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Michael Osbourne is the creation of Daniel Silva, who has taken on a life of his own in the two novels he has been featured in, the Mark of the Assassin and The Marching Season. He is an American citizen under the employ of the CIA as one of their agents. Michael Osbourne’s sense of duty is what compels him to continue working for the CIA and continuing to take down the bad guys.

Michael Osbourne’s real pride and joy is his family life, at home with his wife. He is a happily married man and would like to keep it that way. So he always goes above and beyond for his wife. He also knows that one screw up out in the field could end everything that he holds dear. Michael Osbourne makes sure he plays things by the numbers, never screwing up his mission so he can always come home to his wife, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is a very successful and respected DC lawyer. She has many contacts with the rich and famous, knowing all the power players in DC. This is mostly thanks to her father’s influence as a Senator and her overwhelming work ethic and dedication to her job. Michael Osbourne loves his wife and follows her to the events, at first not feeling comfortable with the so-called upper society members, knowing they all had their own agenda. But for her sake he kept going. Now he does not mind them so much, but he always remains aware of the rich and powerful, keeping them at arms length because he knows they are only really nice to you when they want something.

Michael Osbourne was also his father in law’s least favorite person when they first met. The Senator has a very low opinion of the CIA and thought the same of Michael Osbourne for working with them. But through his exploits and love for Elizabeth, he was able to change the Senator’s mind about him. The Senator still thinks the CIA are worthless, but he now trusts Michael Osbourne with his life.

Through his exploits with the CIA Michael Osbourne has done what he feared the most, put his family and loved ones at risk a few times. He has always tried his best to leave work at work, but sometimes work follows him home and sometimes it has been in the form of an assassin. Yet somehow Michael Osbourne and his family always persevere. The love they have for one another help them make it through the bad times and they come out stronger because of it.

Michael Osbourne – Delving Into His World

Michael Osbourne has had many adventures in the CIA, some of which he would rather forget, as they are a constant reminder of the things he has done in the name of his country. He continues his adventures, or curse as he sometimes may think of it, out of a sense of duty. At times he has even quit the CIA, but always finds himself being lured back in.

In The Marching Season Michael Osbourne has quit the CIA, enjoying his life at home with his wife. But when his father in law, Douglas Cannon, who is now the newly appointed ambassador of the Court of St. James, gets sent to the United Kingdom to try and hammer out a deal for peace between the Protestants and Catholics of Northern Ireland, Michael Osbourne must once again dust off his skills and rejoin the CIA temporarily to assist his father in law with his mission and protect him at all costs.

The pair know they are walking into danger, as there has already been three rather bloody attempts to stop the peace talks between the two groups. But what Michael Osbourne was not prepared for was once again meeting up with an old foe, the lethal KGB trained assassin who everybody only knows as October. Michael Osbourne has unfinished business with the elusive assassin. So while he is trying to protect his father in law from both sides of the peace talks, he has his own quest for revenge against October. The two may not be mutually exclusive either, as before long Michael Osbourne begins thinking that exact thing.

In Mark of the Assassin a deadly plane crash occurs and Michael Osbourne, who is at the moment an active CIA agent, gets tasked with finding clues as to what happened. While searching through the scene of the crash he can only find one clue, a nearby dead body. It contains three bullets to the face, precisely placed and Michael Osbourne knows exactly who did this. It was his old foe, a lethal assassin who he has been after for a very long time. Michael Osbourne knows his family should come first, but his obsession with the assassin starts to get the better of him. He delves into a world of cover ups and intrigue, hot on the assassin’s trail. Although he is not sure he will ever make it out alive, he keeps on his task, ignoring the risk of losing everything in the process. The things Michael Osbourne sees and finds out will forever change him.

Michael Osbourne – A Movie Experience

Michael Osbourne is a character that is prime for the movies. He wants to jump from the pages of his novels and be played by an actor of the caliber of Brad Pitt or George Clooney. But that task has yet to take form. So he pushes on with his CIA adventures, hoping one day they will come to light on the big screen. He would even accept the small screen. Though unlike his Daniel Silva created counterpart, Michael Osbourne has yet to even get a taste of the big screen. It is a safe bet that if his adventures keep topping the New York Times number one bestseller list, you will see Michael Osbourne on a screen near you sometime in the future.

Michael Osbourne – Still On Duty

With his know how and CIA training Michael Osbourne is still out there ready to continue his sense of duty should the need arise for his services. He will enjoy life with his family and friends until such a time comes to pass. The legacy of Michael Osbourne will live on long after he has retired indefinitely.

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