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Publication Order of Arrowood Books

Arrowood (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Murder Pit (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Arrowood and the Thames Corpses (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Arrowood and The Meeting House Murders (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Mick Finlay is an author of fiction. He was born in Glasgow but grew up in England as well as Canada. These days, he splits his time up between Cambridge and Brighton.

Finlay teaches in the Psychology Department and as an academic has published social and psychological research when it comes to persuasion, political violence, and behavior (both verbal and nonverbal). He became an academic later in life and has worked in a variety of jobs before that. He has been a hotel porter, a butcher’s boy, the tent hand in a circus, and has worked for NHS and social services.

He loves to read and write books but has a stated interest in reading psychology, history, and in a variety of genres of fiction from crime to mystery and more! He first became an officially published author with the release of his Arrowood series in 2017. The sequel is titled The Murder Pit and it was released in 2018.

Mick Finlay is the author of the Arrowood series. These are novels that would fall into the genre of historical crime fiction. The books are set in Victorian London era. They are published by Harper Collins in the U.K. and Mira in the U.S. and translations will be released to a number of other countries as well coming up, including Sweden, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Japan, and more).

Arrowood is the first novel in the series of the same name by Mick Finlay. When it comes to crimes in London Society and mysteries that cannot be solved, they usually get taken to Sherlock Holmes. Everyone who cannot get a case accepted by Sherlock consults Arrowood instead.

Now that the Afghan War has finally drawn to a close and a deal made with the Irish may have finally brought an end to all of the brutal sectarian violence, the position of a superpower in a new world is suddenly less certain than in the past. It used to be said that the sun never sets on the British empire, but now that saying is no longer as relevant.

Britain is not only finding that its position in the world is tenuous, but the gap between the upper and lower classes is getting larger. The rich are getting more rich and the poor are falling further and further behind. Even though London is a modern city, it still has many drawbacks.

The rich are used to partying in luxury while the poor are often tempted to drink, do drugs, pursue lives of crime, and even go into prostitution for a living. Politicians are having scandals or doing potentially scandalous things left and right, and now there is a serial killer on the loose, stalking the streets of London. 1895 is quite a busy year in the city.

While it would be great to turn to the police for help, the police hardly have the staff or the resources to deal with every bit of crime that occurs in London. There’s far too much crime for that. So people with money turn to a private detective that can help them out and is known for his dynamic mind– Sherlock Holmes. He has solved so many cases that he is a natural choice for many in the city.

However, in south London, Holmes is not nearly as present. The area has a lot of people and Sherlock rarely comes to this area. People instead turn to the private investigator named Arrowood. He not only is a decent detective, but he also despises the celebrity detective Holmes and his penchant for employing the wealthy more often than not as well as his overly showy way of solving crime.

Arrowood’s strength is that he understands people far better than clues (something that Mr. Holmes could hardly say). The crimes are often much more vicious, and the area needs an inspector that is interested in taking on the needs of the people. While Holmes may not be that person, Arrowood is more than willing to be that person.

This Victorian noir detective story will have you interested from start to finish! You have got to pick up the book that The Times of London named to their top 100 summer books list and is calling a novel that is crackling with ‘energy and wit’. The Seattle Times also named this book to one of its hottest crime fiction books (the top ten, in fact).

Find out what so many readers are finding out about this exciting book! Check it out today and find out what the poorer people of London find so appealing in a hard-drinking and ill-kept detective such as Arrowood. He may not have the best of answers, and he may not work for the wealthy and dial all his energy into being a showman.

But Arrowood does have one thing going for him: he’ll never be like that fool Sherlock Holmes. Until the day that he dies, this shabby detective is going to do everything he can to avoid being like his mortal enemy. If you love crime fiction novels and mysteries that are set in historical times and places, you are going to love this book.

The Murder Pit is the sequel to Arrowood in the series of the same name by dynamic author Mick Finlay. Check out the second installment of this fun series where the grimy reaches of London and the people that live there get to enjoy their very own version of Sherlock Holmes in the form of a man who deeply despises Holmes and all that he stands for, does, and generally is.

A missing daughter and three deceased children are just the beginning of the trouble for the local investigator. When there is a killer on the loose in the city, Arrowood must jump on the case. He’s got to work quickly if he wants to catch the murderer before he hits again.

With people dying left and right and the potential for an asylum and a farm to be involved, this detective must race against the clock to find out who’s doing this before anyone else gets hurt. Will he succeed, or will he fail miserably? Who is the killer? Read The Murder Pit to find out what happens!

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  1. Nick Birnie: 10 months ago

    Have read all four books and was looking forward to the fifth. Last count, to be published 3/6 mths time. This in approx mid 2022. Then nothing! No word on the new book. No word on the author. Love the books. Crave for more. Can anybody help? N.B.

  2. Patrick J Watson: 2 years ago

    Almost finished reding ARROWOOD, Hard to put down. Each chapter’s end make’s me want to go on to the next. I am so looking forward to finding and reading THE MURDER PIT. Thank you for writing such an enjoyable book.


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