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Michael Harriot is a cultural critic, writer, author, and journalist who has appeared on several television shows, including The Amber Ruffin Show and The Cross Connection with Tiffany Cross. He has also made appearances on the podcasts Woke AF Daily and Drapetomaniax: Unshackled History.

The author has been called one of ‘the most eloquent writers in America’. He is known for not only his investigative reporting but his biting commentary and his acerbic wit. He’s been a huge influence on pop culture and more.

Michael Harriot also came up with the phrase ‘invited to the cookout’ and puts posts on social media that put history into context and are shared by millions of people. His journalism has won awards and has appeared in The Atlantic, the Washington Post, television, and more. He was also one of the first journalists in the arena to sound the alarm on the alt-right group that was not that well known at the time, the Proud Boys, an underground movement that was gaining momentum online. He also was one of the first people that were advocating for what was then a radical idea of student loan forgiveness.

Michael attended Auburn University, where he graduated with degrees in history and mass communications. He also attended Florida State University, where he got a master’s degree in macroeconomics and international business.

Harriot has also received National Association of Black Journalists Awards for his work on television news writing, digital commentary, and magazine writing. He also wrote the “How Did We Get Here” segment for the Amber Ruffin show, which received an Emmy nomination in 2021 in the category of Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series.

He is known for writing his book Black AF History. Harriot is also a columnist for and The Guardian, where he is covering where media, politics, race and more intersect.

Michael Harriot is the author of The Situation in South Carolina: A Novel. It was published in 2008 and is a fictional novel. If you have been searching for a totally unique book or just are a fan of Michael Harriot and want to dig into his work, give this book a try!

The book is set in the town of Heartstown, in South Carolina. It’s a segregated town that is small and quaint and is the type of place that has tons of families that are extremely faithful and god-fearing.

There is also a Black community located in this town, and once they start getting fed up with the treatment they have been getting and the years of police brutality, it’s going to provide the fuel that they need to come together.

The people come together in a huge fight that will soon show the corruption and the inequality that extends to them not only here, but across the country itself. Once this story starts to be told and as things keep going, their movement will mesmerize the nation in a story of a community’s faith as well as one of revenge, murder, and the fighting for your rights.

Tons of people across America come together to join the battle. It becomes not just the fight for one community but a huge symbol of the struggle in the world to get basic things like equality and dignity. Quickly, the situation is South Carolina becomes one that attracts lots of attention and grabs the eye of America. What will come of it? Read this interesting fictional debut to find out!

Michael Harriot is also the author of Black AF History: The Un-Whitewashed Story of America. It was published in 2023.

Michael Harriot is known for being a columnist and a political commentator. Here he puts together a retelling of American history that is not only funny but very smart too. It puts the record straight while also showing off the different experiences and perspectives of Black Americans.

The backstory of America has been implanted into the collective memory of the nation, whitewashed in myth. It includes George Washington explaining that he chopped down the cherry tree as he could not tell a lie, and the log cabin of Lincoln, the pilgrims sailing to start a new nation by making their way here on the Mayflower.

It tells slaves that were able to get themselves to the United States thanks to their negro spirituals and their strong backs. It’s based on a nearly true story and filled with legends that have been positively sugarcoated.

American history has a dominant narrative, but it is revealed in this book that it should not be all that surprising that it is filled with a number of oversights and errors. This only makes sense since the history books were penned by white men that put their own views and ways of taking the matter at the forefront. Harriot shows that the erasure and the devaluation of the Black experience is just the most quintessentially American thing that could occur.

Black AF History captures a version of the history of America that is more accurate than the one so frequently taught from history books. Putting great, provocative storytelling into the work combined with authentic research based on many primary sources and including work done by Black journalists, scholars, and historians, the author takes the sugarcoating from the story of America and puts Black people back into view.

This is a book of history that is not just for the white people, and is ‘Black AF’. Harriot is able to use his wit to speak truth to power, putting conventional narratives into question with stories that are not often known about that feature the experiences of real Black Americans.

This includes the stories of the African Americans that came to America before the year 1619 as well as the bandit that could not be enslaved that inspired the first police force in America. This is a correcting of the past, and one that is necessary for the reader. This is not just white history but Black AF History. Get yourself a copy and check it out today!

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