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Publication Order of Zoe Boehm Books

Down Cemetery Road (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Last Voice You Hear (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Why We Die (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Smoke and Whispers (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Slough House Books

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Reconstruction (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Nobody Walks (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
This is What Happened (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Secret Hours (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

Publication Order of Short Story Collections

All the Livelong Day and Other Stories (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dolphin Junction (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

The Mammoth Book of Best British Crime 8(2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Usual Santas(2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ten Year Stretch(2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hailing from Newcastle upon Tyne in the United Kingdom, the British author Mick Herron is well known for his short stories as well as his novels, which he has been writing for some time now, including his famous Sarah Tucker/Zoe Boehm series.

Known for his unique take on the thriller novel, he’s managed to carve himself a niche within the field of crime literature, providing his work with a sense of humor that manages to lighten the narrative somewhat. That’s not to say it detracts from the darker elements though, as he’s definitely not averse to showing the grim realities of crime, as he’s well known for suspense and intrigues too.

Born in Newcastle upon Tyne, the British author Mick Herron spent most of his formative years growing up within the area, an upbringing that was to provide him with much of the insight that would come to form his later writing career and material.

This would allow him to create many of the characters and complex intertwined narratives that, whilst the may seem highly intricate and complicated, were grounded with a sense of reality that he gained early on. With his down-to-earth sensibilities and easy going nature that shines through on the page, his career as a successful author was to be a lucrative one.

Gaining a degree from the prestigious Balliol College in Oxford, in the United Kingdom, Mick Herron got himself a formal education, something which also helped to provide him with the foundations required for a successful future career as an author.

With his degree being in English as well, he was able to provide his material with a much needed sense of grounding that would also help to inform much of his ongoing narratives too. All of this has allowed him to both hone and refine his craft in the years that were set to follow, along with his extensive backlog of work.

Working in London now, he spends much of his time going to and from Oxford where he lives and continues to work on his writing to this day, as he builds up his extensive oeuvre of different franchises with their now much beloved protagonists.

Living and working, he is always kept busy working on his next novel, or building his next franchise, as his short stories continue to get published in the Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine publication. Creating a brand for himself, he’s managed to set his material apart from the rest in what is already a fairly crowded genre.

With many of his earlier novels being crime and spy thrillers set in Oxford, he’s always kept himself grounded by using his real-life experience and knowledge. This was then broadened in scope though, as he began to feel more and more comfortable and confident with the genre.

Taking his time over his novels, he takes his craft seriously and, with more books set to be released soon, this is something that will continue on into the foreseeable future.

Introducing himself with the book ‘Down Cemetery Road’ he broke out on the literary scene with his debut novel. This was also to bring about the Sarah Tucker/Zoe Boehm series, setting up a franchise that was going to run for some time to come.

Winning awards as well, he also gained the CWA Gold Dagger for his first effort, allowing him to garner critical acclaim as well as commercial. With series such as his ever popular ‘Slough House’ franchise, he’s managed to establish a name for himself through well researched and precise genre fiction. Knowing the area well, he’s able to bring the art-form forwards, creating his own unique take in the process.

This is something that shall carry on for sometime yet, as his writing career continues to grow from strength-to-strength. Smoke and Whispers This was to be the fourth title in the ongoing Sarah Tucker/Zoe Boehm series of novels, initially being published in 2009.

Continuing the investigations of the eponymous Sarah Tucker, along with her friendship with Zoe Boehm, it manages to provide the reader with exactly what they’re looking for. Capturing the ambiance that came before, it offers much in the way of both suspense and intrigue, keeping the reader guessing all the way to the end.

Supposedly turning up dead, the body of Zoe Boehm is apparently found and identified by her shocked friend Sarah Tucker. The question as to whether it really is her or not remains open though, as Zoe never seemed like the sort of person that would commit suicide.

Plenty of factors just don’t add up, as Sarah goes up to Newcastle to see whether she can get to the bottom of the case. Who does the body belong to and is it really her friend? Why was she wearing the jacket that had been previously been stolen by a murderer off her during a previous case years ago? What will become of them as they learn the truth behind all the smoke and whispers?

Nobody Walks Initially published in 2015 on the 17th of February through the Soho Crime label, this was a stand-alone novel. Still placed within a familiar setting for author Mick Herron, this once again delves into the world of spies and the MI5.

