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Michael Norman is an American author of fiction. Born in 1947, he has written in a variety of formats for multiple publications. Before he turned to writing novels, he penned several major articles for national publications such as GQ Magazine.

In addition to his article work, Norman’s writing is syndicated locally and globally. He has been working on writing a second book with Elizabeth M. Norman, also known as his wife. They are exploring the famous New York Bellevue Hospital. It is the oldest U.S. public hospital that has been in continuous operation since its start.

He is the author of a nonfiction novel called These Good Men: Friendships Forged in War. It was published in 1990 to critical acclaim and is a memoir of his time serving in the military. Norman has also penned three columns for the Times and reported for them too at foreign, national, and metro desks.

His novel Tears in the Darkness was released in 2009 with a co-author. It did quite well as it was picked by a Times critic and several other reviewers to be named a top ten book of the year. It placed on the bestseller list for a total of eight weeks straight, quite an accomplishment. It was a narrative nonfiction novel that readers and critics alike loved.

He is the author of the Sam Kincaid series. The series features the 2007 novel The Commission, first in the series, and is followed by Silent Witness, released in 2008. He is also the author of the mystery series J.D. Books.

The Commission is the first book in the Sam Kincaid series. The main character in this is Sam Kincaid, who has a pretty important job. He’s the chief of the S.I.B., also known as the Special Investigations Branch. He works for the Department of Corrections in Utah. One day he is called upon to help with a particularly perplexing murder of a prominent person.

The person in question is– or used to be– Levi Vogue. He was the Chairman of the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole. When he was gunned down while coming back late at night, it sets tongues ablaze in the area. He was murdered in the driveway of his own home after Vogue was returning from a tryst with an exotic dancer, of all people. Perhaps not too surprising that he should pick up a dancer at a strip club in Salt Lake City. And so Sue Ann Winkler becomes the primary suspect, although they do have an eye on other people connected to Vogue who could have had reasons to off the powerful figure.

So it is that Kincaid is assigned to help Lt. Kate McConnell of the S.L.C.P.D. to help with the case. Together, maybe they can start to put the pieces together and begin envisioning what happened that night. They’re going to do their best to crack the case and find out who it was that wanted to kill Levi Vogue. But are they ready for what their investigation is going to reveal to them?

As McConnell and Kincaid investigate further, they are drawn deeper into the world of strip clubs and sex workers and the people who choose to be around them. The investigation finally starts to focus in on a suspect. That person of interest would be Charles Watts, also known as Slick. He is an ex-convict with a history of violence and criminal acts stretching a long way behind him. More than that, he was known to have a score he wanted to settle with Vogue.

But before they can even take the criminal in, he’s gone. Before they apprehend Watts he is found dead, his body abandoned at an empty military base located in Wendover, Nevada. The medical examiner has a look at the body and says that his death was no accident, even though it was meant to look that way. In truth, his passing was a homicide that had been carefully staged to appear like a suicide. Now the two investigators are convinced that there is a conspiracy of some type afoot.

Can the two murders be related? That’s what McConnell and Kincaid are starting to think. Undeterred by this newest killing, they continue to follow up on leads. Eventually, their investigation takes them all the way into the Utah state prison. There they meet the Commission, a group of prison employees that are totally corrupt. Could they be the key to unlocking all of these murders?

The police begin to close in slowly. If Kincaid isn’t careful, the Commission might make him their next target. But are they barking up the wrong tree altogether? Pick up this exciting book from Michael Norman in order to find out for yourself!

Silent Witness is the second book in this exciting series by Michael Norman. Investigator Sam Kincaid is back and teamed up with fellow professional Kate McConnell once more. Together they are unknowingly thrust into danger as they investigate a case. It seems like a car robbery like any other. Except it was a robbery of an armored car and two people are now dead.

One of them was a gang member that was thought to have masterminded the crime. Meanwhile, it is Walter Bradshaw that is charged in the end with aggravated robbery and capital murder. He is an unlikely suspect as he ran a church. However, they are also an extreme and conservative group of Mormon polygamists that used to belong to another church and are very anti-government. Bradshaw is brought in after a chase, which doesn’t help him look innocent. The rest of the gang is assumed to be out there somewhere.

But just two days before the hearing for Bradshaw, one of the robbery’s witnesses is killed. Arnold Ginsberg is stabbed and then bludgeoned to death in SLC in a parking garage downtown. The second witness is nearly kidnapped as she goes to her car on campus but gets away. Can they keep their witnesses alive and solve the murders? It’s up to Kincaid and McConnell to find out. Check out this murder mystery for yourself and see what happens in this fast-paced second book in the Kincaid series.

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