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Publication Order of Mickey Haller Books

The Lincoln Lawyer (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Brass Verdict (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Reversal (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fifth Witness (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Gods of Guilt (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Law of Innocence (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Resurrection Walk (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Mickey Haller series is a series of crime and thriller novels written by the famous American author Michael Connelly. The series features the main character in the form of the Los Angeles attorney named Michael Haller Junior or Mickey Haller, as he is often referred as. The character of Mickey Haller has already appeared in a number of other novels written Connelly, particularly in the novels of the Harry Bosch series, as Mickey id the half-brother of its main character Harry Bosch. However, the official Mickey Haller series consists of only 5 novels published between the years 2005 and 2013. As the series is currently going on, the 6th novel of the series is about to be published soon in the coming months of the year 2015. The fictional character of Mickey Haller first appeared in the 14th novel in the Harry Bosch series as a secondary character, but was seen as the lead character in the first novel of the Mickey Haller series, The Lincoln Lawyer. In this novel, Haller was introduced as a defense attorney and the half brother of LAPD Detective Harry Bosch. The series is also quite famous because of the fact that its first novel was adapted into a film of the same name in the year 2011. The film had Matthew McConaughey in the lead role, playing the character of Mickey Haller.

The character sketch of Haller as is given by author Connelly is that he is the paternal half brother of Bosch. Haller first met with his father Haller Senior at the age of 5 and at that time Bosch was already grown into an adult. Haller Senior was a famous attorney in Los Angeles, hence Mickey also wanted to become an attorney like him. Nothing much is known his childhood, but he lost his father just after meeting him for the first. After his death, Haller inherited the Colt Woodsman pistol of his father. He, then followed in the footsteps of his father an eventually became a defense attorney. He got to know more about his father by listening to the stories of the judges and the lawyers who had worked with him before his death and by reading his books. As per his personal lie is concerned, Haller had married twice in his life and on both the occasions he had to go through divorce. His first wife was Maggie McPherson, with whom he has a daughter named Hayley, while his second wife was Lorna Taylor. McPherson works as a career prosecutor at the County District Attorney’s office in Los Angeles. She is often called as McFierce by other lawyers. It is said that Haller had to divorce her as their careers were not going in the same direction and was causing problems in their marriage as Haller used to defend the criminals while McPherson used to prosecute them. Haller’s second ex-wife currently works as his office secretary and is married to Dennis, who is the current investigator of Haller.

Even though Haller has divorced his wives, he still maintains a good relation with them. He is even allowed to meet his daughter on account of joint custody. Haller used a couple of investigators in the series for his trials. First was Raul Levin, who was murdered in the first novel of the series. Levin was nicknamed as ‘Mish’ by Haller. The second investigator used by Haler was Dennis, who is introduced in the second novel of the series. Haller used to have the nickname ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ because of his habit of working from his Lincoln Town Car rather than in his office. However, he goes on to rent an office later in the 4th novel of the series. Author Michael Connelly has written the series with the constant theme of Haller’s discomfort in representing the guilty. In fact, Haller tries to move to prosecution for a couple of times in his career. In the third novel of the series, Haller gets appointed as the special prosecutor to prevent the exoneration of a child murderer named Jason Jessep, as he was cleared of any wrongdoing based on a DNA evidence. Later. Haller teams up with Bosch and McPherson to retry Jason in court. In the 14the novel of the Harry Bosch series, in which Haller makes a cameo appearance as Bosch’s lawyer, a suspected murderer claims that he was his alibi. He even suggests Haller that their daughters should become friends and meet very often. It happens in the same way as Hayley and Maddie, the daughter of the suspected murderer begin to meet in the 3rd novel of the series.

The first novel of the Mickey Haller series was published by the Little Brown publishing house in the year 2005. The novel was titled ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’. The opening plot of the novel introduces Haller as a defense attorney in Los Angeles. He is known to operate from the back seat of his car and travels to far distances in order to defend a variety of clients. Some of his clients include drunk drivers, bikers, drug dealers, con artists, etc. He believes that the law has nothing to do with innocence or guilt rather a game of manipulation and negotiation. A case comes to him for defending a playboy from Beverly Hills who was arrested for attacking a woman. It turns out that Haller has got a high-paying client after many years. It was always his dream to have a such a high paying franchise case. At first, it seems that the case is a very easy one, but soon a close one gets murdered, which forces Haller to believe that his attempts of searching for the innocence of his client has caused him to face the evil. Now, he is required to use every tactic and instinct that he can in order to save his life. The success of the novel allowed it to receive a number of prestigious awards and nominations.

The second novel of the series was published in the year 2008 by the Little Brown publishing house, under the title ‘A Brass Verdict’. The plot of the novel is set in Los Angeles, California and depicts the life of Mickey Haller as coming on track. After several wrong turns in his career, he gets back to his job as the defense attorney after landing a case related to the murder of the Hollywood lawyer named Jerry Vincent. It seems that Haller has got the biggest case of his life as he is required to defend a prominent studio executive named Walter Elliott, who was accused of killing his wife and her boyfriend. As Haller prepares for his case, he is informed that the killer of Vincent is going to come after him. But, Harry Bosch enters into the picture to catch Vincent’s killer with full determination. When nothing seems to be going their way, the half-brothers decide to join hands and work together in order to serve the justice.

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  1. Gerald A. Connell: 6 months ago

    I’ve read – or listened to – all the Connelly books, both Bosch and Haller. Since I was a lawyer for 52 years I’m especially fond of the Haller series where much of the action takes place in a courtroom. I owe a lost to Michael C. since he has provided me with some terrific entertainment. Thank you.

  2. Robert Butler: 1 year ago

    Micky & Harry are great read’s , love the TV series, avid watches of the shows.


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