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The Chicago Way (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fifth Floor (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Third Rail (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
We All Fall Down (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Governor's Wife (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

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One of the most diverse writers today is Michael Harvey. He is not only a writer and journalist; Michael is the executive producer of the famous TV show Cold Case files. He is also the writer and a journalist. He is a former investigative producer for Chicago based CBS. Cold case files’ is a TV production that features the investigation of unsolved cases. The TV show has been nominated by Prime Time Emmy as well as won many international awards. His work as a journalist and documentary producer has won him many accolades over time including an academy award nomination for Eyewitness, a holocaust documentary and a number of Emmys. Michael is a graduate of Duke University with honors in law as well as a master’s degree from the Northwestern University. He also holds a degree from holy Cross College in classical languages. In his earlier days, Michal went to Boston Latin School. He was born and raised in Boston but now lives with his Mary Frances wife in Chicago and Maggie, their dog. Michael Harvey is the owner of The Hidden Shamrock where a good brew of Guinness is made and frequented by the likes of Michael Kelly. Michael Harvey is a natural writer when it comes to criminal investigative books thanks to his background. His investigative research has also opened him to a great deal of cases especially for cold case files. This has opened a world of crime laden thrillers to his readers who enjoy his first class brilliance when it comes to writing. Some of his books include The innocence game’, Chicago Way’, The Third rail’ and The fifth floor’.

The Innocence Game The Innocence game’ has received some great reviews from critics all over the world. It is the work of a writer who is at his best days which makes it a must read for his enthusiasts. The book begins in a simple journalism classroom set up and quickly leads the reader to a grizzly Chicago crime scene. It features Sarah gold, a strong willed lass and her colleague Jake havens. Jake is a brilliant student by the standards. They are both part of an innocence seminar taught by a woman only known as ‘Z’. the seminar has put together brilliant students ranking best n their areas of study to investigate cold cases and wrongful convictions. The class is given the task of exonerating wrongfully judged and convicted victims. Jake Havens however comes up with a cold case of his own that soon captivate everything in the book. A young boy named Skylar is murdered and his body found by a random hiker at a forest preserve a mile from where he was seen walking home last. The young boy’s case reveals that a man was convicted for the case and killed in jail. The open and shut case soon reveals a few clues that are nothing but chilling. A blood stained piece of fabric and a confession written bluntly reveal that the actual killer had never been caught. The chilling fact that the killer is among them and knows of their intentions creates one great suspense thriller. The killer is also believed to be confronting them in the twisted hope that they would discover more about themselves and in a twist, each other as they try to crack open the cold case. It is no secret that they are betting against a brilliant mind. The story opens the classmates into a word of corruption, crime and deceit that gets more dangerous as they draw closer to solving the cold case. The three are also faced with death as the murder exposes more and more hidden secrets. The book weaves through the concrete jungle of Chicago through the dense woods, caves, ware houses and the shores of the Michigan Lake. The Innocence game’s is a nail biting book that reveals a world of hidden agendas and possibilities in the world of crime. As the three fight for their lives alongside solving the case, the learn more about their abilities as well as those of their pursuers and the killers.

The Third Rail

This books begins as an action packed thriller slowly drowning its reader into suspense. Chicago is turned into a bloodbath in one day as men bent to stop at nothing hold the whole ransom. A woman waiting for a train ride to work is shot. One hour later, another is shot as in an elevated train as it goes through the loop. A chemical attack is unleashed two hours later on a church. All hell seems to break lose in Chicago with gunmen and terrorists on the loser. Are all these attacks related in any way? This is a mystery that Michael Kelly has to solve after coincidentally being on the crime scene as all hell broke lose. Michael is former cop tuned private investigator that is drawn into the mess by the killers. In the unraveling of events, Kelly is put in a task force that includes the FBI to balance the equation due to the fact that the killers pull him into it. This also creates tension as Kelly, full of his devices and ideas tries to do things is way. The FBI is not amused which does not unnerve him. His cynic nature, brilliance and instincts lead home to a train of revelations including a shaky train company, a retired police officer and a connection to himself. The killers are not done with Chicago as a bomb ticking away by the seconds is revealed in the heart of Chicago. The killers use Kelly’s love for Rachel Swenson, his girlfriend against him as a pawn to reach their agenda. The story is explosive with twists and turns for readers that love a beginning to end suspense story. Kelly has top connect all the dots as well as delve into the killers minds to get to the bottom of the case and possibly save what remains of the city of Chicago. This has proved that Michael Harvey is a writer born to stay. The book has also drawn quite a number of reviews and critics all praising the suspense drama.

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  1. Chris Williams: 3 years ago

    Just finished Brighton, your best of all. Your characters and machinations would be admired by Machiavelli and Shakespeare. I hope you are busy working on your next masterpiece as I have sadly, yet gratefully, read all your others.
    You and Dennis Lebanese would most assuredly enjoy a pint together.
    Thank you for many hours of suspense, laughter and awe.
    Chris Williams
    UMASS (Amherst) alum ‘67
    East Longmeadow


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