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Publication Order of Michael St. Pierre Books

The Thieves of Heaven (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Thieves of Faith (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Thieves of Darkness (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Thieves of Legend (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Most of us are fascinated by the offbeat stories of thieves and their glorious steals. Micheal St.Pierre is a lead character and an acclaimed thief in the series of books by Richard Doetsch. The series follow Michael as he goes on glorious adventures to rob world’s most important treasures. Richard Doetsch has been awarded with New York Times Bestseller Award several times. One of his early novels, The Thieves of Heaven released in 2006 got an outstanding response from many reputed brands like Booklist and Publishers Weekly. This book vowed readers and critics from all around the world and was made available in 29 languages. Richard Doetsch since released 4 novels with Michael has the main character. Michael St. Pierre shows numerous characteristics of intelligence, wittiness and morality.

Richard Doetsch novels are well written and will always keep the reader engaged in every line of each chapter. They allow the individual to feel the thrill and allure of a high-end robbery, which always come with a twist! There are many ways to enjoy a good book and the exciting robberies of Michael in these series allow you to do so. The books have continued to attract readers of various generations that enjoy mystery, adventure and thrilling stories. Richard Doetsch has written quality books with breathtaking suspense.

The first book, The Thieves of Heaven details the story of a retired master thief who agrees to a final robbery, to obtain funds for his sick wife. He is hired to steal two antique keys: one gold and one silver from the famous museum of Vatican. When he enters the museum in the quest of obtaining the keys, he is shocked to have found what they are meant to protect! A secret of salvation lies behind the most clandestine structure of earth that his employer wants to use to keep humanity out of heaven. This last job brings Michael face-to-face with the most devious and startling enemy of all times.

The second book, The Thieves of Faith revolves around a robbery to be conducted in the most secured place on earth, the Kremlin. After Ivan the Terrible, Russian leaders turned Kremlin into world’s biggest fortress with secret vaults, chambers and priceless treasures. Under the circumstances, Michael is motivated to stage a burglary on Kremlin’s inner sanctum with two lives hanging in the balance. He has the burden of thousands of years of religious faith hinging on him, but his determination, skill and passion are by his side. Michael is only one piece of this thrilling puzzle, where he travels from ancient monastery in Scotland to hideaway in Corsica. He takes on this mission with help of a few trusted people and a world hunt on his head! Now it is for us to see, how he recovers and comes out of all this chaos as a winner.

The third novel by Richard Doetsch to hit the shelves was The Thieves of Darkness, which reformed the master thief Michael St. Pierre. In this book, Michael is trying to move forward with his life by leaving his criminal days behind. When his best friend is sentenced to die in a brutal prison, he is motivated to free him by breaking in to the jail for the first time in his career. Michael sets his best friend free only to find his own girlfriend rotting in the next cell. To gain their freedom, the trio decides to raid a heavily guarded sanctum to retrieve the precious artifacts, which landed them in jail. This novel will take you on a journey from glittering banks of Bosporus to the highest peaks of Himalayas along with the devious Michael St. Pierre.

The fourth novel, The Thieves of Legend was termed has the most ingenious thriller of all the series. This made Michael St. Pierre an US agent who is set out to retrieve a legendary dairy with his crew. The dairy hold the clue to a forgotten mystery which has baffled the East and the West for years, with roots over half a millennium in the past. Michael and his ex-girlfriend are assigned with a mission separately, to retrieve artifacts from two ends of the worlds in order to solve the puzzle. Their lives depend on the success of each other’s missions where they are set to face off complex underworld of Chinese triads, mad female assassin and a crazy man. If this secret fells in the wrong hands, nations will fall and a new powerful source of destruction will arise. Michael moves through glamorous casinos to dangerous backstreets and medieval castles of Spain, to solve the riddle and save his ex-girlfriend’s life.

These novels are one of those books that you will be excited to finish in a day. These novels depict the life of a low-life thief who becomes a known US agent, to solve mysteries deep embedded in the darkest places of earth. He is a larger than life character who makes you love and hate him at the same time. Readers usually fall for the intelligence and wittiness of Michael and his bravery of conducting great adventures around the world. They will be ride world’s most dangerous, glamorous and ancient places to discover dark dungeons and hidden treasure with Michael. This man is a legend in the world of robbers and knows how to keep friendships and promises. Richard Doetsch has portrayed this center character of all his novels as a man who does appalling things for the good reasons. This makes every individual relate to Michael in one way or the other, which makes Richard Doetsch series of novels and international success.

These novels by Richard Doetsch are easy to find and will be an interesting way to feed your lust for reading quality written books. You will be fascinated by the twist and plots on every page and your heart will race rapidly to read the next chapter. Get your copy of these thrilling robbery novels by Richard Doetsch and get ready to have finer taste in books and authors.

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