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The White Tower (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Plague of Shadows (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Four-Part Key (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Tunnels Beneath (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Deep Magic - Summer 2020(2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Michael Wisehart is a young adult, adventure, and fantasy fiction author best known for his “Aldoran Chronicles” and the “Street Rats of Aramoor” series of novels. Michael went to college to study business, but he always had a love for screenwriting and film. Upon graduation from college, he went back to school and this time studied film before he launched his own production company.

Film work was something that he always loved and enjoyed doing, but over the years, he felt that he needed to do something more than writing scripts – he wanted to become a fiction author. In 2014, he started writing the script for “The White Tower” that would be the first of the “Aldoran Chronicles” series. With his work becoming very popular, he decided to go all-in as an author and now has multiple titles in both series.

Unlike many authors that agonize about starting for years, Michael Wisehart was very different. In 2011, he was working with his business partner, pitching and filming a new reality series that never got picked up. After that disappointment, he decided to put his imagination and creativity into writing his own fantasy, where he could work on his own terms.

He had always been fascinated by fantasy ever since he borrowed the novel “Sword of Shannara” from his father’s home library. As such, it is not a surprise that when he decided to become an author, he would write his novels in the genre.

He did not have any inspiration for his debut novel “The White Tower,” as he just woke up on the morning of April 14, 2014, sat down at his desk and began writing. The only thing he did is reflect for a quarter of an hour, during which he invented the names of the lead characters. Most of what he typed on that first day can still be found in some chapters of the novel.

As for his favorite authors, he lists the likes of Terry Brooks, James Maxwell, Robert Jordan, Danielle L. Jensen, Brandon Sanderson, and Cameron Jace among many others.

Michael Wisehart’s debut novel, “The White Tower,” is the first novel of “The Aldoran Chronicles.” It is an epic fantasy narrative that is a whopping 624 pages of page-turning goodness, with diverse settings and a huge character cast. The novel is set in the land of Aldor, where magic had supposedly been eliminated.

The novel starts as a regular epic fantasy but comes with the usual point-of-view characters in plenty, though the major plots are centered on four of these characters. There is Valtor, a dark magician who is determined to summon a dark lord figure that had been banished for thousands of years; Ferrin, the magic-wielding smith; the heroic figure and Guardian Protector, Ayrion; and then there are the lead characters, a fae-bred youth named Ty that is believed to be destined for greatness.

Ty’s scenes come with magical displays and interesting characters that give them a whimsical quality. Ayrion, too, goes on interesting excursions and has intense battle scenes with magical twists. The thrust of the narrative is the fight between those that are determined to expel all who practice magic into the impregnable “White Tower” and those who want to practice their magical talents. Over the years, magic slowly and almost imperceptibly starts to gain an upper hand as the persons with magical ability develop their talents.

In “Plague of Shadows” the second novel of “The Aldoran Chronicles” series by Michael Wisehart, magic is spreading across the five kingdoms, but the enemies of the talented are as determined as ever to stamp it out and they extend the reach of the White Tower to every corner of the land.

In his quest to exact revenge on Mangora the witch, Ty finds a weird-looking book that he thinks will be of great help in their struggle. What he does not know is that it has dark secrets that could destroy everything his friends and family have been fighting for.

Ayrion has no memory of where he came from, let alone who he is, though he is accompanying a band of travelers heading toward the land of Sidara. On their way, they meet a young rover boy and decide to help him. The boy leads them right into a bloody battle, fighting vicious enemies that had not been seen for thousands of years. They have to stop them so that they do not spread across the land, where they are certain to cause untold destruction.

Ferrin was the first person to ever get out of the White Tower and he is now hoping to get to his sister before he is caught by the Black Watch. Together with Rae; Suri, her daughter; and an ex-high-ranking member of the Black Watch, they head north, hoping to evade the white riders. In the meantime, Warren and Kira are looking for Reevie in their attempt to determine the cause of the bizarre disappearance of the Aramoor. The reasons they will unearth will be very disturbing.

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