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Life-Changing Money (As: Mike Slavin) (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

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One Million in the Bank (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

(Thank you to Mike for writing this excellent bio!)

Born as Michael L. F. Slavin in 1953 in St. Joseph, Missouri, Mike was nurtured from infancy by his grandparents. His grandmother, a devoted homemaker, and his grandfather, a truck driver, provided him with love and guidance despite not having completed elementary education themselves. They instilled in him the belief that he could achieve anything he aspired to. His grandmother was an avid reader, and their home was filled with warmth and direction. Mike often expressed his profound gratitude by saying, “My grandparents laid the foundation for everything I aspire to be.”

Mike dedicated a decade after West Point to the U.S. Army, initially engaging as an infantry officer within the armored cavalry. He advanced to become an aviation officer, with a secondary focus in Operations Research and Systems Analysis. Throughout his military career, he led two aviation units as commanding officer, served as an aide to a general, handled various staff roles, and notably acted as an aide to the President of the United States during a state visit to South Korea.

Over a span of 24 years, Mike established and led his own oil and gas exploration enterprise until its eventual sale. His company was deeply integrated in the industry, engaging in every stage from initial prospecting, through leasing, to the drilling and producing of oil and gas. With a wealth of management expertise exceeding three decades and a hand in initiating and financing numerous small ventures, Mike faced the economic downturn with a vision to assist others. This vision, coupled with his extensive background, sparked the creation of his first publication, One Million in the Bank: How To Make $1,000,000 With Your Own Business, Even If You Have No Money or Experience. The book, authored under the name Michael L. F. Slavin, has achieved bestseller status and has been honored with seven literary awards, serving as a testament to his commitment to guiding others towards financial prosperity.

In 2016, Mike made the pivotal decision to sell his business, shifting his focus to provide full-time care for his wife, who was battling Parkinson’s disease. With the absence of corporate responsibilities, he embarked on a new creative venture — writing a novel during the moments he wasn’t tending to his wife’s needs. Stationed beside her on the couch with a laptop, he committed to a daily target of 1,260 words. To his astonishment, after seventy-two days, he had composed around 91,000 words. Even more surprising to him was the quality of his manuscript. Through the meticulous editing process, the word count was refined to approximately 80,000 words, and the narrative was enhanced. The result was Kill Crime, a novel featuring the protagonist Jeff Case, marking Mike’s unexpected yet successful foray into novel writing.

Mike resides in Houston, Texas, alongside his wife, to whom he has been married for over four decades. He takes great pride and feels fortunate to have two adult children who have flourished in their respective paths in life.

My Writing Style-I try very hard to write realistic and action-packed stories. I am often told my stories have a complex plot that is easy to follow. I do want a reader to get bored and skip a page or two, so I keep it moving. I also love twists and turn sin my story, I challenge anyone to predict the ending and yes, the ending should be satisfying.

Kill Crime Series-This series currently has a short story prequel and three full length novels. In the first Kill Crime series novel, Kill Crime, the protagonist is struck with tragedy which sets him on a course of being a reluctant vigilante. In the course of this he builds a team to exact his justice on those who deserve it with PI Firm owner Trish Teal, and a couple of old friends with skills.

In the short story prequel, Life-Changing Money, Case is preparing to get out the military and meets his wife in Manhattan to be near him as he goes on a job interview. But they stumble into a rich dysfunctional family situation and murder.

In Primed to Kill, Kill Crime 2, Case runs into a serial killer, and then more. It becomes a watershed moment of how far he will go to punish the guilty.

In Wrong Kill, Kill Crime 3, Case gets sideways of the Cartel, which forces him to take his team to Mexico to save many people if possible.

Other Kill Crime novels are in the works. There is no end to the number of bad people Case will have available to deal with.

Spike Series-This series follows Spike, the charming serial killer introduced in Kill Crime 2 and also has a major part in Kill Crime 3. In Spike 35 Kills and Smiling, he has found God intellectually and decided to satisfy his killing needs with bad people only. That is, if he can. His first novel picks up right where he escapes in Kill Crime 3. As a psychology thriller it is a wild ride, trying not to get killed by the Cartel as he unknowingly took a thumb drive, they must get back. Hie escape pushed him reluctantly into a back ops situation and a big shoot out.

In Spike 2, the adventure of a self-aware psychopath continues. To be out by December 2024.

One Million Series- When I wrote One Million in the Bank, How To make $1,000,000 With Your Own Business, Even if You Have No Experience or Money, I planned to write a second book with more examples and more advice. This book is about half done and still planned but no specific date as of now.

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