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About Michael Rutger

The writer Michael Marshall Smith is a highly regarded author of thriller novels, with a clear eye for both suspense and danger in his novels. Creating a building feeling of both dread and suspense, he really knows how to grab the reader’s attention almost immediately, keeping them glued to their seats throughout. It’s also his use of character that has also been of note too, as he manages to establish fully three-dimensional personalities that feel truly real on and off the page. Using his pen-name of Michael Rutger, he has also managed to create a series of novels that stand out from the rest with their fun visual quality. Taking the reader on a journey he truly knows how to keep them entertained, allowing them to feel as if they’re a part of the action. As a leading figure within the industry, he definitely knows how to leave an impact with his work, something which will continue for quite some time to come.

Early and Personal Life

Born in 1965 on the 3rd of May, the future novelist and screenwriter was initially born in Knutsford, Cheshire, in England, before moving to America at an early age. Living in Illinois and then Florida, he would grow up with a strong love and passion for the written word, something that he’d nurture throughout his life. Over time this would then progress, developing as time went on, continuing throughout the years, as he later moved to South Africa at the age of seven and then Australia, all before moving back to the UK.

During this time he’d use the experience of his formative years to shape and mold his passion for storytelling, giving his material weight and heft. Attending Chigwell School, he’d later go on to study at King’s College, Cambridge, whereby he’d also become a member of the much famed Cambridge Footlights. Getting a background in comedy, he would make a name for himself before going on to write films and fiction, something which he still continues to this present day.

Writing Career

It would be in 1994 that Michael Marshall Smith would write his first novel titled ‘Only Forward’, a stand-alone title not being a part of any series. He would also go on to write a number of short stories too, many of which would be compiled in the ‘Ememess Issues’ of which there are nine of. There would also be a number of novellas too, as they would clearly display his craft and skill as a writer too.

Over the years he would also write for the film and television, starting out by creating the Radio Four series for the BBC ‘And Now in Colour’. This would serve to be a huge cult favorite over time, as he went on create television shows for the BBC, including an adaptation of his own novel ‘Intruders’ for BBC America. Creating a legacy that many writers would be proud of, he has managed to maintain a strong presence within the industry, as his writing career grows from strength-to-strength.

The Anomaly

Initially published in 2018 on the 19th of June, this would be the first in the popular ‘Anomaly Files’ series of books to come from the Michael Rutger name. First published through the ‘Grand Central Publishing’ label, it would manage to set the series up with a clear sense of direction and purpose. It would also provide a definite sense of foreshadowing for the following novels to come out in the series overall.

Working as a fun and entertaining mystery novel, this is an ideal starting point for any mystery series, introducing the characters in an inventive and creative manner. Setting up the investigator and archaeologist Nolan Moore as its primary lead, it manages to successfully establish him as his own iconic character. The initial investigation is also one that really tests his team, taking them on a journey that will really push them fully to the limit.

Set in a shrouded world of mysteries and secrets, the life that Nolan Moore leads isn’t too far from what would be found in the X-Files. Working as an archaeologist living on the edge, he hosts a documentary series that’s all too routinely dismissed by his more academic peers, whilst the preferred show of many a conspiracy theorist. His latest project involves following in the footsteps of a famed explorer from 1909, one who claimed to have discovered a secret hidden cavern located high up in an ancient rock located within the Grand Canyon. Believing himself to have found the cave, Nolan Moore feels that all his questions have been answered, and that’s when the cave begins to turn against his team and him in turn. What is that the cave really wants with him? Why is acting this way and what secrets does it hold? Can he find the real truth behind the anomaly?

The Possession

Released through the ‘Grand Central Publishing’ label once again, this would first come out in 2019 on the 2nd of July. Working as the direct sequel to ‘The Anomaly’, it would provide another adventure for the character of Nolan Moore to solve. It would also serve to develop the overall world of the series too, giving it a greater sense of depth, allowing it to progress for future novels too.

Following on directly from the previous novel, this really does work as a sequel, providing a clear sense of development from the first. It does this not only by evolving Nolan Moore as a clear leading protagonist, but it also sets about fully establishing his team as well. Building upon the sense of ambiance clearly set-up in the first too, it definitely manages to take the series forwards in a new and surprising direction.

Still reeling from what happened deep within the Grand Canyon cavern, Nolan Moore is proceeding to his next case-file and mystery to solve. This time he intends to uncover the truth behind a supposed case of possession and witchcraft, finding out the real fact behind the fiction. Things seem to be taking a turn for the worse once again though, as it seems that the small village he is investigating in the woods has a lot more to it than initially meets the eye. With the accounts of the residents themselves all adding up, it appears that he’s got to find the truth once again before the dark forces there threaten to engulf them all. Will he be able to find out what’s really going on this time? Can he keep him and his team safe in the process? What will become of the possession?

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