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Publication Order of DI Jack MacIntosh Books

The Phoenix Project (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seven Days to Die / Seven Days (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fifteen Reasons to Kill / The Fifteen (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sixteen Carved Pieces / The Bishop (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Twenty Years Buried / Hangman's End (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Three Broken Bodies (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of DI Nicki Hardcastle Books

Michelle Kidd
Michelle Kidd has always aspired to be an author from a young age. However normal life got in the way of her dreams and she qualified as a lawyer in the 90s instead.

Criminal and civil litigation kept her busy for the following decade. However the dream to pen books of her own was never that far away from her, and during the summer of 2008 she started writing what would become her first published novel.

It took her ten whole years of juggling home and work life, however 2018 saw the publication of her first novel, called “The Phoenix Project”. April of 2022, she achieved her dream of signing a publishing deal with Joffe Books.

Her interests are varied but are primarily cats, wine, and reading, but not necessarily in that order.

“The Phoenix Project” is the first novel in the “DI Jack MacIntosh” series and was released in 2018. Would you kill in order to keep a secret?

One deadly secret, two ex-Russian spies. In order for the past to stay buried, how many have to be silenced?

This mysterious note lures Isabel Faraday into this deadly game of cat-and-mouse with some killer that wants her dead. Her fate lies in the hands of Detective Inspector Jack MacIntosh of the London Metropolitan Police.

Jack, once long forgotten secrets begin unraveling, finds himself getting ensnared in one of the largest conspiracies of the previous two decades. And the body count continues to rise. Can he solve the riddle of The Phoenix Project before time runs out? Isabel’s life depends on it.

“Seven Days to Die” is the second novel in the “DI Jack MacIntosh” series and was released in 2020. One brutal killer that strangles young women and then leaves their corpses strewn around London’s parks. A killer that leaves his next victim’s shoe beside the body of his current one. Detective MacIntosh has got seven days to find the truth.

A young lady’s corpse is found in Hyde Park. Wearing just a single shoe. Close to her body, Jack finds a black stiletto, diamante buckle glinting in the early morning sun. however it does not belong to the victim.

Two days later, and another young woman is discovered strangled to death in Green Park. Wearing only one shoe, the matching stiletto. Hidden in the long grass just beside the woman’s body, the police find this low-heeled court shoe.

Detective Jack and his team are now in a race against the clock to find who owns this court shoe before it is too late. At the same time, Jack is fighting some demons of his own. These are demons that rise up from the past and threaten to cloud his good judgment just when he needs it the most.

Detective MacIntosh is hunting down a brutal murderer. One that delights in cat and mouse games. Who’ll win this lethal battle of wits?

“Fifteen Reasons to Kill” is the third novel in the “DI Jack MacIntosh” series and was released in 2020. Eddie Wakefield (eighty-one years old) is discovered brutally murdered in the nursing home he lives in. The number fifteen is crudely carved (while he was still alive) into his flesh.

DI MacIntosh and his team are determined to find this ruthless killer, however the investigation is not leading anywhere. But then another corpse is found, with the victim being stabbed to death in their own home. And again, the number fifteen is etched into his flesh.

This one clue leads to St. Bartholomew’s Home for Boys, which is a forbidding and grim institution on England’s south coast and this series of shocking secrets which stretches back over forty years. Is Jack and his team learn the horrifying truth? For revenge, how long would you wait?

“Sixteen Carved Pieces” is the fourth novel in the “DI Jack MacIntosh” series and was released in 2021. Billie Rose’s bloodstained corpse is discovered in her ground floor flat’s kitchen. She has been strangled to death, and there is a deep laceration to her thigh and this wooden chess piece grasped tightly in her fist.

Daubed onto the wall in her own blood is this odd symbol: a bishop’s mitre. All that DI MacIntosh can think is that he is back. Four years earlier, four young women were also strangled to death in their homes, the same exact deep wound to their thigh, and the same strange symbol scrawled onto the wall.

The work of the killer that they called the Bishop. Could he have returned to murder again?

“Missing Boy” is the first novel in the “DI Nicki Hardcastle” series and was released in 2021. A missing kid. A killer on the loose. And a past which refuses to die.

Lucas Jackson (six years old) is very excited to attend the funfair that evening, it is the perfect holiday treat. He races up the inflatable slide’s steps, waving happily to his sister and mom, and then promptly vanishes right into thin air.

The case hits way too close to home for Detective Nicki Hardcastle. Dean, her younger brother, vanished in an uncannily similar circumstances when she was only ten. Nicki had just taken her eyes off of him for only a moment, in order to pay for a stick of candyfloss. She has lived with her guilt ever since.

Nicki and her team are now in a race against the clock to find this missing child. Where could Lucas possibly be? Nicki questions those that are closest to him, however it is obvious that the Jackson family are keeping secrets. There is something that Lucas’ sister and mom are not telling her.

Then Nicki makes a pretty startling find. Could there be a connection to her brother’s disappearance all those years back? The past that Nicki believed was buried forever will soon catch up to her.

This is a total tour de force of a thriller, one that is fast paced, gritty, and with some twists that readers didn’t see coming. Right when you think you know what’s coming something happens to ruin what you’ve worked out.

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