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Mia Sheridan is a USA Today, New York Times, and Wallstreet Journal bestselling novelist of contemporary and romance fiction.

She has said that she has always had a passion for telling stories of people fated to be together which makes for some great true love stories. Just like many authors, she happens to be an avid reader before she became a bestselling author.
She penned “Leo” her debut novel in 2013 and has never looked back since. Mia now has more than two dozen works to her name across several series and collections of short stories.

Mia loves to describe herself as an avid reader turned writer of erotic and romance fiction. She currently makes her home in Cincinnati, Ohio alongside her husband who is a police officer and also her biggest fan.

The two love birds are the parents to four beautiful children on Earth and one in heaven. When Mia is not writing her novels, she can often be found with her nose deep in her kindle.

Sometimes when she does not feel like reading, she will be found doing anything creative such as sewing pillows or building a patio. Mia also likes to connect with her readers through her social media profiles and especially Facebook.

It was in 2013 that Mia Sheridan knew that she wanted to become an author. She had then penned a blog and the majority of people that read so loved it that they told her to write a book.

Her writing career came about from very sad circumstances as she lost her daughter in 2012. She decided to start writing as some kind of therapy that would help her work through her grief.

Writing her blog was therapeutic, even though she would never have imagined that something so good would come out of it. What is interesting is that prior to that, she had never even considered becoming an author but she decided to give it a try.
Mia penned “Leo” her debut novel in 2013 and now has more than two dozen works to her name. These are spread across single-standing novels, series, and several works of nonfiction.

She started out self-publishing her novels and got initial traction from readers and bloggers of self-published books discovering her novels.

Mia Sheridan gets the inspiration for her novels from just about anything artistic. She gets inspiration from antique furniture, art music, and everyday things in nature. If something is vivid enough to tell a story, she will often be inspired by it.

She also finds inspiration from the works of other authors and particularly Stephen King who writes sensitive characters and very imaginative plots.

Some themes she has used in her works from nature include sunrises, sunsets, and flowers.

“Leo” by Mia Sheridan begins with a flashback and introduces Leo a fifteen-year-old and Evie who is fourteen. They had first met in foster care and had become best friends.

They used to rely on each other and developed a strong bond that soon transformed into love as they grew older. He makes her want to stay awake as reality is now better than dreams.

But things change when he is adopted by parents who live on the other side of the United States and they are ripped apart. Before he leaves, he promises to come back for her once he turns eight but she never sees him again.
Nearly a decade later, Evie has made a new life for herself. While she grew up without any family and had to endure molestation drugs and bad memories, she is self-sufficient and strong.

She has managed to get a job and has a new home and life could not be better for her. For the most part, she has moved on from the painful events in the past but has never forgotten the feelings she had for Leo.

As such, when some handsome guy turns up and says that he had been sent to check up on her by Leo, she is thrown into a tailspin.

She is feeling a strong connection to the mysterious stranger and thinks there is something about him that reminds her of Leo. But can she trust him having been apart for years?

Mia Sheridan’s novel” Leo’s Chance” is set in the present and is told from the perspective of Leo. Leo has been stalking Evie out but not in a creepy fashion but just cautiously looking to check her out from afar.

He is doing this as he does not know how she will receive him following eight years of not seeing her. Moreover, he had broken his promise of coming back for her when she turned eighteen.

Evie is now a twenty-three-year-old woman who has been doing very well for herself despite the fact that she was brought up in the foster system.

Seeing things from his perspective makes it possible to understand why he lied about Leo dying and being Jake. He is an insecure man but this comes from thinking of himself as worthless and hoping that she would not push him away.
Mixing in flashbacks and present-day happenings, it manages to fill in the blanks from the debut story. It also makes it easier to understand Leo’s motivations, mistakes, actions, decisions, and thoughts.

“Stinger” by Mia Sheridan is the story of a girl with a plan.

Grace Hamilton has a lot of pride in being a person who achieves her goals and who knows what she wants in life. She is not known for stepping out of line and lived pretty much a perfect life.
But then she met Carson Stinger who does not care about any of the rules unless they are ones he has made.

He works in the adult entertainment industry and does not give two hoots about what other people think and takes each day as it comes with no plan or direction.

He once upon a time thought he knew just what women wanted from him until he met Grace. They had been forced to spend some time together by circumstances and this had changed both of them.

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