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About Michael Hambling

The mystery writer Michael Hambling is a novelist very much one of his background, hailing from Dorset in the United Kingdom. Writing with a definite British set of sensibilities, he manages to convey a different style of writing through his books, which is why so many have taken to his work. Using his British surroundings as the backdrop for most of his works, he creates mysteries that really keep his readers guessing constantly throughout.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up in Dorset, Michael Hambling would have a lifelong affinity with the area, something which can clearly be seen reflected within his work. Living in Salisbury he also spends a lot of time in the coastal town of Swanage, which is where he would happen to set a lot of his work. Using the area as the basis for a lot of his inspiration, he would come to harness a keen passion for mystery novels and what drives individuals.

Ever since he was nine years old he would take to reading with a voracious appetite, constantly visiting the library during his summers. This would quickly develop into a lifelong love of literature over time, as he would begin to evolve his style and his tone. Combining his love of reading and the surrounding area the scene was set and his fate sealed; he was going to become a writer of fiction. Creating to stories to this very day, he continues to spend a lot of his time between Salisbury and Swanage, as the continue inspiring him for many years to come.

Writing Career

The first book of his, ‘Dark Crimes’, would come out in 2016, as it would also be the first in the long-running series of ‘DCI Sophie Allen’ mystery novels. Following the various case files of the Detective Chief Inspector, it would chart her career within and around the area of Dorset, specifically the Isle of Purbeck. In time these books would become synonymous with the idyll of the south of England, whilst also pertaining to the darker side as well.

This has lead to Michael Hambling becoming a much sought after voice within the mystery genre, as his combination of setting and character has worked extremely well. Seeking inspiration from numerous other crime writers too, he’s managed to become highly regarded by both the critics and the general public. With a lot more to follow in the near future, there’s plenty more room for his series to go on expanding indefinitely for a long time yet.

Secret Crimes

Initially released through the ‘Joffe Books’ publishing imprint, this was first released in 2016 on the 10th of June. With it being the third book in the series, there was already a large audience eagerly awaiting its arrival with much anticipation. Featuring the case files of DCI Sophie Allen again as well, it manages to draw readers in, giving them a clearer insight into the area and the character.

As a mystery novel this title really does make the most of material, using it all to its full advantage, whilst bringing in some creative flourishes of its own. With the character of Sophie Allen, she is definitely a well drawn individual as well, with her entire personality being extremely well established for the reader. This is also reflected in the other characters as well, with them being well utilized too, giving the readers a clear insight into her world. The surrounding environment of Dorset and Swanage is also extremely well established too, with the Isle of Purbeck almost becoming a character in of itself.

When the body of a young and attractive festival goer turns up on the shoreline of Peveril Point of Swanage in Dorset, suspicions arise. Apparently she was supposed to be meeting a man, but nobody knows who, as people begin to wonder if there were any deaths at other music festivals throughout the area. Stepping onto the scene is one DCI Sophie Allen, as she aims to crack the case, whilst also seeking to put the trauma of the past behind her. Adding to that, it seems that there’s a new detective who’s joined the force called Rae Gregson, as he faces a number of deadly challenges of his own. Can they both find the killer before they try and strike again? Will they both be able to over the difficulty of the past? What are these secret crimes?

Evil Crimes

First published through the ‘Joffe Books’ publishing outlet, this would come out in 2017, this time on the 28th of November. Continuing on from the last mystery, it would provide another case for the eponymous detective, this being the sixth title in the much loved ‘DCI Sophie Allen’ series. Giving the readers another story, this mystery really delivers, taking them on a journey deeper in to her world as a detective.

Moving on from the previous book, this really does work at building upon the themes and ideas of what came before. Taking the character of DCI Sophie Allen forwards, it manages to evolve her personality, giving her an even greater level depth than before. In regards to the supporting characters, they are also fully fleshed out too, which allows them to come alive, giving the story a real sense of vibrancy. With Dorset and Swanage at the forefront once again too, it really gives the story a sense of familiarity, allowing it to embed itself in the mind of the reader.

With the discovery of young man’s corpse off the precipice of Dancing Ledge on the Dorset coastline, it would appear there’s possibly a murder that’s taken place. Apparently discarded in the stormy sea, it could also have been that he just lost his footing whilst walking along the cliff-side and fallen in. This is all then linked to a case that occurred just six months earlier, as it would appear that there was a suicide that happened there too. Connecting to a young and attractive female student, it would appear that she could possibly be extremely evil, or simply being manipulated from afar, as DCI Sophie Allen aims to solve the case once more. Who is committing these heinous crimes? Is there really someone out there pulling the strings? Can they all get to the bottom of these evil crimes?

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