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Publication Order of Michele Ferrara Books

A Florentine Death (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Death in Tuscany (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Death Of A Mafia Don (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Death In Calabria (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Black Rose Of Florence (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dark Heart of Florence (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death Under a Tuscan Sun (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Michele Giuttari was born in Italy in the year 1950. He was the head of the Florence Police Force from the year 1995 until 2003, where he was responsible for re-opening the Monster of Florence case and getting several key Mafia figures jailed.

He writes the “Michele Ferrara” series of mystery novels. The first of which, called “A Florentine Death”, was released in English in the year 2007.

“A Florentine Death” is the first novel in the “Michele Ferrara” series, which was released in the year 2007. Michele Ferrara, the Chief Superintendent, realizes that the beautiful surface of Florence, his adopted city, hides some dark undercurrents. He gets called in to investigate a sequence of brutal and seemingly random killings, his intuition becomes confirmed.

Ridiculed by the press and distrusted by his superiors, Ferrara finds that time is running short while the questions continue to pile up. Are his former enemies, the Calabrian Mafia, involved? Could there be a connection between the killings and the threatening letters he has been getting? What part does a beautiful young woman confronting a heart-rending choice, an American journalist fascinated by the darker side of life, and a priest troubled by a secret in his past play?

Ferrara confronts the murky underbelly of Florence in this investigation that is not only going to put his career but also his life on the line.

Fans found this one to be an enjoyable read that they flew right on through. It is a well written detective novel, and has an interesting setting. The book makes the ins and out of the Italian police system interesting, including the relationships/rivalry with other para-military/ para-police organizations.

“A Death in Tuscany” is the second novel in the “Michele Ferrara” series, which was released in the year 2008. In the idyllic Tuscan hill town of Scandicci, a girl’s body is found, dressed scantily and left lying by the edge of the woods. After just a week the local cops investigating this case have still not identified her, let alone been able to determine how she died.

Chief Superintendent Michele Ferrara, who is frustrated by the lack of progress, steps in. Toxins were found in the girl’s body, and because of this, most assumed she died of a self-inflicted overdose of drugs, but Ferrara soon realizes the truth is a lot darker than that. He believes the girl was murdered. He digs deeper, there are quite a few aspects in the case that prove to Ferrara that the girl’s dying is part of a conspiracy, one that has roots in the very foundations of society in Tuscany.

The characters and the interconnectedness of the plot served as the main enjoyment for a lot of readers. Readers were on the edge of their seats while they waited to find out what happened to one of the characters.

“The Death of a Mafia Don” is the third novel in the “Michele Ferrara” series, which was released in the year 2009. A bomb goes off in the middle of Florence, and it hits the car of Michele Ferrara. It rocks the ancient city right to its foundations. Ferrara was obviously the target, and he did just controversially imprison the notorious Mafia boss Salvatore Laprua.

Just one week later, and another bomb goes up. It brings tragedy for Ferrara along with a determination to locate the culprit. That very same morning, Salvatore Laprua is found in his prison cell dead. Who is this mysterious influence that is behind all of the bombings, somebody that even the Mafia fears?

This book builds up a head of steam for a frenzied conclusion at the very end. The books concern themselves more with the investigation, and Giuttari writes these books with a lot of authority on police matters. And these books really get into the complexities of police work and all of the details involved.

“A Death in Calabria” is the fourth novel in the “Michele Ferrara” series, which was released in the year 2010. One of the most beautiful and wildest regions in all of Italy, known for the rugged mountains and coastline, Calabria is home to the lethal ‘Ndrangheta. An organized Mafia crime operation that is more feared in all of Italy than the Camorra or the Cosa Nostra, it shrouded in all kinds of mystery.

Michele Ferrara is tasked with investigating the deaths of quite a few Calabria citizens, some from the tiny and isolated villages that line the Calabrian countryside and some in New York. To get to the bottom of things, Ferrara must infiltrate the village deep in the Calabrian mountains of San Piero d’Aspromonte. There, he has to put his life on the line to find out more about a family that is in the middle of a bloody and ancient feud.

The plot and characterizations are superb, and this is an enjoyable story that holds your attention throughout. Fans found this book started out very well and moves along nicely. All of the background on Calabria, with its version of organized crime and code of honor was quite interesting.

“The Black Rose of Florence” is the fifth novel in the “Michele Ferrara” series, which was released in the year 2010. A member of the Florentine jet set, a gorgeous young woman, is discovered dead in her apartment. She was choked to death, left naked on her bed, with a black rose on her body.

Chief Superintendent Michele Ferrara, who has just returned from Rome, is much too familiar with Florence’s dark side. He is up against a powerful and mysterious enemy that would do anything they can to hide their identity, and they manage to control events at each turn. While more violent deaths happen, Ferrara must face the most insidious investigation in all of his entire career and he has to face deadly secrets from his own past.

Fans found this to be a complicated thriller and full of details. There is an interesting conspiracy at the core of this story. It moves nicely along, right toward an exciting conclusion.

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