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A Paris Apartment (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
I'll See You in Paris (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Book of Summer (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Summer I Met Jack (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bookseller's Secret (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lipstick Bureau (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Beautiful People (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Michelle Gable is a general and historical fiction author who spent much of her childhood in sunny San Diego. Her journey toward becoming a published author began when she was given the book titled “Someday You’ll Write” by her parents when she was in the fourth grade.

She initially read short stories but eventually transitioned to terrible high school novels with some weird characterization. Michelle also began writing at this time and according to some of her friends from this time, she used to turn every slumber party and playdate into a writing group.

Nonetheless, he was accidentally placed in the accounting class in high school even though he always wanted to be a writer. She planned to transfer out of the class at the first opportunity but then she made friends with a cute boy who sat next to her.

Soon enough Michelle developed a love for balance sheets, credits, and debits. She believes studying accounting in some part helped her in writing, given that stories also need balance and structure.

When Michelle Gable graduated from high school, she attended the College of William and Mary to study accounting. Upon graduation, he realized that what he loved was finance rather than accounting.

She quickly transitioned to private equity and then into investment banking. She would ultimately get employed at a publicly traded software company as chief of Financial Analysis and Planning.

Through it all, Michelle continued writing almost every day for decades. Every time she got, whether it was while her children were assembling their lunches or late at night or early in the mornings she could be found writing.
After working in Washington DC for several years, she moved back to San Diego where she continued working in finance. When she turned thirty, she decided that she wanted to become a published author rather than just write as a hobby.
Soon enough, she found her agent and the obligatory countless rejections followed. Finally, she published “A Paris Apartment” her debut novel in 2014. The work fast became a bestseller and she has never looked back since. Michelle now has at least half a dozen bestsellers to her name.

These days, Michelle Gable can usually be found penning her bestselling novels in Cardiff by the Sea in California. She lives with her husband who is the CFO of a biotechnology company, her two teenage daughters, a Thai street dog, and a lazy cat.

Gable sometimes has occasional book events where she meets her fans either online or in person. She loves to meet her readers in person or on Zoom calls where she provides updates on upcoming books.

“A Paris Apartment” by Michelle Gable opens with April Vogt being informed by her boss of an apartment in the ninth apartment. The house had been shuttered for more than seven decades and she thinks how awesome it would be if she moved to the house in Paris.

When she arrives in Paris, she discovers the apartment is more than some rich hoarder’s stash house as beneath the stale perfumed air and cobwebs is an extraordinary goldmine.
The first thing she notices is the portrait by Giovanni Boldinnin one of the Belle Epoque masters. There are also the journals and letters that were written by Marthe de Florian who is the subject of the painting. The documents show that she had been a reputable courtesan who possessed incredible decolletage.

It is surprising that all she now wants is more than the Louis-style armchairs and bureaux plats which could fetch millions if they were auctioned. All she is interested in is the charismatic woman’s story.
Working with an annoyingly sexy but salty Parisian lawyer and the private diaries of a courtesan, she sets out to unearth the many secrets of her new apartment. Digging into the woman’s life, she cannot help but also dig deeper into her own.

Michelle Gable’s “I’ll See You in Paris” is the story of the Duchess of Marlborough who above all just wants to be left alone. She is looking for forgiveness, friendship, and acceptance and to be remembered for not what she was but who she is.
On the other hand, is an American girl named Pru who has no family and whose fiance left to go fight the Vietnam War and was then declared dead. She does not have any future as a literary scholar and then takes up a job as a companion to an aging woman in France named Laurel Haley.

She is lucky that Laurel loves books just as much as she does and also happens to be hiding and running from her past. She had once upon a time owned a horse ranch in the United States and she was in France to sell some property that was let to her a few years past.

Anne who is Laurel’s daughter is just done with college and is on the search for a job. She tags along hoping to strengthen the weakening bonds between her and her mother. Anne’s fiance has just been deployed to Afghanistan and there is no better time to forge closer ties with her mother.

Telling stories separated by three decades, it sews together a tale of life at the top, life on the rock as it sees life as a maze that the women have to navigate.

In “The Summer I Met Jack” by Michelle Gable, the author reimagines the affair between Alicia Corning Clark and John F. Kennedy including the child they may have had.

The work is set in 1950 where a beautiful young Polish refugee arrived in the small town of Hyannisport in Massachusetts. She is hoping to find employment as a maid for one of the wealthiest families in the state.
Alicia is fascinated by the charismatic and large family and particularly Jack the oldest son and up-and-coming politician. Jack and Alicia are soon engaged but the former’s father forbids him from marrying her.

As such, Alicia leaves headed for Hollywood, and ultimately ends up in Rome. She dates royalty, athletes, and famous actors such as Katherine Hepburn, Kirk Douglas, and Gary Cooper even as she remains in close communication with Jack.
Ten years after their first meeting and on the eve of her former fiance getting inaugurated as the president of the US, they will need to define their relationship.

It is an intriguing work inspired by a true story at least according to J. Edgar Hoover who insisted that Clark was paid to keep quiet about her romance with Kennedy but also about a baby they had together.

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