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Seeds of Earth (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Orphaned Worlds (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ascendant Stars (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ancestral Machines (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Splintered Suns (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Drabble Project(1988)Description / Buy at Amazon
No More Heroes(2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Night, Rain, and Neon(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Michael Cobley was born in Leicester, England and moved to Scotland when he was 7. Once Cobley completed his high school education, he joined Strathclyde University, where he majored in engineering. While attending Strathclyde University, Cobley discovered the risks and joys of student life and decided to pursue the art of Deejaying as a side career. Eventually, the heady round of partying, Deejaying, student gigs and partying palled. Nonetheless, by this time, his interests were snagged by a brief encounter with Zen and the-Art-of-Motorcycle maintenance, which eventually led Cobley on a political and philosophical odyssey.

Michael Cobley’s desire to write first began when he was 20 years of age. The desire eventually resulted in the creation of an extremely short fantasy novel. Later on, Michael Cobley began working on a series of rants/articles for Strathclyde’s campus paper using the pen name, Phaedrus. During this period, Michael Cobley began penning short stories as well. Despite the fact that Michael Cobley loves to pen down short story forms, he has had very little opportunity to pen down ever since he began working on the Shadowkings book series. Simon and Schuster published the first two installments of the Shadowkings book series, Shadowdog, and Shadowkings.

Michael Cobley Best Books
The Seeds of Earth #1 Humanity’s Fire
The Seeds of Earth is an old school novel that is filled with a huge cast of characters and a vibrant phalanx of ideas, which makes it a great read. The narrative begins as author Michael Cobley documents humanity’s first contact with the alien species. The readers are then taken a century and a half later, on Darien, a human colony world, where the humans have finally settled in peaceful coexistence with the Uvovo. However, this was after the humans struggled with the rogue Artificial Intelligence of the colony ship. The discovery of an ancient Uvovo ruin that dated hundreds of years ago eventually sets off a series of reactions, which thrust Darien, the human colony and the Uvovo inhabitants into danger.

Author Michael Cobley has done an excellent job of filling Seeds of Earth with extremely cool ideas. By describing Darien, the colony world, author Michael Cobley can evoke vibrant picture of the planet’s culture, society and culture as well.

The Ascendant Star #3 Humanity Fire
The Ascendant Star is the final chapter in the Humanity Fire book series. It is a tale of intrigue and war, which eventually leads the human race in opposite sides of a conflict, which may lead to the destruction of the galaxy. In the Ascendant Star, author Michael Cobley introduces the readers to Earthsphere, which is made up of several colonies that live on earth. Apart from the inhabitants of the Earthsphere, there are the descendants of the explorers who had form crews of the very first colony ships, which had been sent out beyond the solar system, with the aim of spreading humanity beyond the stars. Later on, the colonies that were established beyond the stars find themselves fighting against some of the powerful and oldest colonies in the galaxy. As fleets face off against each other, while their extremely powerful weapons tear planets and weapons apart.

The conflict eventually spread beyond the universe, with numerous strands dropping into cyber-sphere and the hypersphere. As the narrative progresses, the readers realize that the battle is between the inorganic and organic life forms, with the most brutal enemy being the Legion of Avatars.

Shadowkings #1Shadowkings
Shadowkings is the first installment in the Shadowkings book series. Shadowkings is a dark, epic fantasy novel and is the first installment in a three book series. It is more than sixteen years, ever since the dazzling Khatrimanthine empire fell to the hordes of Mogaun. Sixteen years ago, the Lord Twilight, the invader’s evil deity was broken down into five hosts; five souls that were destined for greatness. The five hosts were destined to become Shadowkings. It has been sixteen brutal years since the Fathertree and the Earthmother were defeated, and the root-power magic destroyed. However, for one Suviel, one of the very few mages, this was not a final defeat as well as the Commander of the Knights, Irkano Marzanet. Suviel and Irkano, as well as their companions, face a rather deadly struggle against the terrifying odds as they continue to fight for freedom.

Apart from Irkano and Suviel, author Michael Cobley also introduces the readers to one of the many warlords, Byrnak who makes the discovery that he is one of the Shadowkings and in the process, he is compelled to bring forth the Lord of Twilight. Across the dreamscapes and battlefields of the land, Byrnak is driven much closer to their goal. Tauric happens to be the lost heir to the Imperial Throne. Tauric must be able to teach himself to be courageous and also the realities of being a commander if he will be able to survive the battles that will come ahead. With that said, Shadowkings introduces a world that is not only fascinating but also extremely dark.

Ancestral Machines #4Humanity’s Fire
Ancestral Machines is the fourth installment in the Humanity’s Fire book series. Approximately three hundred worlds are orbiting an artificial single star. In these three hundred battlefields, different species vie for triumph and mastery. The battlefields are a cage where war is not only brutal but sudden and savage as well. In the arena, every one must pledge their allegiance to the Lords of Permutation as well the ancient sentient weapon that they have merged. If anyone fails this, then they are going to suffer unimaginable agonies. In Ancestral Machines, author Michael Cobley introduces the readers to Brannan Pyke, who is a captain and a smuggler. Brannan is trapped within the draconian crucible of death and must be able to fight his way to freedom.

With that said, Ancestral Machines is a brilliantly written novel that features some well-done characters. One of these characters is General Pyke, who reads more like a wisecracking arsehole, who possesses a wide array of traits.

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