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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Playlist for the Dead (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pushing Perfect (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Questions I Want to Ask You (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
How to Pack for the End of the World (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Michelle Falkoff
The American writer Michelle Falkoff is a very well established author of primarily Young Adult fiction, tackling difficult social issues head on. Not afraid to hold back with her work and words, she’s a gifted writer with a highly articulate voice and a very strong presence. Knowing exactly what she wants to say, he style is very immediate and straight to the point, grabbing the reader from the outset. This is something that her audience all across the world has come to appreciate with her work, as her stories have resonated worldwide.

Whether it’s dealing with suspense and drama, or the everyday, Falkoff knows precisely when to give the story everything and when to hold back. Always saying something deeper in her work, there’s a message to each and every one of her books, creating a deeper more profound message. This has translated well to her younger readers, with each of her books making a powerful impact, regardless of where they’re from. Combining suspense and tension, her stories are gripping and powerful, really drawing from a number of different influences, creating their own the unique vision in the process.

Her characters are also well written, with in-depth personalities that really come to life off of the page, as they’re fully three-dimensional. This has paved the way for a succession of books over the course of her career, as Falkoff has developed into one of the most interesting writers currently within her field to date. From the critics to the general public, her books have fast become a success the world over, with an internation audience from across the world appreciating her novels. With a lot more to come still, it doesn’t appear that she finishing any time soon either, as her writing career grows from strength-to-strength.

Early and Personal Life
Born and raised in the city of Boston, Michelle Falkoff would grow up with a clear passion for the art of writing, as well as reading voraciously. Spending most of her childhood reading, she’d immerse herself in the world and craft of literature, investing herself heavily. This would then continue on into her adult career, as she’d carry on developing her voice as a writer, honing and refining her style.

Studying literature at the University of Pennsylvania, based in Philadelphia, she would then go on to New York whereby she would attend Columbia Law School. Working for some time in Silicone Valley as a intellectual property litigator, she would then go on to study at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Now she continues to write on a regular basis, living in her home in Chicago, as there’s a lot more planned to follow.

Writing Career
The first book that Michelle Falkoff would publish was titled ‘Playlist for the Dead’ and it would come out in 2015. This was a stand-alone book, and she would later bring out ‘Pushing Perfect’ just one year later in 2016, which was also self-contained. Publishing ‘Questions I Want To Ask You’ in 2018, and ‘How To Pack for the End of the World’ in 2020, she was fast becoming a household name for many.

Releasing her fiction through a variety of different outlets over the years, including ‘DoubleTake’ and ‘ZYZZYVA,’ Falkoff has made an important name for herself. This has grown over the years, as she has also taught others on her craft, serving at the Northwestern University School of Law. Working as part of the Director of Communication and Legal Reasoning program based in the Northwestern Pritzker School of Law, she also teach fiction as well.

Pushing Perfect
First published through the ‘HarperCollins Publishers’ outlet, this would originally come out on the 25th of October in 2016. As a stand-alone Young Adult novel it uses suspense and tension with its mystery plot filled with intrigue at every page turn. It’s story is completely self-contained, so it’s easy to pick up, allowing the reader to easily invest themselves in the story, with it being a fairly light and casual read.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t some heavier themes and ideas underlying it all, though, as it definitely has a strong message at its center. Looking at the insecurities faced while growing up, it deals with its coming-of-age concept well, really delivering its ideas in an articulate fashion. Both interesting and entertaining, it keeps its audience constantly hooked throughout, constantly turning the page.

Always getting good grades, Kara is the perfect student with straight As throughout her school, never once apparently faltering. That is until she takes an experimental drug from an unknown anonymous source in order to sustain the illusion of perfection, and soon finds herself being blackmailed over it. The illegal drug would help her pass her SATs with flying colors, but now she finds herself part of an underground society of teenagers who have all also suffered the same consequence. Why is this happening to all of them? Can she discover the truth behind it all? What happens when Kara is less than pushing perfect?

How to Pack for the End of the World
Initially published through the ‘HarperTeen’ publishing label, this was first brought out in 2020 on the 10th of November. Providing another self-contained stand-alone story, it would also not be a part of any overall series of novels as well. Developing her voice as an author, this shows Falkoff writing some of her best work to date, and is ideal for both fans of the author and newcomers alike. It’s a work of Young Adult fiction again, and it works as another well told coming-of-age story with well drawn characters.

Believing the world to be ending soon, Amina is a high-school student faced with doomsday scenarios constantly arriving through the news everyday. Attending Gardner Academy, she joins a group of like-minded fellow students who also feel the same way as her, and are preparing themselves. Learning survival skills for the world they collectively envision beyond, they start to lose themselves to a potential future, while forgetting to live in the present. Will they overcome this? Can they regain their adolescence? What will happen when they learn how to pack for the end of the world?

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