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Michelle Frances is a USA Today bestselling English writer of mystery, suspense, thriller, and crime fiction novels. She has written three standalone novels in her career so far. Frances became widely popular with her very first novel called The Girlfriend, which achieved the status of an international bestseller. Before beginning her career in the field of novel writing, Frances completed her graduation from the Bournemouth Film School. After this, she joined the American Film Institute in Los Angeles for a Masters programme. Following her successful completion of masters programme, Frances returned to London and started working as a producer and script editor. She was involved in working for TV and films for several years and was part of both the BBC and the independent sector. After giving several years of her life to script writing, Frances decided to try her hand at writing a novel. She chose the genre of psychological thriller and published her first book under the title of The Girlfriend.

After its successful run in many countries, the book has been optioned for a movie adaptation by Imaginarium Studios. The translation rights of the book have been sold in as many as 16 foreign countries. As of today, author Frances resides in East Surrey. She likes to spend her spare time in the company of her loving family and her beloved field spaniel named Ripley. Frances says that she loves to write about fraught relationships between men as well as women. At the center of both of her novels’ stories is fear. Sometimes, it is the fear of losing one’s boyfriend or son, whereas sometimes the fear is about losing one’s job. Frances is also fascinated by the way psychotic tendencies take a dangerous form in people when they feel the threat of something.

Frances seems to have a soft spot for the characters of her books. Cherry from her first novel and Emma from her second novel are her favorite characters. As depicted by her characters in her novels, Frances feels that there is too much competition in the workplace. And the victims of workplace competition are both men and women. When Frances was doing the research work for her second book, she came across a few jaw-dropping stories. She learned that the female employees were replaced by new temps when they were on maternity leave. In a few cases, incompetent assistants were hired in place of pregnant employees. Such stories made Frances feel that deciding to have a family can be a challenging task for working women. When Frances moved on to write the second book, she felt more nervous because of the expectation of people around her.

Frances loves the joy of dreaming big story plots, blue-sky thinking, inventing new characters at the start of the process of writing a novel. She becomes much more excited when she sees that her story is starting to take shape. Frances loves the overall procedure of developing a story and its characters. After two successful stints in her writing career, Frances has come up with another story centered around a woman, who fights for her daughter’s justice. This book, entitled The Daughter, is expected to be released in June 2019. Frances is quite content with the way her literary career has shaped up. She is motivated by the love of the readers towards her books and hopes to keep doing the good work for many more years to come. Frances wishes to get the love of her fans for all her future novels.

The debut book written by author Michelle Frances is entitled ‘The Girlfriend’. It was released by the Pan Macmillan publication in 2017. The main characters of this book include Cherry, Laura, Daniel, and several others. This chilling and gripping psychological thriller story revolves around a fall-out that follows an unforgettable and unforgivable lie. The story is based on the potentially charged relationship involving a boy, his mother, and his girlfriend. A number of ladies can identify with the story due to its believable characters and familiar setting. Initially, Laura is introduced as a woman who is quite satisfied with her life. She has a successful career, a rich and loving husband, and a 23-year-old son named Daniel. Laura’s son is handsome, talented, and kind. Daniel comes across Cherry and falls in love with her. Cherry is a beautiful, young, and smart woman. She wishes to live the life of Daniel’s mother, Laura. When Daniel introduces Cherry to his family, she arrives wide-eyed. Cherry wishes to be welcomed with love, but Laura starts suspecting her intentions. She thinks that Cherry is not what she appears to be and tries to make Daniel see the real side of his girlfriend. Later, a great tragedy strikes the family and an unforgivable lie leads to fall-out in the family. The lives of everyone, including Cherry change forever after the fall-out.

The second mind-blowing novel of Frances’ career is entitled ‘The Temp’. It was also released by Pan Macmillan in 2018. Author Frances has mentioned the central characters in this book in the form of Carrie, Emma, Adrian, and a few others. The central theme of this book is based on deception, ambition, and betrayal. The novel opens by showing that Carrie has everything a woman wishes for in her life. She is a successful scriptwriter & producer of TV shows. Her husband, Adrian, also works in the same production company. Both of them seem to have a perfect and successful life together. Then Carrie becomes pregnant and hopes that her baby is going to add more happiness to her life. However, things don’t happen as per her expectations and everything starts falling apart.

Carrie’s temp, Emma, has everything in her that make her suitable for the job in Carrie’s absence. She is smart, helpful, and willing to take up any task. However, as Carrie stays at home during the last stages of her pregnancy, Emma tries to gain all that Carrie’s possesses. She charms her way up and wins over the colleagues as well as Carrie’s husband one by one. Shortly after, Carrie starts suspecting Emma’s actions. She realizes that Emma is doing things that she is not supposed to do. And when she starts carrying out duties that Adrian’s wife should do, Carrie becomes really pissed. Carrie can no longer take the betrayal and decides to give a mouthful to Emma so that she stops doing the things that she is not supposed to do.

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