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Micah Good is an aspiring American writer of romance, realistic fiction, young adult, and contemporary stories. She is known to have written the book, The Opposite of Falling Apart. This is also her debut book that came out in 2020. Micah is now working towards the development of her next book and is hopeful of publishing it soon. Her first book has received more than 2.3 million reads on Wattpad, helping her gather more than 6.9 thousand followers. Currently, Micah resides in the midwestern US. She is studying nursing and is looking forward to turning it into a career alongside writing.

When Micah is not involved in her writing projects or busy with her studies, she can be found reading a book or two. She loves reading and claims that it was her reading habit that motivated her to write a story of her own. Micah loved the experience of writing so much that she decided to continue doing it. Now, she dreams of becoming an established author and come up with many interesting novels in the years to come. Micah likes to interact with her fans through online platforms such as Twitter, where she talks about her interests, hobbies, and her future plans about her writing career.

The debut book written by author Micah Good is entitled ‘The Opposite of Falling Apart’. It was released by Wattpad Books publication in February 2020. The essential characters depicted in this novel include Brennan Davis and Jonas Avery. Initially, it is mentioned that Jonas Avery loses his leg in a tragic car accident. After spending some time in grief over his life, he makes up his mind to continue his studies and cannot wait to go to college again. Brennan Davis wants nothing more than staying home and going to school so that her anxiety can be kept in check. Jonas and Brennan have a chance encounter one summer before moving away. The meeting makes both of them restless and pushes them to come to terms with the thing that is holding them back. But, they are constantly being pulled towards the biggest decision of their lives, that is, falling for each other. What follows next in the lives of Brennan Davis and Jonas Avery carries the story forward. In the later parts, it is shown how the two characters battle every situation and overcome every obstacle to cherish their love.

Micah says that it is very rare these days to come across a young adult book that describes a good story without showcasing any typical young adult drama such as high school drama, relationship drama, love triangle drama, etc. But, this book is not like that. It is excellent in many ways. There is hardly any drama in this novel. There is a well-written storyline that appears to be quite engaging. Also, there are amazing characters and an intriguing plot that keeps readers glued the book. The story mainly focuses on the mental health problems of Brennan and Jonas as well as their healing and recovery process along with the ways they adopt to overcome the problems and their lives get affected by it on a daily basis.

Author Micah has developed a wonderful and emotional story that doesn’t surprise the readers much. Many critics believe that such stories tend to be sad and emotional though they are beautiful overall. And this story is no exception. The characters of Jonas and Brennan seem quite relatable and easily connected with. Being an amputee, Jonas goes through a hard time. He tries his best to move on in life and forget the tragedy that resulted in the loss of his leg. One thing that impressed readers about him the most is how he does not lose hope. Also, how he always attempts to drive his car despite missing a leg. Sometimes, Jonas becomes very anxious at the thought of driving, but that is understandable in his situation. But, his determination is what makes him special.

Micah’s work in portraying the character of Jonas Avery is quite commendable. She has not shown him as a weak or broken person. Rather, there is a strong determination in him that makes him attempt things that otherwise quite impossible for a person in his position. Jonas is also depicted as a secretly hilarious man. In some parts of the story, he cracks jokes and does funny acts that make readers laugh out loud. After starting as a quiet and introvert person, Jonas goes on to show development and portray a new side of himself as an outgoing, confident, and fun-loving person.

On the other hand, Brennan Davis appears to be a quiet character. She suffers from an anxiety disorder and tries very hard to live like normal people. The anxiety disorder has made her a difficult person to communicate with, in a normal circumstance. For a large part of the normal, Brennan is seen battling her inner voices and trying to overcome the anxiousness. The character of Brennan can well be related to people suffering from anxiety issues. Just like Jonas, Micah showed development in Brennan’s character in the latter part of the story. Brennan goes through a lot of changes that enable her to become more confident and defeat her anxiety. Sometimes, she shows anxiousness while making conversations with people or meeting new students in college. But, there are other times when Brennan gains confidence and does not look afraid of anything. During such times, she turns into a carefree girl.

The carefree attitude of Brennan surprised the readers to a great extent. As a person, Brennan is quite helpful. She is talented enough to write stories and give excellent advice. Brennan seems to be a wise person and brave enough to show a strong attitude despite feeling weak from inside. When Jonas and Brennan meet for the first time, they are total strangers. Slowly, they turn into friends because of the caring attitude of Brennan towards Jonas. She even starts texting him repeatedly despite getting cold responses from the other side many times. This part is depicted in a funny way in the story. With the passage of time, their friendship transitions into romance. And when they realize, they are unable to hold themselves back. The overall story is quite marvelous and beautifully written. Readers felt satisfied with it and gave excellent reviews. Many of them appreciated the efforts of Micah for developing relatably genuine characters and giving a positive message through this story.

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