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Publication Order of Michael Bennett Books

By: James Patterson, James O. Born, Michael Ledwidge

Publication Order of Bookshots: Michael Bennett Books

By: James Patterson, James O. Born
Chase (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Manhunt (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
In order, read Chase after Bullseye and Manhunt after Haunted.

Michael Bennett Biography:

Are you fond of reading detective stories and thrilled at how heroes save lives and properties? If you’ve read books written by James Patterson, for sure, you are familiar with his Michael Bennett series on paperbacks and hardcover.

Along with Alex Cross, of his phenomenal hit novel by the same title and have been adapted into a movie and several other novels, Michael Bennett exemplifies the real hero in New York City. James Patterson collaborated with Irish novelist Michael Ledwidge in creating books that depict the character of detective Michael Bennett.

Both writers successfully tickle their reader’s imagination by narrating how a doting father of ten juggled his time in taking care of his big family and fulfilling his responsibilities in solving crimes in high-end New York City. For your perusal, the character of Michael Bennett exemplifies the real heroes of New York Police District (NYPD).

Bennett as told in the book’s prologue is described as an American of Irish ancestry. He stands at a towering height of six foot three inches and a stocky figure weighing 200 pounds. He and his ten adopted children live in the city of New York. When his wife Maeve, succumbed to cancer in December 2007, he hired the services of a nanny by the name of Mary Catherine and his grandfather Seamus to help take care of his growing children composed of Chrissy, Shawna, Trent, Fiona and Bridget, an identical twins, Eddie, Ricky, Jane, Brian, and Juliana.

The character of the main protagonist in the book series was created by the authors as an inspiration from the NYPD heroes. Bennett joined NYPD to find the truth about the alarming criminalities in the city. He was an alumna of Regis High School in downtown Manhattan and took up Philosophy at Manhattan College located in the Bronx.

His first assignment was at the 49th Precinct in the Bronx, then reassigned to the Hostage Negotiation Team and of late was transferred to the Manhattan North Homicide Squad. It was in the Bronx where Bennett and his future wife Maeve met where the latter also worked at the Jacobi Hospital trauma ward. After Maeve’s death, Michael remained single however does not close his doors to fall in love again.

In fact, he has been dating with women but not seriously, perhaps just to free his mind from loneliness and emptiness left by Maeve’s departure to heaven. His closeness to his kids’ nanny plays a pivotal role in establishing a mutual relation with Mary Catherine.

Despite Michael’s bravery, there is one thing that frightens him; he is acrophobic or afraid of heights. The collaborative effort of the two brilliant writers paved the way for the creation of Step on a Crack (Michael Bennett, Book 1) where they introduce a new hero, Michael Bennett in a suspense-thriller that happens in Manhattan City.

The story begins with Michael planning to celebrate Christmas with his loving kids who at this time are still mourning of Maeve’s death. The call of duty overpowers his plans for the family when a hostage crisis happened at a state funeral of an erstwhile First Lady held at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Saving the lives of hundreds of church attendees is Michael’s priority.

A good negotiator, Michael succeeded in saving the lives of celebrities, politicians and big names in social circles by facing the hostage-taker Jack who starts shooting at the innocent victims. Run for Your Life (Michael Bennett, Book 2) is another collaborative effort of Ledwidge and Patterson which dramatizes the plight of a killer who goes by the name of The Teacher who is against the oligarchs.

It is only detective Michael who can end the terror and save the entire New York created by this man who dislikes the rich and famous. Tick Tock (Michael Bennett, Book 4) is another nerve-wracking thriller where a bomb planted in the heart of New York as a prelude to a huge man-made disaster to devastate the entire area.

Michael and his family are spending their vacation in a beach when he receives a call from his superior to help resolve the bomb threat. He leaves his family and responds to his call of duty, with FBI Agent Beth Peters to whom Michael develops a special affinity.

His closeness to Beth could endanger his blossoming relationship with the lovely Mary Catherine. Worst Case (Michael Bennett, Book 3) is another hostage drama, this time the victims are the children of elite New Yorkers in exchange of information at how much they spend on their luxurious lifestyles or else, they’ll face death.

Michael and FBI Agent Emily Parker have partnered to solve the hostage crisis. Worst Case is considered as one of Patterson and Ledwidge’s most nerve-wracking Michael Bennett book series akin to Alex Cross. I, Michael Bennett (Michael Bennett #5) is another suspense thriller that involves a Mexican crime lord who horrifies New York.

Michael arrested the man after a long chase that resulted to the death of his bosom friend. The crime lord vows to take revenge on Bennett for his arrest. To safeguard his family from possible havoc that will be created by criminals, Michael hides his family in Newburgh but he miscalculated his plan because the place is like an inferno.

Gangs are everywhere and violence is on the rise. With his team partner, Tara McLellan, Michael vows to save New York and his family. His partnership with Tara would eventually endanger her mutual relationship with au pair Mary Catherine.

Gone (Michael Bennett #6) dramatizes the chaos created by a trigger-happy leader Manuel Perrine who once incarcerated by Michael Bennett but was freed from prison. Bennett became the object of revenge from Perrine who starts to hunt him and his loved ones.

Bennett and his family hide in an idyllic village in California with FBI security personnel to guard them. Perrine is trying to catch Bennett’s attention by massive killings in all parts of the country. Michael now faces the challenge on stopping Perrine’s ruthlessness.

Run for Your Life (Michael Bennett, Book 2, Large Print) one of Michael Bennett’s most challenging tasks: to run after a serial killer whose identity is unknown. The serial killer victimizes innocent people to satisfy his hunger for love. Bennet realizes that the killer is none other than The Teacher.

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  1. Kelli Goldsmith: 1 year ago

    When will the next Michael Bennett book come out?! I finished Reckoning for the 2nd time! Couldn’t put it down. When will the next in the series come out?
    Thanks so much~

    • Betty: 11 months ago

      I don’t believe Reckoning was part of the Michael Bennett series written by James Patterson?

  2. Ron Wright: 1 year ago

    I have read all of the Michael Bennitt books except for Shattered. They are great reading. For a busy police officer who was dealing with his wife’s death and oldest son going to jail, plus putting up with his other kids, I think he did a Great job. Thanks for the Great books.

  3. Mary Sue: 3 years ago

    I just finished The Russian and have read all of the books in the Michael Bennett series. Will there be more? Please!

  4. Margarita: 3 years ago

    I love all of james patterson books. Have all of his Alex cross, Women’s Murder Club, NYPD Red. Michael Bennett, Private. I cannot wait for him to add more books to these series

  5. Roseann: 3 years ago

    Love reading James Patterson books, especially Michael Bennett series. Having a father who was a N.Y.C. Detective, for 31 years.

  6. Musicmaker: 5 years ago

    Read Ambush first (out-of-sequence). Then discovered this was a series.
    Have read All Michael Bennett stories from #1 through #9 over six months.
    Currently reading #10 Haunted.
    Also have read the entire Alex Cross series.
    Love James Patterson’s writing style and book structure.

  7. Donna: 6 years ago

    I’m loving these Michael Bennett books!

  8. Keith Neville: 9 years ago

    Fantastic story line in Burn loved the book.


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