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The Story of Science: Power, Proof and Passion (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fast Diet (With: Mimi Spencer) (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fast Exercise (With: Peta Bee) (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The FastLife (With: Mimi Spencer,Peta Bee) (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Clever Gut Diet (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fast 800 (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fast800 Diet (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
21-Day Keto Magic (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Just One Thing (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Michael Mosley is British television presenter, journalist, producer and a retired doctor. He has worked for BBC since 1985 and is famously known for presenting television programs on medicine and biology. He was born in Calcutta, India, to an Indian banker father. Mosley attended high school in England at the age of seven. He attended New College, Oxford, where he majored in Philosophy, Politics and Economics and later worked as a banker in London for two years. Mosley then decided to major in medicine with the intention of becoming a psychiatrist and hence attended Royal Free Hospital Medical School.

The 2017 Michael Mosley’s book The Clever Gut Diet is a clever concept that has become controversial, with some people loving the concepts the author describes in the book while some critically criticizing them. The whole concept behind the book is that it helps the reader focus on their insides in order to get the best results on the outside. Throughout the pages, the author instructs the readers with important lessons concerning the purpose and function of the gut. Mosley explains how intricate the digestive system converts the food we eat into energy and other important nutrients that our bodies require.

The author also points out that food is an important component of the immune system, stating that the digestive system is directly responsible for the production of more than 24 hormones in our body. These hormones are responsible for regulating most of the other important body functions, and if unavailable, they will affect everything in our body, including moods and appetites.

Hippocrates, one of the most famous Greek physicians, once said that “all the diseases we encounter begin in the gut”, and that’s the point Mosley wants to make in this book. People experiencing bowel problems probably know all this well since such problems influence our lives in a very big way. It is not just the physical pain and constant discomfort we have to deal with but also the mental aspect side of it because having a toilet in close proximity can be a constant thought in your mind.

This book teaches us the gastrointestinal system in our body is not only responsible for mincing out energy from the food we eat but also responsible for taking care of our whole immune system. The author further goes ahead to state that there’s a thin layer of the brain hidden in our gastrointestinal system called the “enteric nervous system”, which consists of the same neurons and cells as those found in our brains. Isn’t that amazing? This fact gives a whole new meaning to the popular phrase- gut feeling and goes ahead to showcase how smart, and important the gastrointestinal system is.

If you’re faced with a bowel or stomach problem, then you will highly benefit from this book. It is also an important book for those without problems but just seeking information on keeping the gut healthy. It offers all the info you need for whole-body transformation from the inside out. From background information to testing and insights about food and meal planning, everything you need is contained in this book. The pages are rich with information such that you will keep on turning pages.

With the modern world food industry and bad eating habits, it can be quite challenging to improve them. Additionally, there is an endless number of articles about foods that you should and shouldn’t eat such that you may find it overwhelming to grasp the information as they all say nothing is safe to eat anymore. While the fact that the fast industry food only helps fill the stomach and quench cravings without adding any nutritional value is something, most people will understand. But discovering that we influence gut bacteria with the different medicines that we take- that are designed to make us feel better- is not something that crosses your mind often. Understanding what is good and what is not good for your body and applying it in real life are two different things. But at the end of the day, our stomach will tell us whether we treated it right or not.

Published in 2015, The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet is a diet and exercise plan firmly based on science and the modern understanding of how nutrition and the digestive system work and what’s required to get fit and stay fitter. No faddy information in this book and the last half of the book focuses on plans and recipes, including a website as well.

It’s obvious that sweet foods, the likes of sweets, cakes, and ice cream, are bad for you and vegetables and proteins are good for our body, especially when you cook them yourself. This book firmly talks about Type 2 diabetes, about people with pre-diabetes and those at higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes, especially obese people and people taking high-sugar diets with plenty of processed foods. The book seems effective with most people letting them adapt to proper diet and exercise, allowing them to come off their medication and get blood sugar back to normal.

It’s a tough schedule sticking to 800 calories per day in order to shed off those extra pounds of weight and get sugar back into the normal range. The author advises people to seek medical advice first if they are on medication or have underlying medical conditions. This is because his recommendation is not a diet that will suit everyone, and it’s required you to pick a good time to start it. Additionally, it may not be a good diet for anyone with a history of an eating disorder. The 800 calories per day are only intended to be followed for a few weeks, after which you will need to implement several principles; he recommends building a long-life program that suits you.

If you are a diabetic or fall in those other groups or probably are trying, then this program, Michael Mosley recommended, probably won’t hurt you, but you may be better off with a 5:2 diet instead.

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