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About Mickey Bolitar:

Mickey Bolitar, was created by Harlen Coben and much like his skills on the basketball court, he was a slam dunk with Harlen Coban’s readers. He is a young teenager with quick wit and the ability to laugh at himself. He stands at 6 foot 4 inches tall and dominates on the basketball court. He is the nephew to Myron Bolitar, who is also a former basketball star with two NCAA titles wins under his belt. Myron Bolitar is also a very successful sports rep, a man any kid can look up to. But Mickey Bolitar does feel rather estranged with his uncle, Mryon. So even though he knows he is successful, Mickey does not know his uncle much beyond that.

Mickey Bolitar enjoyed his life at his former school the best any basketball star can, as he dominated on the court in every game, making him quite the king of the high school. He had a good family life, for the most part. He was close with his father but his mother had problems, recently he had to send his mother to rehab.

Then he witnessed his father’s death and everything changed for the young Mickey Bolitar. He had no one at home to any longer take care of him. Not that he felt he needed anyone, but he knew the courts would probably see that differently. So reluctantly he moved in with his estranged uncle Myron Bolitar. The main disruption to his life, was that he had to start all over again in a new high school. That came with new challenges, new friends and new enemies.

The hallways of his new high school sometimes seem like he was entering jungle warfare. Mickey Bolitar was more than prepared though. With his rather high IQ and quick wit, it was not long before he outsmarted any enemies in his path.

Mickey Bolitar also liked to make friends with anyone that was their true self. He quickly became friends with his now loyal sidekick, Spoon. Spoon had more facts in his head than the best Jeopardy contender. He also had a knack for breaking into locked places and cracking any code that was put in front of him.

Mickey Bolitar also tried to befriend Ema, the self proclaimed goth girl at the school. But she was used to doing things on her own and was resistant at first to his attempts at friendship. Though through his charm and quick wit Mickey was able to bring her around and Ema became one of his true friends.

Much like his uncle, Mryon, Mickey Bolitar is a fighter and can try to make the best of any situation. He seems wiser beyond his years sometimes and is never afraid to make fun of himself when he does something stupid. It seems he can rise to the challenge, whether he is prepared for it or not, to anything that is thrown in his path by life.

Mickey Bolitar – Mysteries Deepen

Mickey Bolitar cannot seem to keep much of his family or friends safe from harm sometimes. It seems he becomes a magnet for danger for all who are around him. Or at least that is the appearance that sometimes seems to haunt Mickey Bolitar and those he loves.

In his first outing titled, Shelter, Mickey Bolitar’s life is turned upside down. His father dies right in front of his eyes and he has to send his mother to rehab. Next he has to move in with his estranged uncle, Myron, and start all over at a new high school. But even with new enemies at his high school, Mickey finds himself lucky, as he gets a new girlfriend, Ashley. He feels for once things are going his way and life may not be so rotten after all. Yet just as fast as she came into his life, she vanishes without a trace. Mickey Bolitar is determined not to let Ashley walk out of his life, so he begins his search for her. It leads into the seedy underground and he quickly finds out Ashley was not who she claimed to be. The further he digs, the more he realizes high school drama is not the end of the world. And a shocking surprise is also left in store concerning his father. Mickey Bolitar learns much from searching down a path he never thought he would have to take and at some points he may wish he could take search back.

Life does not seem to want to cut Mickey Bolitar a break. In, Seconds Away, and he is not only left to continue to search for clues about the death of his father, but now he and his friends are in the crosshairs of a new enemy. One that wraps the whole school in a mystery when his fellow classmate, Rachel, is shot and killed. Now Mickey Bolitar has to juggle keeping himself and his friend safe, while at the same time trying to figure out who shot Rachel and solve the mystery that has the whole school on high alert. Even if he does not know who or what he is protecting everybody from, Mickey Bolitar continues to use his sharp wit to make sure he protects them the best that he can.

Mickey Bolitar continues to astound those around him and his readers around the world, as he continues every quest for answers concerning those he loves. It is not in him to give up and he always tries his best until the very end.

Mickey Bolitar – On A Television Screen Near You

Mickey Bolitar, much like his uncle Myron Bolitar, has yet to grace a television screen with any TV movie or TV show. But with plenty of mystery and high school angst, it may only be a matter of time before Mickey Bolitar appears on his own television show and goes down in television history with the likes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and The OC.

Mickey Bolitar – Best of Life

Mickey Bolitar’s life may not always, or maybe never, be very rosy. But he keeps his spirits high and his loved ones close, protecting them the best that he knows now and he is not afraid to ask for their help when he needs it. He is always ready to solve the next mystery that seems to keep falling into his lap and revolving somehow around him or his family. Mickey Bolitar’s perseverance makes the novels containing his adventures a delight to read.

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4 Responses to “Mickey Bolitar”

  1. Grace Landy: 7 months ago

    Shelter is a video series on Amazon. It IA quite good. Recommend it.

  2. Arnette Davis: 2 years ago

    I have read all three Mickey Bolitar Books inside of a week! I guess they are a part of a YA series of books. I’m not young, but I so enjoyed these books. I’ve heard it said by others that YA books are so appealing because the development of the characters must be primary, because there’s much less sex, violence etc. as ‘Filler’. I was completely engaged with the characters in these books….took me back to those long-ago high school days…

    Thank you, Arnette Davis

    • Graeme: 2 years ago

      Yes they are great 🙂 I know a lot of Myron Bolitar fans who skipped the Mickey series and I always tell them to read them.

    • Su: 12 months ago

      Another great YA series is the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson about Max and the kids who have wings because they are genetically altered with avian DNA. Awesome characters who overcome so much and create family, because their blood relatives abandoned them, or were nonexistent. Great adventure!


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