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Miami Jones Florida Mystery Books In Order

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Publication Order of Miami Jones Florida Mysteries Books

Miami Jones Florida Mystery is a series of novels written by A.J. Stewart and which follow the exploits of a private investigator operating out of Florida.

+The Story

The Miami Jones novels are a favorite amongst fans of the mystery and suspense genres because they take place in Florida. Few authors ever choose to set their mysteries in Florida. In fact, the list of detective novels set in Florida is very short.

For that reason, one can understand why the Miami Jones Florida Mystery series is perceived as a rarity.

The books follow the exploits of a private investigator by the names of Miami Jones. Miami had a bright future in sports. He was a burgeoning talent that saw his star begin to shine in the arena of baseball.

However, Miami’s time in the minor league was very short and his era in the Majors was even shorter. Circumstances took the detective away from professional sports and, after searching his soul and considering his options, Miami Jones finally decided to put his talents to solving crimes.

Miami is a different sort of detective. The Miami Jones Florida Mystery series has a noir style to it. There is a gritty element in the dialogue and the stories that A.J. Stewart tells. However, Miami Jones is the furthest thing from a gritty detective.

The Private eye has no demons to speak off. There’s no tragic past that keeps him up at night. He has no hazardous habits or overbearing physical, mental and emotional faults. Miami is just a simple, laid back professional who takes a casual approach to solving cases.

And it is because the protagonist doesn’t follow the path of every dark and disturbed detective on the shelves of bookstores today that he enjoys considerable popularity amongst fans of the mystery genre.

Despite playing in the same violent waters, Miami Jones stands alone, a different sort of breed. He has a girlfriend and their relationship is, more or less, thriving. The fact that she has a difficult job and yet she finds the time to maintain her beauty drives Miami Jones to exercise and eat healthily.

Though, it isn’t the healthy lifestyle that makes Miami such an effective detective. For the most part, Miami can get by in his field because he is more intelligent than most of the people around him.

However, even when things get tough, the detective is rarely without a plan or a solution and that is primarily because Miami Jones has a massive network of friends, acquaintances, and connections.

Miami seems to know everyone that matters in Florida. More importantly, the detective’s friends are all loyal to him. And even the tough ones have hearts of gold underneath it all. When Miami calls, they come through for him.

This makes him a far more effective operative than any police department in the state. And fortunately for everyone, Miami uses his connections for good. Some of these connections include Danielle Castle, a member of the Sheriff’s department who is always roping Miami into the most difficult cases.

Danielle has a boyfriend by the names of Lucas who manages a Marina, though he finds the time to help Miami Jones when it counts. Some fans consider him to be Miami’s third partner.

Miami’s official partner is Ron Bennett, a diligent individual working to learn the basics of private investigative work.

Some of the cases in the Miami Jones Florida Mystery series come Miami’s way because he knows so many people and most of them feel the need to rope him into their business when trouble calls.

Other times, Miami Jones’ reputation causes the poor and the desperate to seek him out, especially when they are in dire situations and the police are incapable of helping them.

The Miami Jones Florida Mystery series has been commended for its gritty, sharp and humorous dialogue. The books are told in the first person from the perspective of Miami Jones.

A.J. Stewart has been accused of being a little vague with some of his descriptions. Some readers struggle to keep up with the changes in location, especially when scenes suddenly shift.

On the other hand, Stewart has been praised for vividly bringing Florida to life with his description of all the sights, sounds and smells.

+The Author

A.J. Stewart began his career writing marketing copy for big companies. He also worked in the tech industry for a while, primarily writing for startups. Stewart was always a storyteller. It is where his passion lay and he knew it.

But he decided to quell his storytelling dreams in favor of making a living. However, after more than two decades of sitting on his skills, the stories in Stewart’s head grew so loud that he was forced to put his day job behind him so that he could focus on writing his novels and publishing them for all the world to read.

Stewart has had the opportunity to live all over the world. However, his heart has always been in Florida. That is where he always returns to. So it should come as no surprise that he writes mystery novels set in Florida.

+Stiff Arm Steal

When BJ Baker loses his Heisman Trophy, he is forced to turn to Miami Jones for help. No one likes the former NFL Football hero so his list of enemies is quite long. But Baker knows that, if he puts his mind to it, Miami Jones can find the thief.

Unfortunately, Baker hates Miami Jones and that feeling is reciprocated. In convincing Miami to take his case, Baker draws him into a complicated situation filled with jealous husbands, feisty criminals, and hostile police detectives.

With all the retired footballers in Florida, Miami knows that it won’t be easy finding the thief and the murderer at the center of his case. Luckily for Miami, he has just the connections necessary to unravel the expanding web of secrets.

+Offside Trap

When a student-athlete dies of an overdose, Miami Jones is called in to shed light on the case. There’s a lot riding on his investigation. The university would rather keep the scandal on the down low.

But Miami doesn’t know when to stop digging. When his old college friend asks him to look into the matter, he doesn’t expect to find himself at the center of a web involving academics, politics, and drugs.

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