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Publication Order of Midlife Mulligan Books

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The “Midlife Mulligan” series is a set of novels by Eve Langlais, a full time author and stay at home mother that juggles housework, her husband and children. She has made a name for herself writing romance with a twist that includes themes of the apocalypse, aliens, demons, werewolves and the apocalypse. The Canadian writer is a hybrid author and has published several of her works under St Martin’s Press though most of her other work is self published. Even though most people assume that writers live an enchanted life, she has said that her life is pretty mundane as her idea of having fun is going to the local for some shopping. She also likes to read, cook, and play video games. She is inspired by her alpha male husband though she often wants to hit him over the head with a frying pan.

Langlais has a sarcastic sense of humor and twisted imagination which is what makes her romances so fascinating. Her novels typically include shifters, naked chests and strong alpha males alongside aliens that abduct women and drive them crazy with pleasure. Her heroines run the gamut with some being soft spoken and shy and others not shy at kicking a man in the nuts and laughing. Some are a little bit evil but all of them need some love. Some of her work pushes the boundaries with the line between evil and good blurred. Langlais also has a warped imagination and has stomped on religious ideologies many times. She also loves to throw in a lot of sexual tension into her stories since she believes that the best love affairs kick off with a strange feeling in the belly. Once the characters give in to their fleshly desires, all bets are off and the novels can get really hot and spicy. Nonetheless, most of her works tend to be happily ever after stories.

The “Midlife Mulligan” series is a set of paranormal fiction novels that feature Naomi Mulligan, a forty something year old soon to be divorced woman who is having a very interesting life. In the first novel of the series “Halfway There,” she moves to her grandmother’s cabin in a remote small town. She is hopeful of starting over and making a new life for herself when strange things start happening around her home. In the second novel of the series “On My Way,” Naomi realizes that she is a witch and that she is responsible for many of the bizarre things that had been happening around the house. But she has also had a string of ill luck and she is sure someone wants to mess up her life. In “Don’t Stop Believing” the third novel of the series, Naomi thought she had it all figured out until disaster strikes her in the face.

In “Halfway There” the first novel of the “Midlife Mulligan” series, the author asserts that magic and adventure does not stop at forty. Naomi Mulligan never thought she would be one of those people battling a midlife crisis. But at that age with her kids grown and out of the house and her life boring, everything changes when her husband tells her he wants a divorce. Her life comes crashing around her ears as everything she thought she knew and had is gone without a moment’s notice. But she is not about to give up as she is technically halfway through her life given her age. She is ready to start over and even live the life she has always dreamed about. She starts by moving out of her matrimonial house and into her late grandmother’s house alongside a newly adopted kitten. But her new life proves very odd as neighbors disappear, odd books appear in her cottage, a strange man skulks around wielding an axe and in the lake is a supposed monster. She will need to lean on her old and new friends to navigate her crisis and maybe have that second chance at life she desperately needs.

“On My Way,” the second novel of the “Midlife Mulligan” series of novels, Naomi is finally divorced. As if being single is not bad enough at forty, her daughter has moved back in with her, her ex tried to kill her, the town believes she is a witch and her best friend is convinced that the orcs are coming for them. The last few months have been rough but the fun still continues. She desperately needs a job and thinks even a mind numbing one will do for the moment. She just has to get something easy where she just punches in and gets some income coming in for her bills. But instead of getting a job, she opens her own shop in what may have been a very stupid idea. As if she did not have enough stress, she now has to deal with vandalism, assault and attempted murder and thinks someone wants to mess up her life. Almost at the point of giving up, she gets a second chance to become a healthier, and happier self and she is determined to make it work. However, the line between the impossible and reality begins to blur. Should she go see a doctor and get treatment or accept that magic is a real thing? In the meantime her husband is out of jail and threatening to take her out for good this time.

“Don’t Stop Believing” the third novel of the Midlife Mulligan series of novels continues to follow the life and times of Naomi Mulligan. In the recent past, she was perplexed when her cat started talking to her. She had a successful business, kids reconnecting with her and coming back to live at home, a cute boyfriend added to the fact that she was a very powerful sorceress that could do all manner of magic tricks. For a woman her age, things were going surprisingly well though she should have known not to get too cocky. Her luck changed and her shoe dropped, ricocheted and hit her in the face and chins before she knew what had happened. What should have been an amazing experience turns into disaster leaving her crushed. When she recovers, her reality is very different as her kitten can speak, she is to be sacrificed to save magic and some of her neighbors seem to be demon possessed. She just wanted her happily ever after but now she has to fight hard to get close to it.

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