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Mica Rae
Mica Rae is a contemporary romance author. She writes stories with flawed characters that experience the worst and best that life has to offer. No matter what she puts her characters through, a happily ever after is guaranteed.

During the fall she can be found screaming at the television while she cheers her Oklahoma State Cowboys on to victory. For the rest of the year when she’s not reading or writing, her wanderlust has her traveling around the globe. Her love of history has her on a mission to visit all thirteen presidential museums and libraries.

For as long as Mica can remember, she has always wanted to be a writer. She began writing books, poetry, and even some songs when she was younger. She believed writers were famous people so she never in her wildest dreams believed it was something she’d be able to do. Now she is living this dream writing romance novels.

Mica deals with writers’ block by putting words down on paper. Doesn’t even matter if they are any good or not, she just writes them down. If she is really blocked, she will find some hot guy on social media and begin writing about that guy. Mica just describes him in great detail, and then she writes about what she believes he is like. It is a fun way to find a new romantic interest for one of her characters.

Mica is an avid reader. She loves reading about all sorts of characters. And so as a writer, she is able to create the books she wants to read.

She is also a routine driven person, and writes two thousand words a day. Before her novel “Inevitable”, she wrote nonfiction exclusively so she was already in this habit. Some days her writing’s on fire and other days will be lukewarm at best. No matter what, she is pounding on those keys because even if what she writes on a given day is not too great, something great might just come from that idea.

When she started writing “Hush”, she got the idea for the entire “I’m Yours” series. Originally, it was only going to be the first book, however she just fell in love with the secondary characters that she just had to know their stories as well.

“Hush” is the first novel in the “I’m Yours” series and was released in 2020. Edie Potter heads off to Homecoming with the golden boy of the school, she expects a night that she will never forget. What she does not expect is for the guy to just ignore her when she tells him no. she never imagined that she would be the villain in the story of her rape.

Dean Franklin has been in love with Edie, his best friend, since they were in fourth grade. He is also the only person at the entire school that believes her at all. Only problem is that he is forced to keep a secret from her which could very well mean the end of their budding romance.

Between coping with her sexual assault and getting blindsided by betrayal, there is nothing that makes sense anymore. Edit has to dig down deep for the strength inside to navigate disappointment and withstand the unbearable agony of attempting to heal or she could very well miss her chance at happily ever after. Can Dean help her put the pieces back together before they miss out on their chance at love?

Right from the first page, readers were hit with heartbreak and emotion and they were glued to the page to see what would happen next.

“Cherish” is the second novel in the “I’m Yours” series and was released in 2020. Life has not always been easy for Rebecca. She is still carrying the emotional and physical scars from the day that her classmate brought that gun to school. In just a single instant, her whole life changed its course. She lost the person that she once was and who she believed she had become in just an afternoon.

Spencer has always been far more interested in building robots in his garage and basketball than dating. From the moment that he meets Rebecca, she consumes all of his thoughts. He only wants a single shot with the girl of his dreams.

Spencer, once friendship is no longer enough, decides to make it his mission to convince her to just give their love a shot. Before she is able to let him get too close, she must deal with the pain from her past and let go of the idea that she will never be enough for the guy that has captured her heart. He’s got his work cut out for him if he is ever going to get her to just let her guard down and let their love blossom. Could their love be doomed before it can even start?

“Protect” is the third novel in the “I’m Yours” series and was released in 2021. The day that Denise Potter gets the earth shattering news that her son and husband were killed, she believes that her life is over. In just an instant, all of her dreams and plans for the future have died with them. She never expected she would find comfort in the arms of her much younger brother’s best friend.

Wyatt Williams has always carried a torch for his friend’s big sister. His crush began when they formed this unlikely friendship years before. Now he is on a mission to help her see him as more than merely the goofy kid that she remembers him to be, as well as help her heal her broken heart.

While Wyatt helps Denis navigate through her new normal, she finds the sexy rancher’s sensitive side that he keeps hidden. Before she moves on with the guy that is destined to be her future, she must say goodbye to her former life. With a surprise being thrown at her right when she accepts her new destiny, can she keep on allowing Wyatt to get close or is she going to shut him out permanently?

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