With it being familiar territory for him, it’s the ideal novel to see a master of his craft at the top of his game, with its expert use of both style and tone. Working at a meat processing plant in France, Tom Bettany is living and working quietly when his life is suddenly turned upside down by a phone-call out of the blue.

An English woman who he doesn’t know or recognize is informing him that Liam Bettany, his estranged son, has fallen to his death from his balcony after smoking dope. Returning home Tom soon finds that the death may not be as cut-and-dried as it first appeared, as he’s pulled head-first into a world of spies and espionage. Why are the mob bosses interested to hear of Tom’s return? Who was really behind Liam’s fall? What happens when Tom soon finds that nobody walks?

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13 Responses to “Mick Herron”

  1. csts: 2 months ago

    Wow. The Secret Hours is fabulous! Although it doesn’t directly mention Slough House, a number of new characters are compelling, and a few crucial ones turn out to have already appeared in Slough House novels! Ties together historically a lot of elements presented in those earlier books. I devoutly hope Mick Herron will write another in a similar vein. Couldn’t lay it down until I found out how all the threads connected.

  2. Jeremy: 3 months ago

    Recently finished The Secret Hours. Can’t wait for him to write another!

  3. Diana Blomgren: 5 months ago

    Brilliant sense of humor, dry wit and characters like Jackson Lamb have made me listen to all Slough House books twice in case I missed some turn of phrase, some lyrical descriptions, some dialogue with Jackson Lamb
    Other others can’t compare. Herron’s like champagne, the others Coca-Cola. Herron’s a fountain of wit, other mystery writers drain your time. Thanks for
    the entertainment. Awaiting eagerly the next book.

  4. N. Spencer: 12 months ago

    A wonderful romp through London dialogue, humour, characters and the renewed spy genre.
    I haven’t laughed like this since Westlake’s Dortmunder series.

  5. Dave Norris: 1 year ago

    Working my way through the James Pattersonn books but bought Slow Horsses as part of a 3 for £6 deal so looking forward to getting started on Mick Herron books

  6. Roberta Robinson son: 1 year ago

    Looking forward to starting to read this author. He was mentioned in the most recent book by Ann Cleeves. And she named Slow Horses as the book of interest so I can start at the beginning!

  7. Mary Richardson: 1 year ago

    I’ve been stuck on the mystery, police procedural and spy genre for decades with everything LeCarre as well as loads of other authors so how in the world did I miss out on Mick Herron? My initiation is through the Slow Horses series that I just watched and I cannot wait to get going on this author’s books. I truly appreciate websites, like this, that do the work of putting things in order for me . . . something I’ve been doing myself for longer than you need to know. Can’t wait to get started on his books!

    • Graeme: 1 year ago

      Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated 🙂 Hope you enjoy the books they are great!

  8. Trevor Dennis: 1 year ago

    Quite possibly my number 1 favourite author. Wonderful characterisations. Amazing whit and humour. We shouldn’t be able to like Jackson Lamb, but we can’t help but do so despite his uncouth nature. His loyalty to his team of misfits being high on the list of reasons that we are all firmly on the side of Team Slough House. Keep them coming Mr Herron. Please keep them coming. Oh, and what a great job they made of the TV series. Perfect casting. We need a new series for every one of the Slough House books.

  9. Annette Marshall: 2 years ago

    Mick Herron supplies us with the parallax view of current history – and boy does he do good jokes. So a writer for all seasons.

  10. Margaret Sands: 3 years ago

    Dear Mick Herron,
    I love the novels and novellas, and I can’t wait for Waterstones to open, so I can get your latest Jackson Lamb novel.

  11. fcz: 4 years ago

    Nobody Walks (although a standalone) uses a couple of characters from the Slough House series, and should be read somewhere in between The List and Spook Street.

  12. John Pearce: 6 years ago

    What a writer! I love Mick Herron’s style and pace. Rarely have I searched to find all an author’s output, to consume with such pleasure. The plots and characters are deep and intriguing. I feel his women are real, thoughtful and challenge both the silly, sexist view of many and yet capture a sensitivity and determination that exemplifies the women I admire. Sad to be reaching the end of Mick’s list of published work.


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