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Micah Yongo

Micah Yongo is a writer, journalist, and videographer based in the United Kingdom. Besides these jobs, he has also been a delivery driver, community support worker, and inputting data at a debt management service, something he rarely talks about.

When Micah is not writing articles he is working on his true passion, writing fiction, lamenting on the usually rainy weather in Manchester (his beloved hometown), or blogging about the different things that make the world tick and the people that live in it. Micah is a proud Mancunian as well as a Manchester United fan.

Micah began writing on accident. Sure, his mom was a teacher, but other than that, there was not a whole lot in his upbringing that suggest he should make words his home. He did not have the usual writer’s nuclear family, as his mom was a single parent, managing to scrape by and pay bills and feed five kids.

Being told bedtime stories and reading English language classics were not an option for him. This is due to his mom was an inner-city working class immigrant attempting to settle into a new culture, new country, and a new language. She had to do so without the comforts of family and friends for support. She was still able to study to get a teaching qualification.

As a boy, he loved sports- athletics and football- the type of play that was physical and tangible, and he was quite good at them. He had no need to explore realities beyond the one that was available to all five of his senses. He just had fun in the real world, the here and the now.

When he finally developed a desire to write stories and an appetite for reading, it was a discovery, in the truest sense. It was one rendered by a new found and a necessary thirst for escape.

He had pressure at work. Issues with family. A lot of stress on him. He needed relief and writing, to him, was a valve of respite and a way to let off steam.

Since then, his belief is that creativity is not a choice. It is one that everybody possesses, a compulsion, and an instinct.

While he writes, he is researching, reading, and learning stuff and it makes things start to emerge in his imagination that feel a bit true. For Micah, he never feels like he is the guy that is creating the story, but more like he is the one slowly witnessing things while it comes to light, like how photographs used to be developed. The image that is already there and captured, slowly emerges and becomes clear.

Some of the ideas he was going to explore in “Pale Kings” started becoming clear to him while he was working on “Lost Gods”. He began writing “Pale Kings” and the ideas got more defined while he started to discover more about the characters and the events and the world that would shape it all. Writing to Micah is sometimes more about discovery than anything else.

He also believes that you have to trust that you are going to discover what you are writing through actually writing, which is a positive thing. It is a way the work is going to get done, and possibly how your best work gets done. He feels good allowing room, as the author, to become surprised by the world, characters, and/or the story you are telling. For the whole thing to have the space to be alive, to some extent.

Micah does not always write or even motivate himself to write on days he does not feel like writing. He feels like even if he is not at his keyboard, typing away, he is still writing in a way. His brain never shuts off from collating and gathering observations and data annotating experiences in order to put them into the project he is working on. Micah has begun feeling like most of his writing happens when he is doing other things.

When he is not writing, he listens to podcasts or binging something on Netflix for the entire day. It all depends on where he is on his mood-spectrum of indulgent to productive. He would also spend it reading, as one alternative.

“Lost Gods” has been nominated for a British Fantasy Award and was a finalist for a Brave New Words Award.

His debut novel, “Lost Gods” was released in the year 2018. His work is from the fantasy genre.

“Lost Gods” is the first novel in the “Lost Gods” series, which was released in the year 2018. A young hit man finds himself being hunted by the same brothers and sisters that he has trained with since he was born. He looks to uncover a supernatural conspiracy before it becomes too late.

Neythan is one of the five adolescents that is raised and trained with a mysterious Shedaim, a brotherhood of assassins. Neythan gets framed for murdering his closest friend, he goes after his betrayer. When he does, he learns there is much more that makes up the Brotherhood, even the world itself than he ever realized possible.

Micah delivers a story with a good mix of character and plot, with the action never outpacing the characters’ growth. There is also enough story to keep the whole interesting. This book builds nicely to a strong conclusion that is exciting and incredibly tough to put down.

“Pale Kings” is the second novel in the “Lost Gods” series, which was released in the year 2019. The Five Lands have been at peace for centuries now, but now there is some nameless enemy that tears apart their borders. A young assassin, named Neythan, gets summoned to Sunam, he is expecting he will help uncover the enemy. Instead, he gets confronted by some of the secrets from his forgotten childhood, all of which is somehow connected to the ancient scroll he always carries.

While the invasion continues, and light is cast upon the supernatural forces responsible, Neythan has to learn the truth about the power in his blood. Before it becomes too late.

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