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It's Always the Husband (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
She Was the Quiet One (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Stranger on the Beach (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Wife Who Knew Too Much (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Intern (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Michele Campbell is an American author of fiction.

Michele Campbell originally attended the Ivy League recognized by name known as Harvard College. She also attended Stanford Law School. She was not always a writer but used to work in New York City doing a very tough job working as a federal prosecutor. There in the Big Apple she specialized in working cases that were either gang cases or international narcotic cases.

Michele Campbell first became a published author with the release of her first novel, which came out in 2017. It is titled pretty appropriately for crime fiction and is called It’s Always The Husband. Naturally, this is an homage to a number of crime and murder mystery novels where the husband is always the one who killed his wife. Her second full length novel came out in 2018. It is titled She Was the Quiet One.

She used to work in the legal field but decided to say goodbye to her career in the big city. She became a full time writer and decided to move along with her two children and husband to a small New England town. It’s a typical quiet college town that closely resembles the town of Belle River in her first novel.

Since saying goodbye to working law, Michele has stayed in touch with the field. She’s spent a lot of time teaching both constitutional and criminal law. When she is not busy teaching, she spends her time writing. She has a lot of female friends that she is close to and a few friends that walk the line of being enemies. She has one husband and she says that as far as she knows, he has never attempted to take her life.

It’s Always the Husband is the debut novel from author Michele Campbell. They say that when someone is murdered, the finger always points at the husband. That is, unless it was someone else instead who did it. Someone like the best friend, for example.

Meet three girls named Aubrey, Jenny, and Kate. The three of them first met at Carlisle College when they were assigned to be roommates. As a result of being put together in Belle River, a sleepy town located in New Hampshire, they were soon inseparable.

The three became fast friends and even as college ended they stayed close friends. Even though they have different personalities and are completely different people, they always had a close bond that could not be broken.

Fast forward to two decades later, and one of this trio is standing at a crossroads. More accurately, she’s standing at a bridge’s edge with someone telling her that she should jump. It seems a strange place to be in after all these years. What could have happened that things would come to this very moment?

The reader is about to find out. This story cuts back from their later years as adults to their college years. As a result, we get to see why these women have become friends. We’ll see why they love each other so much, and why there is a fair amount of hate and darker feelings mixed into their relationships.

Once they graduated, all of the three friends came back to that familiar town of Belle River to live once more. Aubrey runs a yoga business that is doing quite well and owns property there, and is also married to a doctor. She did quite well for herself. Kate married a college athlete and through the years has remained too privileged to see that she’s tearing through the money her father left her way too fast. Jenny is married and has become mayor of the time.

The three women have grown up. While they may not totally love each other all the time, is it possible that one of them felt so strongly that they actually moved on to murder? With one of them in clear and present danger, the answers have never been more important. Will one of them actually be killed, or can they avert their fate? Will someone else die?

Catch all of the twists and turns for yourself in this dynamic crime thriller that is filled to the hilt with privileged characters you’ll have to read about to believe!

She Was the Quiet One is the second novel to come out from dynamic new author on the scene, Michele Campbell. If you really enjoyed the first story from this talented writer, then you’ve got to consider checking this one out too!

Bel and Rose Enright are twin sisters. They’re excited to go off to a boarding school in New Hampshire for the first time. So they should be; The Odell School is prestigious and it seems like it will be a great opportunity for them.

The two sisters may be twins, but they are also very opposite. When they enroll in the school, they find themselves in a bigger rivalry than ever. The boarding school may seem very polished, but secretly there is a dark chamber underneath.

After all, this is a place of privilege. Rich kids pretty much do whatever they want here, running around doing what they like. They’re confident that the cash their parents have will get them out of any trouble. The wealth and the level of entitlement that the students have here is incredible. With strange traditions and rituals thrown in, it seems that this boarding school is more than meets the eye.

Sarah Donovan is the wife of a teacher at Odell that desperately wants to do well there. She thinks that his job at the school might be the best thing possible for their family. However, she also doesn’t know her husband that well– and how deeply his ambition might truly run.

When it comes to advancement, will the teacher stoop to any means to get what he wants? One dark night may just end up in murder. Who is the killer and why? It may be the very last person that you ever expect. Read the second novel from Michele Campbell and pick up She Was the Quiet One today!

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