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Publication Order of The Raven and the Iris Books

with Alesia Matson
Raven's Tears (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead Man's Trigger (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Michael and Alesia Matson are two authors of fiction. They have collaborated together on The Raven & The Iris series. The series features the first novel, Raven’s Tears, and the second novel, titled Dead Man’s Trigger.

Michael Matson is an author of fiction that first wrote a book at the age of twelve. The masterpiece was a few pages. He has worked in many jobs besides an author, including as a fisherman, an airman, sailor, lobbyist, counselor, minister, truck driver, and general contractor.

Writing has remained to him a creative outlet that he finds important as well as being a huge part of his marriage to fellow author Alesia. He has since published from a former construction firm. Now Michael spends his time writing and publishing, all from the comfort of his residence in Northern California.

Alesia Matson is an American author of fiction. She is married to fellow writer Michael Matson. In addition to being a published author, she is also a gardener, needlework enthusiast, herbalist, and more. She has been married to her husband for a long time and together they have two sons as well as their pets (dogs and a cat!). She enjoys writing for her own entertainment (and yours hopefully too, she says).

She is the Creative Director, President, and the Confluence Specialist for Metaphor Publications. She has been married to her partner Michael and they have bonded forces to write The Raven & The Iris series. Her sons are from a previous marriage. She resides with her husband and their pets in a small house located between the sea and the mountains in northern California. She can see the Pacific Ocean just from her house and are not that far from the Oregon border.

Alesia says that language is one of her passions and she loves expressing through writing. She enjoys the genres of fantasy as well as sci-fi and space opera fiction. She also likes baseball and Shakespeare as well chocolate, music, coffee, cranberry martinis, cross-stitching, and murder mysteries.

Raven’s Tears is the first novel in The Raven & The Iris series by Michael and Alesia Matson, husband and wife writing duo. In this action and adventure-packed debut novel, we get to meet an epic tale that concerns love and webs of lies.

A con that turned into a cop and an urchin that turned into a lady. We meet character Sir Vincent Sultaire. He is called the Raven. He is also a playboy, charmer, con, and currently having to serve indentured term for his crimes of extortion and burglary. He is not without a lover, even in these dire circumstances.

Lady Angelique Blakesly is a widowed and apparently wealthy baronness. She also happens to be a member of the Guardian Paladin church. Angel has a ton of poise and she is elegant– poised enough as well to help conceal the Iris. That is what they call one of the highest-stakes burglars in Fernwall.

Even though the Raven seems to be an indentured servant, little do the people around him know that he is manipulating everything and playing the cons and the cops against each other for the purpose of profit– and maybe a little bit of personal enjoyment. What’s wrong with having a little fun?

They are about to find out what happens when actions put into motion and multiple deceptions come together and cross paths. Will the ensuing explosion be too much to handle? When a priceless item is stolen, Sir Vincent is assigned to investigate.

After all, the thinking is that only a thief can catch another thief. But Angelique is desperate to interfere and stop him, due to her being influenced by forces that go beyond her control. Raven is about to find out the truth about what to do and whether it will be enough to set Angel free in the end– or if their mutual lies will end up turning and destroying them both. Read Raven’s Tears to find out how this story ends for yourself!

Dead Man’s Trigger is the sequel to Michael and Alesia Matson’s dynamic first novel in this series, Raven’s Tears. When it comes to Raven and Iris, they are back again. They are facing off high on top of the Morrissant Bridge. It’s a winter night in Fernwall and it has been four months since Iris stole the Magun-Zak.

Now Raven has found out that Iris has been lying to them from the instant that they met. When she is Angelique she cannot forget him. When she is Iris, she must protect her secret against the ghosts of the past. Iris is exhausted after that night on the bridge when she came up against her enemies. Now she is facing a choice that could change everything.

Meanwhile, Louis Arnot has been watching. Watching Angelique fall into worse health and biding his time as her public fights with Vincent daily make the society pages. He always had great plans for her, but never considered that she might fall in love. Louis never thought either that she would betray him over and over just in the hopes of pursuing a romantic interest with a con man turned cop. Just to get a chance at happily ever after.

Louis can’t believe that it happened, but now it has. Meanwhile, his secret operations and the consequences of them are starting to make poor people in the city’s lives difficult. Now he’s got to use all of the tools that he has in The Raven to get to the bottom of plans others have before open warfare hits the entirety of Docktown.

Things take a turn for the worse when Inspector Barbara Cole is discovered beaten in Docktown and left for dead. Thus a turn of events happens that ends in Angelique and Vincent going to a confrontation in Merchants’ Quarter for very high stakes.

Raven needs to find out the truth about the Iris and the Angel– before time runs out at last. Can the truth be discovered, or will it be too late? Pick up the second novel in Michael and Alesia Matson’s series to find out for yourself!

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