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Michele Martinez was once a federal prosecutor in New York City for eight years. She is a graduate of Stanford Law School and Harvard University.

Her debut novel, called “Most Wanted”, was released in the year 2005. It is the first novel to star Melanie Vargas, an attorney who solves mysteries. The series has four books in it, with the final book being published in the year 2008, and was called “Notorious”. Her work is from the mystery and thriller genre.

“Most Wanted” is the first novel in the “Melanie Vargas” series, which was released in the year 2005. A dedicated mom and betrayed wife who is suddenly forced to raise her six-month-old daughter by herself, Melanie Vargas also is a hard-working, ambitious professional. She has had to scratch, claw, and bit her way for recognition in the federal prosecutor’s office.

While strolling along with her baby on a hot New York night, she comes across the type of high-profile case that would make someone’s career. A burning townhouse belonging to a wealthy former prosecutor, the owner has been tortured and murdered and his corpse was left to smolder inside. Melanie wants this chance, needs it really, and she will do anything she can to get it.

A headline-grabbing opportunity of a lifetime might cost Melanie more than she ever thought. All while it pulls her ever closer to a enigmatic, secretive FBI agent and even closer to a sadistic human monster that moves expertly through the darkest shadows in the city.

This book takes you with Melanie on the whole ride, for every twist and turn. For some, this was an exciting, pulse raising, heart stopping, and highly entertaining read. Each time readers feel they know who the mole is, they wind up being surprised in the end. It is a tough to put down book that readers were able to finish rather quickly.

“The Finishing School” is the second novel in the “Melanie Vargas” series, which was released in the year 2006. Two students from an exclusive finishing school are found dead after overdosing on heroin in a Park Avenue apartment. One was the a shady Wall Street magnate running for the Senate’s stepdaughter.

Vargas is tasked with tracking down and prosecuting the drug dealer that supplied the girls. When she digs into the backgrounds of the girls, assisted by Dan O’Reilly from the FBI, she finds that their heroin use was the tip of the iceberg. It is one that included cyber-pornography, a multimillion-dollar embezzlement scheme, and drug smuggling.

Melanie is a thoroughly likable and savvy protagonist. This is one of those rare and all-consuming novels that make you want to do nothing but continue reading them until you have finished the whole thing. This book is realistic, intelligent, and stylish. Readers cannot recommend these books to anybody who will listen to them.

“Cover-Up” is the third novel in the “Melanie Vargas” series, which was released in the year 2007. Suzanne Shepard, a television reporter, was a ruthless celebrity scandalmonger and made a bunch of high-profile enemies. Which one of them left her lifeless and mutilated body in the darkest parts of New York’s Central Park? Federal prosecutor Melanie Vargas needs to figure that out.

Could it have been the sinister Park Avenue plastic surgeon who had a secret past? Or the ambitious city power broker who just happens to be one of Melanie’s best friend’s dad? Or the trendy personal trainer that sells recreational drugs to rich clients? Sifting through each of the scandals that fueled the deceased reporter’s career is what is keeping Melanie from truly obsessing about the intense affair she is having with the gorgeous FBI agent Dan O’Reilly.

There is more at risk than just Melanie’s heart. She has been getting some chilling emails from some anonymous “admirer” who knows far too much about the murder, and about every move Melanie makes. If Melanie cannot find the killer quickly, it is going to be her death that makes the headlines.

Michele Martinez has penned another top notch mystery thriller novel. Melanie develops more and more, as the reader learns about her daughter and the new love interest she has. She is a character that readers feel they could easily become friends with. This is another fast paced and well-written novel.

“Notorious” is the fourth novel in the “Melanie Vargas” series, which was released in the year 2008. Melanie Vargas is about to take some controversial rap star to trial for a past crime, and gets an important piece of information from his lawyer. He tells her, on the steps of New York City’s federal courthouse, he informs her that his client might have had ties to a wanted fugitive. A few moments later, a powerful car bomb blows the guy to pieces, and Melanie is just steps away from the blast.

Determined to locate the murderer, Melanie goes into a dangerous world of double-crosses and subterfuge, going so far as the glittering lights in Vegas to find the truth. The more she digs, the more she finds troubling things out about her friend. Many people had the motive to end his life.

At the same time, the rapper’s defense has been taken over by the slickest of sharks in the whole business. It is a guy with questionable morals who may have had some unlawful dealings with his client in the past. The case’s outcome is not the only thing on the line here. Since she is the sole witness of the killing, Melanie is in danger of losing her life. It is not too long before she realizes that she is unable to trust anyone, even those closest to her.

Melanie is a superb character with intelligence and depth. New readers of this series find themselves wanting to get the previous entries in the series, it was that interesting.

Another page turner from this series that is filled with a ton of action. Readers are able to get through it quickly and enjoy the experience throughout. This is a great character, and readers are glad to be able to get to know her in these books.

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