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Michelle Gagnon is a popular author of crime fiction, mystery, young adult, thriller, and literature & fiction stories. She hails from the United States and has published a few bestselling books in her career. The widely known novel series penned by her include the the Don’t Turn Around / Persefone series, and the Kelly Jones mystery series. Each of these series consists of intriguing stories and mind-blowing characters. Before deciding to head in the direction of writing & publishing, Gagnon worked for various other jobs. She has served as a bartender, model, club performer, dog walker, personal trainer, and modern dancer. When she thought of trying her luck in the field of novel writing, she received a great deal of motivation from her back to back bestselling thrillers, which include The Gatekeeper, Kidnap & Ransom, The Tunnels, and Boneyard. These novels along with several others have been published in countries such as Denmark, Sweden, North America, Finland, France, Australia, Argentina, Spain, and Norway.

Gagnon’s book, Boneyard, was selected as a finalist in 2009 for the prestigious Daphne du Maurier Award. With the Persefone series, Gagnon started an exciting series of young adult novels. The first book of this series was chosen by the Library Association of America as one of the best novels of 2012. It was also praised by Kirkus and Entertainment Weekly Magazine. The book was nominated for the ITW Thriller prize and was picked by Indienext, Library Association of Texas State, and Junior Library Guild. Along with the next two sequels, the overall series received state library reviews and starred reviews on multiple occasions. Author Gagnon was born on July 04, 1961, in the US. After successfully publishing her novels as bestsellers in over a dozen countries, she has been able to establish herself as a prominent author of the crime fiction genre.

Gagnon holds dual citizenship in Ireland and the United States. In the US, she has homes in Los Angeles and San Francisco and divides her time between the two locations. Author Gagnon is a proud member of the San Francisco Writers’ Workshop along with her companions Khaled Hosseini, Kemble Scott, and Tamim Ansary. Besides that, she is also a member of the MWA, the RWA, the ITW, and the Sisters in Crime writer’s associations. During her spare time, Gagnon likes to keep herself busy by running errands and indulging in watching Hollywood blockbusters. She is fond of cinema popcorn and often visits theaters to enjoy different flavors of popcorn. Gagnon doesn’t like to sit idle. She wants to be involved in something or the other all the time. This is why she is hardly found relaxing. She also has a deep addiction to Scrabulous.

Author Gagnon’s family members support her greatly. They give her important inputs and suggestions for each of her books and server as her first critics. Gagnon loves her family very much and enjoys their company by doing fun activities when there is no deadline to meet. Readers from across the globe have become her fan because of her excellent style of writing. She has been noticed by numerous prominent critics due to her successful works and now wishes to achieve more success with the future novels in the coming years. Even her fellow writers look up to her for inspiration and praise each of her books with genuine comments.

An exciting series written by author Michelle Gagnon is known as the Kelly Jones series. It began in 2007 and consists of four books released between 2007 and 2010. Each novel of this series features the lead protagonist in the role of Kelly Jones, a special agent working for the FBI. Throughout the series, Kelly Jones is seen chasing serial killers to get justice for the victims murdered brutally by the culprits. Some other principal characters depicted in the series include Madison Grant, Jake Riley, Roger Morrow, and several others. Gagnon has depicted Jones and Morrow as partners while Jake Riley is shown portraying the role of a former FBI agent and current personal security guard.

The plots take place in different locations, including New England, Massachusetts, Vermont, Mexico city, etc. Gagnon has labeled the first book of this series as ‘The Tunnels’. It was released by the Mira publication in 2007. This book deals with an old tunnel system located beneath a prestigious college in New England that becomes a stalking ground for a dangerous serial killer. When Kelly Jones lands her latest case as an FBI special agent, she is called into otherworldly and grim crime scenes. She learns about the discoveries of mutilated dead bodies of a couple of female students beneath their school building. The killer had positioned the bodies oddly and painted haunting signals on the nearby walls.

In her decade long career chasing serial killers, Kelly Jones has seen some of the most gruesome and inhumane acts. But, she felt chilled to the bone hearing about this case at her alma mater. With the gathered evidence, it could easily be said that the two victims had the connection in being the daughters of influential men. Kelly thinks that the cryptic messages written by the killer on the walls are rooted in an ancient, dark ritual. With the body count being on the rise, there is a lot at stake and Kelly feels the pressure of putting an end to the killings as soon as possible. The killer seems to be taunting Kelly, challenging her to take the dangerous path which can lead to her own death. But, Kelly Jones is determined enough to take the challenge and walk that path to catch the murderer.

The second volume of this series is called ‘Boneyard’. It was also published by Mira Books in 2008. This novel opens by mentioning that Kelly Jones has taken up many disturbing murder cases, but what she is about to indulge in is a shocking experience for her as well. She comes to know that a site of the mass grave has been discovered on the Appalachian. This puts her on an investigation that takes her to Vermont from Massachusetts. She receives assistance from the law enforcement of both the states as well as a forensic anthropologist. As Kelly draws closer to the killer, another victim is found dead. She races against time to hunt down the killer before another innocent life is lost.

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