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Publication Order of Jana Matinova Books

Siren of the Waters (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dark Dream (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Magician's Accomplice (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Requiem for a Gypsy (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
For the Dignified Dead (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Top Cops: Five Full Novels(2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

An American author of many books and plays, an international consultant in government reformer and a lawyer, Michael Gentlin is the writer of five highly acclaimed series of novels: “Siren of the waters”, “Dark dreams “, “The magician’s accomplice”, “Requiem for a gypsy” and “For the dignified dead”.

Gentlin was born in New York (Bronx) the USA, on January 6th, 1950, after high school, Genelin moved to California in order to earn degree in political science from UCLA, where he also earned Jurist Doctor from the School of Law. As a Deputy District Attorney, he prosecuted hundred of major criminal cases.

Later, as a Head Deputy of so-called Hard Core Gang Division, he was put in charge to supervis prosecutions of every major gang crime, primary murders. He also trained other prosecutors, and law enforcement agencies throughout the USA, in gang related issues. He has even traveled extensively abroad, to advise legislative bodies and government agencies on trial practice, investigation and gang suppression.

When Genelin left District Attorney’s office, he worked and as an International consultant in Government Reform, which means that he assisted in writing laws to reform court rules and penal statutes, also suppress corrupt practices. He is considered an expert on the investigation, anti-corruption issues and trial on money laundering cases, conspiracy, fraud, speedy trial rights and other trial techniques, also transparency in government. He assisted in drafting the laws to suppress corruption in court and to assure compliance with due process and the right of the citizenry.

During his work for the government of Slovakia, Genelin was assigned as an adviser to the Attorney General, Ministry of Justice, Police and Judiciary. This is where he got his inspiration for series of books that follow the intriguing crime investigations of Slovakian police inspector, Jana Matinova.

After leaving Slovakia Genelin placed himself in Palestine, South Sudan, Nepal, Indonesia, and Tanzania, working on USAID projects on major reforms, anticorruption and other enforcement issues.

Genelin mostly published for Soho Press and Brash Books. His compelling fifth mystery is called, “For the dignified dead”, published on November 3rd, 2015, and it is considered to be the best from the series of five books that follow the storyline of the Slovakian police commander, called Jana Matinova. While Matinova is represented as a clever and capable heroine, not afraid to buck the system to solve her cases, the chilly European setting makes a perfect backdrop to the very deep and dark deeds. This book is most appealing to those readers that like meticulously plotted procedurals and strong female characters.

The story is involved around the unidentified woman, whose body was pulled out from the frozen Danube River, on the icy-cold December day. The authorities at first believed that found woman committed suicide by jumping in the ice-covered river. Soon enough autopsies uncover that she has a wound that look like it was made by an ice pick.

Following that clue, Matinova then realizes that it is not a suicide, but probably the work of her old nemesis, known thru the previous series as Koba. After killed woman is identified, new evidence comes to life: the victim may be involved in an illegal investment scheme. The stakes now get higher for Matinova; because she slowly realizes that she is now a target.

Even thou this is a fifth of the Commander Jana Matinova series, critics evaluated that this book works as a standalone perfectly. Characters are so well depicted that reader doesn’t miss any information about them, but it still makes them read all other books from this series. Matinova very fast becomes the favorable main character for representing strong, intelligent, likable, confident female literature character.

In the previous novel, named “Requiem for a Gypsy”, that was published on July 1st, the year 2011, Commander Jana Matinova was a witness at the honoring party of Oto Bogan, to the murder of his wife – Klara Bogan. While investigating was Klara’s death fault of a stray bullet or was she the intended victim, Commander Jana gets promotion from her Colonel to proceed with the investigation and seek for truth. That is even thou witness to the shooting claimed that Klara cannot be actively involved.

For some reason the department of charge of the main investigation refuses to share all of their information with Matinova. Soon Jana is on a trail of the piece of information that she has no doubt that will eventually lead to the reason of Klara’s Brogan death. Matinova gets an access to the Murder Book, but she is aware that the contents are incomplete. Later she even finds that Oto Bogan as well as his son – had disappeared.

At that time, another character joins the story. A girl named Em Mrvova, showed up at Matinova’s door, all cold and hungry. She takes pity on the girl and takes her in, but soon Matinova finds out that there is more to Em than what is shown. The girl seems to appear and disappear with frequency, and being very wise for her years, she was able to give Jana tips that helped an investigation in Klara’s case.

Klara Bogan’s is not the first victim in this novel. Jana also investigates the murder of a young man that was run down on the streets of the city. Matinova’s trail eventually takes her to Paris where she learns the real identity of an anonymous man that is run down. Since Jana is represented as the brilliant police officer with a talent for interrogation that eventually gets her the answers she needs to put the puzzle pieces together, she eventually gets the story behind the death of Klara Bogan as well as a long kept secret that goes back to a dark time in Slovak history and story from the World War Two.

Michael Genelin also writes for the stage, movies, and television. He wrote a play “Cakewalk”, that is a story about Leo Franks. It was producet at the Mark Taper Forum, and also wrote a play for the Ensemble Studio Theather in Hollywood, called “Albert Einstein, the Aborigines and me” .

He also co-wrote few teleplays for series Simon and Simon, and one episode called “The Man that Got away” for television series “Jake and the Fatman”. His script “Thin ice” was select by Stanley Chase Production and Paramount Pictures, and also was an advisor on several TV shows, among which is Crime in America.

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