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If I Fall, If I Die (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Greenwood (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Beggar's Garden (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Michael Christie
Michael Christie is a Canadian author of fiction books known for his collection of short stories titled Beggar’s Garden. The collection that covers disparate lives in downtown Vancouver won the City of Vancouver Book Prize. The book is beautifully written, and the author’s talent shows through the pages.
Christie’s other book If I Fall If I Die an award-winning piece that has pushed him to the limelight. Interestingly, the author is a former skateboarding athlete who, at one time, worked as a Color magazine writer.

If I Fall, If I Die
If I Fall, If I Die the story of a young man named his Will. This young man and his mum Diane have been confined indoors for the longest time. While Will cannot remember the last time he featured outside, he knows that his mother immediately panics when the thought of going outcrosses her mind. Unfortunately, Will does not know anyone aside from his mother, a mother whose love is nothing but fierce. These two live in a little world that revolves around the rooms named after exotic places. All the rooms in this home come filled with art projects Will has been making for years. This small world is closing on Will, and despite his mother’s protests, the young man is determined to see the world beyond his home.

Clad in a protective helmet, Will goes outside, ready to confront any danger that may come his way. Stepping outside earns Will a friend. Jonah and Will become fast friends and enjoy great adventures together. First, Jonah introduces Will to skateboarding. Just like any boy his age, Will thrilled to learn skateboarding, and his fears fade as his body hardens. The young boy has come to learn that fear is a default setting, and human beings learn to overcome challenges as they get exposed to the things they fear. Things change when a local boy goes missing, and Will and Jonah get curious. The two boys want to know what happened, and they set on a journey in search of the truth.

The search for the lost boy pulls will from his protected life into early adulthood, where danger lurks everywhere. Fortunately, Will is now in school, so it is easy for him to dig up enough evidence away from the watchful eye of his mother.

As the boys’ adventure unfolds, a back story detailed Diane’s past is being revealed. The author highlights the secrets that Diane is keen to keep from the world and the traumatic experiences she has been through. Diane lost her twin brother Charlie, and the details of what happened to him are revealed slowly revealed as the story progresses. It is hard to believe that Diane was once an accomplished filmmaker. The once bubbly Diane has been replaced by a paranoid woman who walks with dull pain in her stomach.

If I Fall, If I Die is an outstanding debut novel featuring unforgettable characters, stunning prose, and a flawless narration. Written with young adults in mind, the story comes with enough lessons for the young. It is safe to say that this is a perfect coming of age story that begins with enough action to keep the young minds hooked to the end. Join Will on a journey to self-discovery and see how the young man handles life’s challenges after being caged for so long.

Greenwood is a historical fiction book featuring the Greenwood family. The year is 2034, and Jake works as a tour guide and also doubles up as a baby sitter for wealthy vacationers. Jake Greenwood is also a liar. Liam Greenwood, a carpenter by profession, falls from a ladder, and the accident breaks his back. The accident happened in 2008, and the accident shakes up the Greenwood. Willow Greenwood got out of jail in 1974. The woman was arrested for engaging in an environmental protest. To everyone who knew Willow, it was clear that these protests were her attempts to compensate for the damage caused by her father’s timber empire that flourished a few years back.

In 1934 Everett Greenwood was busy in his maple syrup camp when he heard the cries of a baby. It turns out the cries came from an abandoned infant. This infant draws Everett in a crime web that haunts his family for generations. This is where it all starts. Over the next few decades, the family is going to enjoy riches, go through tragedies, and also face poverty. It is interesting how one rash decision leads to a chain of events that have such an effect on people who know little, if anything, about it.

Greenwood is an intricate story characterized by love and money, blood, and wood. The book documents a family’s attempt to move towards the light after causing enough damage to the resources at its disposal. This multi-generation family drama will keep you captivated throughout the story. The story is mostly set on an island characterized by thick rainforests and gigantic Douglas Fir trees that stand out from the rest of the vegetation. Just like the Fir trees and their tangled roots, the Greenwood family is entangled. The story goes back in time from 1934 and also goes a little into the future as it tries to paint a picture of how the family will look like in 2038.

If family drama is your kind of thing, you are going to love this book. With enough interesting characters, a thick plot, and a pace that will leave you breathless, the story comes with all the right ingredients.

Christie takes the reader through the things that make up a family and its associated challenges. From huge business and mega wealth to poverty, imprisonment, and tragedy, the author exposes it all. In this end, you will see how different generations handle the challenges they encounter and the attempts made to the right the wrongs of the previous generation. The story also has a strong warning on the effects of environmental degradation. Respect for the environment is encouraged for the sake of present and future generations.

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