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Michael Grothaus is a journalist that has also branched off into publishing, making a name for himself as an author. Michael’s literary interests typically revolve around the digital age and internet subcultures.


Michael Grothaus can trace his origins to Saint Louis in Missouri. Born in 1977, Michael likes to think that he was a writer from birth. The sentiment isn’t that hard to understand. Many of Michael’s decisions were seemingly crafted to lead him towards the publishing industry, which is why it wasn’t the biggest surprise when he pursued a degree in film and journalism from Columbia College in Chicago.

The signs of the author’s publishing future manifested soon after that; screen Magazine probably holds an important place in Michael’s heart. If he harbored any doubts about his writing ambitions, they were banished once Screen Magazine availed him the opportunity to put his writing skills to the test.

The author’s assignments were not the most glamorous but they served a purpose in building Michael’s experience. And it wasn’t like the work was boring. Michael got to cover the local Chicago film industry.

With college finally behind him, Michael Grothaus pursued the film industry with fervor, kicking things off by getting an Internship with 20th Century Fox that saw him snag a position at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

Besides building his abilities, the position blessed Michael with the sorts of encounters and experiences that he would eventually use to produce fiction. Once his internship ended, the author spent the rest of his 20s working for the Art Institute of Chicago.

The work had its perks. And after persisting in his job, Michael got the opportunity to write and even direct a film for the Institute. At this point, one would think that the author went on to wow the movie industry with a series of award-winning scripts.

However, once his work with the Chicago Art Institute ended, Michael instead landed a position with Apple. He will be the first one to tell you that he did not always have the focus necessary to craft out a path to the desired destination in his career and follow it.

But eventually, the author got his bearings and went to the University of London where he studied creative writing, going so far as to earn a Master’s Degree in the field. With his education behind him, Michael Grothaus set his sights on journalism once more.

Those who have followed the author’s career closely probably remember stumbling upon his work in publications like The Guardian, Fast Company and the Irish Times, not to mention Engadget.

As a journalist, Michael never had much of a focus. As a member of Screen Magazine, the author primarily wrote about entertainment. Over time, he tried his hand at technology before putting his mind to producing more serious pieces. Eventually, Michael Grothaus seemed to settle, putting his efforts towards producing articles about the digital age, sub cultures, and creativity as a whole.

If you look hard enough, you are bound to stumble upon Michael Grothaus works online that touch upon pertinent subjects like sex and technology.

+Literary Career

Anyone who knows Michael Grothaus outside of his journalistic efforts most likely heard of him because of ‘Epiphany Jones’, the author’s debut novel. The book, which was published by Orenda Books in 2016, is a fast paced dark comedy that takes readers into the unsettling arena of sex trafficking.

Michael was praised for not only handling such a difficult subject with tact but for delivering such well-drawn characters. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that ‘Epiphany Jones’ took over the publishing field for the short time that everyone was talking about.

What elicited interest in the book was the fact that it was a debut novel, this despite behind so exceptionally funny and well-written. It was the sort of gripping debut that sent the expectations surrounding Michael Grothaus through the roof.

The novel didn’t stray that far from what Michael is best known for. He tackled his nation’s obsession with sex, not to mention the celebrity worship and internet addiction that had seemingly overtaken society.

Michael has admitted to being a little disillusioned with Hollywood as an industry. So he used everything he saw and experienced during his time at the Cannes Film Festival to produce a riveting novel that set him up as a super star author in the making.

The novel wasn’t an easy undertaking. Michael did extensive research into the sex trafficking arena, a task that took him six years to accomplish.

+Epiphany Jones

Jerry hasn’t had the best life. So it isn’t so strange that he has been left with psychotic delusions and hallucinations, not to mention all the depressive episodes. In the face of an accusation of theft, Jerry flees.

While hiding out underground, Jerry’s life takes an interesting turn when he meets a woman that supposedly gets messages from God. The encounter draws Jerry into the dark and complicated world of human trafficking.

The quest that Jerry undertakes will see him find atonement and redemption.

Michael Grothaus’ first book is a disturbing tale about sex trafficking in Hollywood that finds ways of injecting humor into the mix.

Jerry takes center stage as the protagonist of the story, a fellow with a problematic porn addiction. When readers meet Jerry, he is consumed by graphic sex hallucinations that work to reveal his troubled mental history.

Jerry works for the Chicago Museum, and his life is fairly average, or at least it would be if you took away the hallucinations that continuously plague him. This part of the narrative works perfectly to make readers struggle with the notion of separating reality from hallucination.

When a Van Gogh painting worth millions is stolen and Jerry is accused of the crime, he runs away. During his escape, he meets Epiphany Jones, a lady who tells Jerry that she hears from God. Jones has a quest that will require Jerry’s help to accomplish.

If Jerry helps her, Jones will do what she can to clear his name. The resulting journey takes Jones and Jerry through Hollywood, which Michael describes as a self-obsessed realm filled with vacuous individuals.

There are elements of murder, abuse, and revenge that turn this book into a thriller rather than a comedy.

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