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A British writer of suspense fueled thriller novels, Mick Bose is an author of fast-paced novels largely set in a period based setting. Focusing on times such as World War One, he follows in much the same vein as writers like Lee Child who also focus on similar subject matter. Keeping the reader hooked throughout, he manages to draw them with fast narrative and ever engaging characters, holding them on the edge-of-their-seats right until the very final page.

Early and Personal Life

Born and raised in Great Britain, Mick Bose wanted to be a writer from the young age of eight after he received his first ring binder notebook. Writing short-stories about treasure hunts in far-off exotic jungles, he’d later take his career further writing full novels and getting them eventually published. Taking in inspiration from the world around him, he was always on the lookout for new and exciting ideas with which he could put into his next work.

Working towards this as a goal, he would focus on his dream of getting himself published as a fully fledged author. Constantly keeping himself busy, he’d always be polishing his writing skills throughout his life, building up his voice. Taking a while to build a body of work that he was happy enough with to publish, he finally became the full-time author that he’d always wanted to be.

Travelling the world he’d also manage to see and experience a lot prior to becoming a writer, as it was his travels that shaped him. Seeing Kashmir, he hiked up through the mountains, as well as going into Russia after learning Russian so he could understand more. Spending time in a Kibbutz in Israel as well, he spent a lot of time formulating his ideas and who he was as a person, something which impacted his writing heavily.

Still writing a great deal to this current day, he continues to put out work at a regular and ever consistent pace, as he maintains a strong presence both online and off. Living with his wife and two young daughters he spends a lot of time with his family, as well as at the computer creating his next novel. This is something that’s set to continue on into the future, as his career as a novelist grows from strength-to-strength for years to come.

Writing Career

Bringing out his first novel in 2012 he made his initial debut onto the literary scene with the book ‘Fatal Trial’. This was originally published in 2012 on November the 6th, as it heralded the arrival of a new and exciting writing talent. It would also be one of the few stand-alone novels that he’d write prior to embarking on his long-running and much beloved ‘Dan Roy’ series of thriller novels.

Starting out with a small novella, Mick Bose made his ‘Dan Roy’ series debut with the set-up which was titled ‘Hellfire’. Establishing much of the action to come, this worked as a prequel of sorts as it came out towards the end of 2016 on the 3rd of December. Along with that, but it gave a great insight into what was to come from Bose in the subsequent installments to follow.

Garnering a large amount of acclaim, he has also gained a respectable amount of appreciation among the critics and the general public alike. Seeing a worldwide level of success, he’s managed to secure a large audience both nationally as well as nationally. Knowing his audience he always manages to deliver both action and excitement, something which he clearly relishes.

Bringing his real life adventures to the page, he gives a certain sense of his own experiences gained whilst traveling. This provides a level of insight unlike any other, as he manages to make it all entirely unique and relevant to the character and plotting. With a whole lot more set to be released horizon it doesn’t appear that he’s stopping soon either, as he’ll carry on writing for many years yet.

Fatal Trial

Initially published on November the 6th in 2012, this was originally brought out through the ‘Amrita Publishing’ label. Working as an action packed thriller novel, it manages to draw the reader in, as well as introducing Mick Bose as an author for the first time. Setting up a compelling and engaging plot that grabs to attention of the reader, it also has characters that resonate, something which offers a great insight into the early periods of Bose’s development as an author.

Following the disappearance of a CIA veteran it is now up to his daughter, Faye Duncan, to find out where he is. That’s when the young physician Alex Querci comes into contact with her, as he discovers an outbreak of inexplicable cases of epilepsy in his ER. Both of them then searching for clues, they come across a mystery, behind which could be the greatest tyranny facing mankind to date. Will they manage to find out what’s going on? Can they stop it before it’s too late? Who will come out alive from the fatal trial?

Shanghai Tang

Brought out through the ‘Hard Wire Publication’ label this time, this was the fourth title in the ongoing ‘Dan Roy’ series of novels. Originally published on the 30th of June, 2017, it was eagerly awaited by fans from all around the world, with it being an exciting and engaging follow-up to the previous title. Following on in much the same vein as before, it also manages to provide some exciting twists and turns along the way.

A now legendary ex Black Ops agent, Dan Roy is all set to rise to the top in the new arena of Kumite, a blood tournament that’s set in Hong Kong. His attempts to create a new life for himself are soon disrupted, though, following a call from old friend Kimberley Smith as she sounds distressed. Not just that, but the White House has also been affected too, as Dan Roy uncovers political interests involved whilst immersing himself in the night-life of Shanghai. Will he be able to uncover the conspiracy? Can he make it out alive? What is it that really lies behind the Shanghai Tang?

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