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Publication Order of Middlefield Amish Books

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The name ‘Middlefield Amish’ refers to a series of stories written by Kathleen Fuller, an author best known for her Amish Romance novels. Middlefield Amish attempts to tie up a lot of loose ends from previous novels and series of novels.

+The Story

The Middlefield Amish series is unlike any Kathleen Fuller has written because it attempts to shake up the Amish community in Middlefield by dealing with the difficult subject of departure from the Church.

Middlefield is an actual place in Ohio. And it isn’t that surprising that many of Kathleen Fuller’s Amish novels have taken place in this setting. After all, Middlefield has one of the largest Amish communities in the United States.

The Middlefield Amish series is unique in that it attempts to close certain threads from previous Middlefield novels. If you have been following Kathleen’s work for any notable amount of time, then names like Anna Mae and Jeremiah won’t be new to you.

In fact, you might remember running across Anna Mae in a previous series of Young Adult books. Because those earlier novels were written with younger readers in mind, they were fairly simplistic.

The Middlefield Amish series essentially graduates Anna Mae into a more adult setting. With the innocence of her childhood gone, Anna Mae is forced to consider thoughts she never believed she would contemplate. Anna Mae wants to live Middlefield.

Anyone that has read previous Middlefield Books from Kathleen Fuller will know that characters have abandoned Middlefield and cast off their Amish faith before. However, departure from the Amish faith was always treated as a storytelling tool designed to further the plot. The actual issue of departure from the Amish faith had never been explored in Kathleen’s bibliography before she wrote this series.

In that regard, the Middlefield Amish series stands out because it takes this most sensitive of issues and makes it center stage by having the central characters of the Middlefield series begin to contemplate leaving the church and possibly even their home.

Kathleen isn’t out to shock her readers. Middlefield Amish doesn’t suddenly upend everything readers knew. Rather, the author takes a slow and tactful approach to this issue. Her characters are not out to throw their community into chaos and abandon everything they know.

Anna Mae and her ilk still hold strongly to their faith. However, Kathleen forces these characters to encounter situations where they must evaluate their lives and question whether there isn’t so much more in the outside world that they might be missing.

Anna Mae isn’t written to be a rebel. She’s a confused girl who no longer believes that her future lies in Middlefield. And because Kathleen is a Christian author, every struggle that the characters in the Middlefield Amish series encounter is framed in and around the will of God.

Each story starts with the characters questioning what plan God might have for them. And every story ends with the characters choosing to go the path God has laid out for them. The challenges Kathleen presents her heroes and heroines take the shape of doubts they cannot seem to shake.

Anna Mae might have started to doubt the validity of her Amish lifestyle but it is still the only life she has ever known. And even as the confusion sets in and she begins to seriously question whether the Amish life was ever for her, Anna Mae is bombarded by a stronger wave of doubts that keep pestering her to stay rooted in the familiar.

Ultimately, Kathleen endeavors to show her characters that they cannot be ruled by fear. And that includes the fear of disappointing one’s friends and families. Kathleen pushes her characters to realize that they must be willing to go wherever God commands them to, even if that command drives them to abandon their Amish faith and the only home they have ever known.

+The Author

Kathleen Fuller came into this world in 1967. Before setting her sights on the publishing arena, Kathleen was a teacher. It wasn’t the publishing ambition that called the author to write but rather the opportunity to touch people with her words.

And it all began when Kathleen came across and fell in love with Christian fiction. The wife and mother writes a lot of Amish fiction.

Kathleen’s Middlefield Amish series came about after she completed ‘A Middlefield Family’. She found that she couldn’t stop thinking about Anna Mae and Jeremiah, characters she had introduced as kids in previous novels.

She kept dreaming and fantasizing about what they would become as adults and how their lives would change. It wasn’t long before the author realized that the story of these characters was far from complete.

So she launched the Middlefield Amish series with the intention giving Anna Mae and the rest of her friends a finite conclusion. The stories of Middlefield Amish have been better received than many of the author’s previous works because they tackle the difficult subject of departure from the Amish faith.

Kathleen knows that the issue can destroy families and communities and she endeavors to approach the subject with tact. However, that doesn’t stop her from working hard to keep her fans engaged and entertained.

Kathleen attempts to take readers into the mind of Anna Mae as she struggles with the most important decision she will probably ever make. She allows her audience to experience every grueling and taxing moment of Anna Mae’s ordeal as she faces opposition from all sides, even from within.

+A Faith of Her Own

As kids, life was relatively simple for Anna Mae, Jeremiah, and Amos. Their Amish community in Middlefield was a warm and inviting place. And all three were sure that they would stay friends forever, even in the face of exciting dreams and difficult struggles.

As an adult, Anna Mae quickly finds that life isn’t quite so simple. The group lost Jeremiah years ago when he abandoned the church and the town, a development that shocked Anna Mae.

When Jeremiah returns to help out an old mentor, his presence ignites doubts in Anna Mae’s mind. She doesn’t quite know where she belongs. Committing to Jeremiah would mean leaving her home. But she isn’t even sure that she wants to commit to the church.

Anna Mae struggles to decipher God’s plan for her.

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