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Micaiah Johnson
Micaiah Johnson is a science fiction author best known for her debut novel, The Space Between Worlds. Raised in the Mojave Desert in California, Johnson grew up surrounded by women who enjoyed telling stories and trees she named Joshua. This talented author is a University of California graduate in creative writing. She also holds a Fine Arts Masters from Rutgers-Camden. Johnson is currently studying American literature at Vanderbilt University. Her main focus is on automatons and the race theory.

The Space Between Worlds
The Space Between Worlds introduces a multiverse where people can travel to other worlds. The only catch is that you cannot travel to another world when your counterpart is still alive. Imagine if you could peer into a mirror only to see a reflection of another life. A life familiar to your eyes yet beyond your grasp? The person looking back at you is living through choices that you did not make and paths that you didn’t follow. This person is like you in most ways but still not you. What would you do if this was to become your reality? Would you throw yourself into your reflection?
For Cara, this is no fiction. She has lived in 372 worlds, and in all of them, she had died of disease, vendettas, and even turf wars, which she found hard to outrun. However, on this current earth, Cara had somehow survived and was enjoying life in her thirties. As an outliner, she is tasked with multiverse travel. Cara travels to different universes with the aim of collecting data that is later used for predicting stock markets, among other things. While her job sounds exciting, it also comes with numerous dangers. For example, if Cara happened to travel to a universe when her doppelganger was still alive, she would die in that universe.

This is a risk that Cara is willing to take. After all the poverty and hardships that she had endured in the Rurals, she is willing to make this and other sacrifices. This had paid off, and now Cara enjoys living in a nice apartment in a wealthy part of the city. She loves working, flirting with her handler, Dell, and visiting her family every once in a while. If only she can avoid trouble, Cara is sure that she would continue enjoying this lifestyle for a long time. Trouble starts when one of Cara’s eight remaining doppelgangers dies. The mysterious circumstances surrounding this death plunge Cara into a new world filled with deep and dark secrets.

Cara uncovers an old secret that helps her connect her past with her future. This young lady also reveals her role in a plan that endangers the entire multiverse. What actions will she take to save the multiverse? Can Cara manage to do it all without any external help? The author gathers one of the most endearing tales in science fiction and gives it such a clever and intricate twist. Here we not only get to experience alternative worlds but also travel to different universes. This new dimension comes with enough dangers, but it is up to the protagonist to decide whether the risks are worth taking.
This book lures you in from the start and never eases up until the last one. The science bit of it is light, but the details on the different universes’ workings are so detailed you cannot help but marvel at the writing. Johnson fires up your imagination by introducing unfamiliar theories and concepts and yet explains them with such clarity that it is all easy to understand. The narration here is flawless, and it is fun to watch as things unfold. Throughout the story, the author acknowledges trauma and its associated effects. It is sad how much of it the protagonist carries around while still maintaining a brave face in public.

Cara is a likable yet complex character. Details about her come in drips throughout the story, which gives her an air of mystery. She had deep secrets and cast shadows that will leave you wanting to know who and what wrecked her. We get to see her angry, wounded, and scared with all her flaws out there in the open. Surprisingly, this grim character is what makes this story rewarding. It is also easy to identify with Cara and all her traumas. Like most of us, she tries hard to bury them, yet they still bubble and sometimes erupt to the surface in the most unexpected times.

The story will captivate you so much you will feel like you are right there with Cara. The weight of the world is right on her shoulders, and she has to learn how to survive. Self-preservation comes naturally, and her capacity to endure pain is on another level. While she has lived being characterized by fear and death in the different worlds, the universe still brings her back. This young woman’s journey will make you reflect on your true self, and you may be horrified by what you see. Have you met yourself? The truest self-unaltered by nature and life’s experiences?

While there is a lot of death and trauma, this is not a dreary book. You will enjoy the color expressed through love, kindness, and wisdom. Through Cara’s experiences, the author shows us that we are more than the bad things we have done or those horrible actions done against us. Our traumas and pasts define who we become, but still, we can defy them and forge new beginnings. The author ponders and interrogates ethical and philosophical questions that will force you to reflect on your life and all you believe in. If you love stories with thematic gravity, you will enjoy these questions on xenophobia, racism, and capitalism.

The Space Between Worlds is a deep yet enjoyable read. This story will excite you and leave you gutted at other times. The plot is excellent, the characters well developed, and the narration flawless. Join Cara on this adventurous ride, and you can be sure that it will be well worth it.

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