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Critique of Criminal Reason (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Days of Atonement (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Visible Darkness (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Unholy Awakening (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Inside Italy (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fifty Shades Deeper Inside Italy (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Venice Noir(2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Mammoth Book of the Adventures of Professor Moriarty(2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Michael Gregorio is a pen name that is used by a team of husband/wife, Daniella Gregorio and Michael G. Jacob. Gregorio and Jacob have been together for more than thirty-six years and have resided in various parts of the world. Currently, Gregorio and Jacob reside in Italy, where Jacob teaches English while his wife Gregorio teaches Philosophy. In the year 2017, the duo of Gregorio and Jacobs was awarded an Umbria de Del Cuore.

Michael Gregorio Best Books
Critique of Criminal Reason
Critique of Criminal Reason is an intricately plotted and carefully written novel. This novel is an exploration of human motivation and philosophy, as a means of crime detection. Critique of Criminal-Reason has been set in the small town of Koeningsburg, which happens to be the capital city of East Prussia. Author Michael Gregorio narrates the story of one Hanno Stiffeniis, a magistrate who is summoned by the Royal Command so that he can pin down a serial killer in the small town of Koeningsburg. Hanno is still in his thirties when King Wilhelm decides to summon him. The King orders Hanno to head to Konigsberg, where a serial killer is out, haunting the locals. For more than seven years, Hanno has never set foot in Konigsberg. Hanno had been warned against stepping in the small town in Konigsberg after an incident between the teacher and philosopher, Immanuel Kant.

However, since Hanno is obedient to his masters, he believes that despite his own reasons preventing him from heading to Konigsberg, he must obey King Wilhelm’s commands. Several experienced men were asked to solve the killings with Konigsberg, however, they were not prosperous. Nonetheless, Hanno is not sure whether he is going to succeed where investigators that are more successful had failed. After his arrival, Hanno meets with one Dr. Kant. What happens immediately after their acquaintance, transforms everything in the narrative. During this period, the only way through which crime was solved was through torture and threats. A majority of the victims were mainly found in a leading position. As Dr. Kant and Hanno began to track down the serial killer, they first took a look at the police report, which not only lacked the names of the individuals who were involved in the investigation but also the cause of death.

After looking at the police report, Hanno then begins to look for motive. After finding a motive, he then uses the motive to locate the killer and eventually discovers that he was wrong. Hanno does this on several occasions. On the other hand, Dr. Kant is extremely old and later on, on the book falls ill. Dr. Kant advice Hanno to combine both evidence and logic when looking for the information that he requires. This point marked the use of modern crime techniques. According to Dr. Kant, reason only operates on the surface alone, however, what happens underneath the surface vicissitudes everything. In the process, Dr. Kant assists Hanno to solve the case and several other killings that happen immediately after his arrival. Eventually, Hanno learns why he had been given the case and in the process can resolve some deeply personal problems.
With that said, Michael Gregorio description of places and people is exceedingly detailed. The readers can easily see what Hanno sees. Nonetheless, when it comes to the corpses, author Michael Gregorio clearly depicts the gory details; thus Critique of Criminal-Reason is not for the faint at heart.

Days of Atonement
The Days of Atonement is the second installment in the Hanno Stiffens book series. Just like the Critique of Criminal-Reason, the Days of atonement has been set in Lotigen, a small Prussian town. The Napoleon armies have just invaded and taken over Prussia. We meet once again with Hanno, the protagonist and the magistrate of Lotigen. In Days of Atonement, Hanno has pulled once again into a criminal investigation with one Colonel Serge, a French criminologist. Within a secluded cottage that was located in the woods that border Lotigen, three bodies that belonged to children was found. The throats of the three children were slit, while two of them were brutally mutilated. With very little blood in the scene, Hanno and Serge are reluctant at first to work together, however as time goes by, the two eventually became friends.

Hanno and Serge work together to try and entangle the intricate web, which surrounds the killings, the death of their father as well as the disappearance of their mother. Author Michael Gregorio has created Hanno, a thought-provoking detective, family man. One thing that makes Days of Atonement unique is the crime-solving process, which is quite unique to the current CSI techniques. The different methodologies employed by the protagonists was quite intriguing and fascinating. With that said, Days of Atonement is a great historical thriller. Author Michael Gregorio has combined Philosophy, politics, history and criminology.

A Visible Darkness
In A Visible Darkness, we meet once again with Hanno Stiffeniss, a loyal and proud Magistrate of Prussia. Hanno resides in an extremely small country town, which is now occupied by the French. By his profession, Hanno is an unwilling collaborator; he is a procurator, which means that he is both judge and an investigator. Many at times, Hanno is summoned by the French to look into various murder mysteries, which involve nationalist rebels and Prussian killers. Due to the fact that he is caught in the middle, Hanno has no option but to move forward. Nonetheless, despite assisting the French, he still resents the effect that the French military domination has on the people of Prussia. Hanno decides to look at the town from his own perspective, that of his children and wife.

As it is the case with a majority of the small towns, contracts are normally marked with close proximity; the poor and rich live next door. The authors, Michael and Gregorio, have made Lotingen, his hometown, some type of Germanic microcosm, a made-up center for local administrative powers, which is best suited for contemporary historical problems. The authors, Michael and Gregorio also take the readers inside the closed doors of the Prussian army that was defeated and the Jewish ghetto as well.

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