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Michael Weaver is an American author that writes thriller novels. Michael Weaver is a figure of intrigue, at least amongst readers who know of his work. Michael Weaver first hit the literary markets in 1993 with ‘Impulse’.

The author’s first novel told a disturbing story about a man whose wife was raped and murdered in front of him. The book set Weaver aside as a fearless crime writer, one who wasn’t afraid of delving into the darkest aspects of the human mind to explore unsavory concepts like murder, incest, and rape.

‘Impulse’ was especially powerful because it was published in 1993, a time when opinions on the topics of the author’s book were not particularly favorable. And Weaver didn’t waste any time in following this story up with another brazen tale about crime traversing the United States Political Landscape.

This was in 1995, just two years after ‘Impulse’ was published. With a third Michael Weaver book finally hitting the shelves in 1997, it seemed like the author was on the fast track to becoming a juggernaut in the crime fiction genre.

Fans waited with anticipation for another explosive story from the author’s mind, certain that a new Michael Weaver novel would be coming in two years time. However, the fourth novel from this rising star of an author never came.

Questions have since arisen as to the reason why Michael Weaver fell off the publishing map. Considering the momentum he had begun to build with his first three releases, one would have expected the author to continue pushing forward with a litany of crime and suspense thrillers.

As things stand, fans have had little choice but to console themselves with the author’s first three novels.


Paul Garret was just another writer having a great time with his wife in the country. Then a hiker changed it all. Young and charming, no one could have known what hid behind that smiling face.

And by the time Garret learnt that truth, it was too late. His wife had been raped and murdered and Garret was left at the very edge of death.

Michael Weaver’s debut novel is a tightly wound suspense thriller, the sort of book that finds ways of shocking and surprising with the sorts of twists that should have become commonplace in the crime thriller genre but which Weaver invigorates.

The story of ‘Impulse’ revolves around a Newspaper columnist by the names of Paul Garret. When a young man attempts to rape Emily, Paul’s attempts at saving his wife leave him with two bullets in the head.

William Meade thought he had killed Paul Garret. But Paul survived and, in William’s mind, that created a connection between them, so much so that William begins to share information about his latest killings with Paul.

Paul is understandably incensed by William’s gall and he is determined to track the serial killer down. Fortunately for Paul, he isn’t alone. Members of the Poughkeepsie Police allow Paul access to everything they know about the case.

Lieutenant Canderro, in particular, hopes that, by sharing everything they know about William, someone might finally catch him. Michael Weaver tells the story of his debut novel from three different perspectives.

The most intriguing of these POVs is the killer; Paul also gets a POV, this along with the policeman helping Paul on his vendetta. Because of the themes he is dealing with, Michael Weaver definitely goes down a few dark paths. However, the author isn’t nearly as graphic as one might expect, even when he is writing about torture and rape.

The strongest aspect of this book has to be the characterization and the levels of suspense the author injects into this book. Paul Garret is perfectly developed as a grieving man that will forever rue the day he invited a young hiker over for refreshments.

From the moment he picks William out from a collection of Mugshots, Paul’s life becomes one driven by vengeance. With his Times Column as his only weapon, Paul is certain that he will be the one to bring William down.

It helps that William keep calling him and sending him unsavory packages. William is an interesting antagonist. Paul eventually finds out that William hasn’t been right since he was a child, and there is no telling how far he will go if someone doesn’t stop him, and soon.

This book does an amazing job of establishing Michael Weaver as an author of suspense and crime fiction, and it is easy to see why so many readers were excited about reading Weaver’s subsequent releases.


Two men with connections to the mafia are drawn into a conspiracy involving a corrupt U.S. Attorney General when they unwittingly undertake the responsibility of protecting the innocent woman that could destroy his career and who the Attorney General is determined to kill.

While the first book from Michael Weaver was more suspense-driven, his second novel goes the way of action-packed thrill ride, throwing serial killers and journalists aside in favor of corrupt politicians and international assassins.

At the center of the book are Gianni Garetsky and Vittorio Battaglia. One is a rising artist in Manhattan. The other is a minor mobster. Gianni and Vittorio were friends once upon a time. Gianni was certain that his boyhood pal was dead. But the two men who accost him seem to think otherwise, and they waste little time in torturing Gianni to reveal the whereabouts of Vittorio.

Gianni eventually escapes and joins forces with Vittorio’s ex-lover. Gianni knows that his life depends on his ability to find Vittorio. However, the task won’t be easy, not when there are other forces looking to get their hands on his former friend.

Gianni does not yet realize that he is at the center of a situation that could drastically impact the balance of power in the United States.

Weaver aims to entertain and thrill with this book, and he seems to succeed, with many a reader admitting that they struggled to put this book down once the story found its footing. And luckily for everyone involved, the author doesn’t waste much time before throwing readers into the thick of things.

The strongest aspect of this book is its unrelenting pacing. Gianni is a decent choice for a protagonist. He is just as confused as the reader; and like the reader, it takes Gianni a while to figure out what is happening.

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