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Publication Order of The Space Mavericks Books

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Michael Kring is an American author of fiction. He was born on May 27, 1952, in the great state of Texas. He is most well known for his science fiction series of books and the creative plots and characters within them.

Michael Kring is known for his two books in The Space Mavericks fiction series. The first book was published in 1980 by Leisure Books. A second story to further the plot of the first came out the next year and was titled Children of the Night.

Even though there were supposed to be more books that would come out in this series, they never appeared. This was directly due to a series of troubles experienced by Kring’s publisher and so even though the characters began on their journey, they never actually got to where they were going. Readers may be disappointed to find this out, but they at least are able to read the first two novels in the series.

The Space Mavericks is the first novel in the Mavericks series by acclaimed author Michael Kring. This science fiction novel started off what was to be a series full of promise, only to be cut short after the release of the sequel. While this series would have been fantastic as a trilogy, there’s always space to grow and there’s no ruling out that Kring could pen another somewhere down the line.

In this debut book, space pilots have turned rebels. These renegades fly around space and are fine with risking their very lives, just so that they are always able to stay one step ahead of the authorities or more. The interplanetary police are after these daring pilots, but can they evade the police forever? You’re going to have to pick up this lively debut novel in Michael’s classic eighties science fiction series The Space Mavericks!

Children of the Night is the exciting second installment in Michael Kring’s Mavericks series. If you enjoyed reading about the adventures of space pilots and how far they’ll go in order to continue losing the police and leaving them behind in a trail of intergalactic space dust, then you’re certainly going to enjoy this new imaginative story from accomplished American writer Michael Kring!

The main characters in this second novel in the Maverick series are Kohn Tarkosz and Fripp Enos. The two are self-proclaimed space mavericks that are on an adventure. They have been able to touch down upon the planet Vespers. There they are continuing to search for a source of the magic that is enchanting Fripp’s ring.

Little do they know that they are about to encounter so much more than they could have ever dreamed. Fripp and Kohn are totally unprepared for what they are about to experience. Neither of them imagined that they would be stumbling upon not only a dictatorship of tremendous power, but also a race that lives deep underground that they never even dreamed would have existed.

Add on top of that their eventual future discovery of a very old spaceship that is totally embalmed in coal. It’s all rather curious, but then again, it’s simply just another day in the life for space mavericks like Kohn Tarkosz and his equally daring friend, pal Fripp Enos.

Fripp and Kohn have no idea that they are about to get into an adventure that involves twists and turns and new challenges around every corner. They thought that they were just going to get down to business when it came to the magic ring and then be able to take off from the planet for good and go somewhere else. But this trip is turning out to be a little more involving than that.

Kohn and Fripp gradually find that they are going to be involved in a political fray whether they pretty much want to or not. They are finding that this planet has very distinct sides that have formed, and they seem to involve the tyrant Haics and his forces and the Children of the Night, which is the title that the people that form the rebellious group that fights against them have given themselves.

Now these two must understand that they are in the middle of a battle that is far larger than they ever could have guessed. Perhaps if they had known about the tyranny and the rebellion, they may have decided to just keep things moving and never land here in the first place. But you always know more after the fact than you do in the moment, and the two friends know that there’s nothing they can do about it anyway now.

Fripp and Kohn are being drawn into the rebellion of the Children versus the Haics’ tyrannical forces and have no idea what is going to happen or who will win out in the end (if anyone wins at all). The two space mavericks now have to face a situation that they either have to go along with or find a way to get out of. They’re not sure what they’re going to do, but one thing that they do know is that they have a very old ring on their side– a ring that just so happens to be chock full of supernatural energy and powers and teeming with magic.

The two realize that they are going to have to use the ring against the forces that they are up against. They have no other choice as this is the only real thing of power that they have on their side. The two friends are going to either have to decide to join the battle using the ring or to run away and do what they can to hightail it off of this planet.

Still, the two have never been the type to shy away from fights. When it comes to the power of the ring, it might just be strong enough to save them in the end. That’s a good thing, as they are now in a war for their very lives. What will happen in the end? You have to pick up Michael Kring’s exciting second installment in the Space Mavericks series of fiction to find out for yourself!

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