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Publication Order of Waterford Books

The Secrets We Keep (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
All The Broken Pieces (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Picture Perfect Lies (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Has-Beens (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Always Yours, Bee (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Mia Hayes

All The Broken Pieces: A women’s fiction divorce romance is one of the stories in Mia Hayes’ collection in her A Waterford Novel stories. With chapters titled “Tequila, I Feel Ya” and “Stalking is the New Dating” you know you’re going to have a fun time reading this novel by Ms. Hayes.

Gathering the toothbrush and a single sock, offensive detritus of her ex-husband, Ellison chucks it into the garbage. At least now she isn’t reduced to a curled up mass of tears. She didn’t ask for this divorce. She has no idea things were bad until Josh announced he no longer loved her and rapidly moved out from under her. Leaving her with two young boys and a broken heart.

In this small town, everyone chews up gossip like food to starving dogs. Josh moving out was hard enough but the rumor mill cranked into overdrive when it was announced Josh was in a relationship with Jenny Cartwright. Now Ellison’s life has been reduced to drinking wine after the boys have gone off with their father.

Since when is an adulterous husband not a hanging offense? How can he possibly have the nerve to go out in public with his head high and his pregnant mistress of nine months on his arm? She’s done nothing wrong and she’s so humiliated that she can barely stand to show her face in public.

Her BFF, Andi, is just the tonic she needs. Being the good friend she is, she keeps dragging Ellison off for new adventures. Paintball was a bust; getting pelted by 17 year old boys wasn’t the thrill she hoped for. Guys in tights eating turkey legs at the Renaissance Fair didn’t give her that warm feeling she was craving. The nightclub Andi dragged her to was full of twenty-somethings. The two of them were the oldest in the room. Andi didn’t even get carded by the bouncer.

Against her better judgement, Ellison kept pounding drinks. Andi had to tell her about Luke eyeing her from across the room. She was so sure he was looking at one of the plentiful younger girls in the bar. She felt every year of her age and knew for sure she looked it too.

Surprisingly, Luke asked her to sit for a drink. How many had she had already? Losing track now wasn’t a good idea. And where did Andi go off to? She and Luke do the light, little dance of getting to know each other. Impulsively she asks him if she could see his room upstairs in the hotel. Why did she just do that? Now she knows she’s way over her drink limit. She’s never done that in her life, ever!

Luke takes her up to his room and they make love and it’s wonderful and she feels alive again. Luke, obviously a gentleman, asked her for her number. Ellison knows that is probably a bad idea. He’s in town for a job interview and she doesn’t want a repeat of tonight or to set expectations. She says goodnight and UBERs home.

Andi is deliciously scandalized and super pumped for her friend. She tries to pry all the juicy details out of Ellison. Her memory of it all is a tad fuzzy but does remember feeling… better.

Another novel in the Waterford Series is
The Secrets We Keep: A domestic suspense psychological thriller. Ms. Hayes takes us down a dark path in this, the first of the Waterford series, chilling novel.

Elizabeth wants to simply hide. After she discovered her husband was having an affair, she starts her life over in Washington, DC. Monotony is her best friend as she shops for wine at Costco and day-drinks, all the while attempting to have a quiet, “normal” family life for her children and herself.

It’s not going to go her way, though. 
DC is a gossip machine and Waterford is too close. Nearly no one is safe from its nasty reach and unfortunately Elizabeth is no exception.

Someone is blogging about the women of Waterford, spilling all their ugly, embarrassing secrets and for reasons she can’t fathom, they are targeting Elizabeth. She’s in a panic.

Elizabeth has worked too hard to present the image of an Instagram perfect life. If they know they blurry conversations and empty spots in her mind, the stuff she doesn’t even know, it will break her again. Waterford can’t know about her hospitalization for her bi-polar condition and her suicide attempt.

Gossip mixed with a darker story is a stunning insight into the age of social media, mental illness, friendship and the damage it can do.

Always Yours, Bee: A Memoir is Ms. Hayes non-fiction story of her journey through time in the aftermath of a horrible accident her husband suffered. She shares her heartbreaking experiences as she desperately tries to hold her family together while dealing with her husband’s changing personality of depression, PTSD, and memory loss as a consequence of his severe head trauma.

Ms. Hayes’ struggles have consequences for her as well, setting off her own deep dive into depression and bipolar condition. The decisions she made in this situation created chaos. Moving the family from San Francisco to Paris, France then Washington, DC, she then becomes involved in a scandal of her own making.

This is a raw look by the author of her life with her own mental illness and her struggle to keeps the whole family together while she tries to keep the most important person together- herself.

Mia Hayes lives in Northern Virginia. When she’s not writing, she managing her husband with their kids and cats. Although a good deal of time is spent writing, she’s also traveling, practicing yoga, drinks a “ridiculous amount of green tea.”

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