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Publication Order of Midnight Bay Books

Moonlight Warrior (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dragon Warrior (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mystical Warrior (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

Janet Chapman was an American author. Born in Caribou, Maine in 1956, she is best known to her readers for her wonderfully written romance novels and series. Janet passed away in 2017.

She is the author of the popular Midnight Bay series, an unofficial spin-off from an earlier series. The sultry romance novels featured a mysterious and handsome leading man. The first novel introduces the main character, who is named Kenzie Gregor.

This handsome and muscled man was once cursed to live as an animal, but now has been set free. He is allowed to be in human form once more, but must do what he can to help others in the process. The series started off with the released of the debut novel in 2009. There would be two more books in the series put out for consumption, effectively making it a trilogy.

The first novel in the series is titled Moonlight Warrior, and this book is as mysterious and seductive as it sounds! The main female lead in this book is named Eve. She is a normal, everyday woman, but she has just one problem: a guy won’t leave her alone.

Eve has had enough! She can’t take any more of this guy sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. The guy is attractive, but he also seems to think that it is his job to rescue her and she doesn’t need that. she is having a tough time as it is and has a lot on her plate to contend with. Eve is doing her best to maintain her own life as well as tend to her mother and make sure she’s doing okay.

Eve thinks that there is something strange about him– he doesn’t seem like the average guy that you would meet on the street or at a bar. Even though her life is virtually falling apart, she’s convinced that she is not the delicate type. She doesn’t need some prince to ride in and save her from everything that’s going on. She would rather handle things herself than rely on some man to help her out.

Even though he’s both handsome and strong, Eve has to admit that he is unusual. She can’t prove it, but she thinks that the odd events that have been happening in town may be connected to him as well. It may seem superstitious to say that he is the cause of them, but they only started happening once he showed up.

The truth is that Kenzie is no ordinary mortal man. He used to be a warrior who has cursed to live forever in the form of a panther. But having broken that, he finally gets to occupy human flesh once more. He can live as a person once more. The only condition is that he must repay this gift by helping souls that have been displaced to fulfill their destiny.

Now he has a crush on the beautiful (if not stubborn) Eve. She’s come into his sights, and now he wants no one else. Will he be able to lure her over to him and win her over at last? Or is he the last person that she wants to be with? Only time will tell– and picking up this engaging first installment of the series to find out for yourself. Check it out and catch every moment and chapter for yourself!

The exciting second installment in Janet Chapman’s popular series will be sure to satisfy. If you are invested in the characters and the stories and the romance of it all, you aren’t alone. Check out Dragon Warrior and you will find out why this New England author has sold so many individual books and series!

If you enjoy steamy romance novels, then this sizzling sequel in Chapman’s fantasy series is sure to be right up your ally. An independent woman in the modern age named Maddy has no reason to fall for a man– but the guy in this story is not just your average man. He is a warrior who is going to live forever, as he has been gifted (or cursed, depending on how you look at it) with the ability to be immortal.

Now he is not only an attractive and well-built man but someone who will never die. He has nothing to lose, and no fear of death to stop him in his seduction of beautiful women along the way on his mission of saving souls. This warrior has the bold heart of a dragon and the body of a god. Even she will have a tough time resisting his advances.

Maddy is so busy in her everyday life that she barely has the time to entertain dating or seeing someone on the side. She has more than enough to do as a single mom of a young daughter. In addition to caring for her daughter and her mother (who is now a widow), as well as trying to keep tabs on her younger teenage brother, the modern woman has more irons in the fire than she can handle.

On top of her personal life, Maddy has a challenging but rewarding job working in the nursing home. Her patients take up what time her family and daughter do not occupy. So when she meets a man named William Kilkenny, she doesn’t know what to make of him. Not only is he really tall and hot, the outrageous man not only has no knowledge of how to date but also is relentless in his pursuit of her.

It’s both strange and flattering. Maddy has been lonely living in her small town, but when strange things start to happen she doesn’t know what to make of it. William wants her love and her trust, but Maddy doesn’t know whether the strange man can be trusted.

With their passion growing, she is going to have to make a choice and stand by it no matter what. Want to find out what happens? Then you’ve got to check out this book and find out, and pick up the third book in Chapman’s thrilling Midnight Bay series to finish the trilogy and see what happens.

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