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Publication Order of Agent Micah Dalton Books

The Echelon Vendetta (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Orpheus Deception (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Venetian Judgment (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Skorpion Directive (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Agent Micah Dalton series is one of the well known novel series based on the thriller and suspense genres. This series is written by the noteworthy author from The United States named David Stone. There is a total of 4 books in this thriller series, which were released between the years 2007 and 2010. Each and every book features the lead character in the role of Micah Dalton. This fictional character developed by author Stone features is depicted as working as a cleaner in the CIA. He usually gets the tasks of cleaning up the mistakes made by the other CIA agents in their respective missions. Micah Dalton is very efficient in his work due to which he has a high reputation among his CIA commanding officers. This book series in an international spy suspense series that takes the readers through different places of the world, including London, Venice, Istanbul, Washington D.C., Balkans, Florida, Bangkok, Serbia, etc. Author Stone began writing the Agent Micah Dalton series in the year 2007 and also released its debut book in the same year under the title, The Echelon Vendetta. This book was also the debut book of the writing career of author Stone. All the 4 books published in the series were very successful all across the globe. They received numerous praises and appreciations from the critics and readers alike. With the success of each book, author Stone gained the motivation to develop the plot of the next book to follow in an even better way. However, after the publication of the 4th book, author Stone has not come up with any further book in the series. He has not even made any announcement to inform the audiences, whether he has plans of coming up with any more stories of Micah Dalton in the future. Therefore, it can very well be considered that there will be just four books in the Micah Dalton series.

The first book to be published in the Micah Dalton series is entitled ‘The Echelon Vendetta’. It was released by the Putnam Adult publication in 2007. Author Stone has set this book’s plot in the United States. The story deals with a thrilling international spy fiction that traverses from the streets of Venice to Washington, D.C. and London. At the start of the novel, Micah Dalton is shown as an agent who is not allowed to ask any questions. He is paid for whatever task is given to him and it is expected from him to succeed every time as there is no window for mistakes. Actually, Micah is the man who the CIA appoints to clean up all the mess whenever things go wrong. He is mainly called when an agent lands in trouble or during even worse situations. But, when one of his colleagues and close friend named Porter Nauman is found dead in an idyllic town in Tuscan hill, Micah Dalton cannot help himself but ask the questions to the CIA related to his friend’s death. At first, Porter Nauman’s death appears to be an unimaginable and an apparent case of gruesome suicide. However, as Dalton knew him very well, he knows that Nauman cannot take such a step ever. This makes him certain he was murdered.

Later, when the family of Nauman gets slaughtered brutally back at his London residence, Micah Dalton cannot hold himself back any longer. He moves from Venice to the cities of London and Washington, D.C. His search for a deadly specter takes him to the beautiful locations of the mountains in the American West. This specter that Dalton trying to track down seems to have a penchant for the intricate knifeworks that are influenced by the mysticism of the Native Americans. Also, he seems to be attacking and killing the group of current and former agents as well as the contract men. All his victims seem to have a connection with Echelon in some way or the other. The Echelon is a mysterious company operating secretly. Micah Dalton discovers that all the killings that have taken place appear to be retribution acts. But, he is unable to understand the reason behind it. He continues his investigation and goes on to find the reason soon after as well as catch the killer. Overall, the story appears to be a horrifying, chilling, elegant, suspenseful, and thrilling. Its interesting and shocking twists and turns keep the readers enthralled till the very end.

Another well known book published in the series is titled as ‘The Venetian Judgement’. The Putnam Adult is the publisher of this book too, which released it in 2009. Author Stone has set the plot of this book around a deception that takes inside the CIA, as well as a historical intrigue. The opening plot shows that time of Winter in the city of Venice. Micah Dalton is introduced with a killing frost deep in his forests as he goes out in the night to kill all the Serbian gang members who killed his lover. Knowing the risks involved in this hand to hand vendetta, Dalton understands that he has a very less chance to come out alive. However, he goes on to erase the gang members thanks to a mysterious glasscutter made of stainless steel that had arrived at his house in a jade box. It appears that this glasscutter holds powerful meaning only for several selected people, who have high positions in the establishment of the American intelligence. Following the discovery of the jade box and the dangerous message contained in it, a search on a global scale for a mole in the upper CIA echelons is triggered. The pursuit of the possible mole makes Micah Dalton travel from Venice to Istanbul to Santorini. During the search and pursuit, he comes across a shadowy group full of spies who seem determined to prevent him from discovering a secret plot. It appears that the secret plot has the power to paralyze the most critical operations of America’s intelligence unit all around the globe, once it gets out in the open.

Dalton is accompanied by his associate, the half English and half America aristocrat named Mandy Pownall. The two indulge in airborne firefights up above the Marmora Sea, as well as go through a harrowing chase in the Bosphorus Straits. And finally, after journeying halfway across the world, they end up in a violent confrontation in Emerald Coast’s mangrove swamps in Florida. Dalton and Mandy risk their sanity and lives in their desperate attempt to hunt down the architects of the cunning deception mounted by one of the most ancient and subtle enemies of America. Just like the previous books, this book too seems to have been written in a sophisticated and intelligent way by author David Stone. It is filled with thrill and suspense from start to end, which helped it to fetch numerous buyers from all over the world. Thus, it also went on to become a grand success, thereby adding more colors in the already successful writing career of the New York Times bestselling author.

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