang. While the Master continues toppling and possess some of the weaker elven Houses, Mason decides to ramp up their offense. Guns may be lethal, yet a bazooka will decimate. Particularly one that’s powered by runes.

Mason, with the aid of some elven allies, works on loosening the Master’s grip on Nalnora a final time. The Master’s army is marching for war, but Mason is ready for them.

“Metal Mage 8” is the eighth novel in the “Metal Mage” series and was released in the year 2019. Mason is finally going back to Illaria, and he is not returning empty handed. Not only does he now need a beautiful elf on his arm, a shit load of weapons, and a badass Mustang, he is also returning improved and new. And runed.

Things back home in Serin took a turn for the worst, somewhere along the way. The king’s worried, mages have been disappearing, and the Master is moving somewhere in the shadows. Mason’s going to have to step up and take charge to keep the kingdom safe, however he has never been one to back down off a challenge.

“Metal Mage 9” is the ninth novel in the “Metal Mage” series and was released in the year 2019. Possessed mages close in on the capital of Serin, however Mason discover the Master has managed to brand some ogres too, and while everybody is fast to tell him, this is some bad news. Really bad.

If the Master enslaves all the ogres, this war’s over before it even starts. Mason, his harem, and the half-ogre Haragh have to travel to Jagruel (the ogre territory), and stop the Master’s plot of building his army further. The one problem with their plan is that ogres are much more inclined to just eat Mason than just talk to him.

“Metal Mage 10” is the tenth novel in the “Metal Mage” series and was released in the year 2020. As always, Mason’s got his hands full protecting many kingdoms, however at least he’s finally getting some reward for all of his hard work. Now that he’s a baron, Mason must figure out what to do with all of his new land, his new mansion, and his new riches.

However, life isn’t all rich baron sex and huge statues made from precious gemstones. The Master’s fortress looms out in the eastern foothills, and his possessed mages are not the only things roaming Illaria’s countryside now. It’s a good thing then that Mason’s got his own own personal battle dragon and his own fleet of lethal metal automatons at his disposal.

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