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Publication Order of Midnight Fire Books

The American author Kaitlyn Davis is a world renowned one having produced a number of books for both young adults and adults alike, largely focusing on the paranormal and fantasy genres, something which she has mastered over the years, along with her characters that have also resonated with her many readers, as well as her highly compelling and gripping narratives. With a clear passion for her craft, it definitely shows the care and time that has gone into her work, as her stories are universal in their appeal, reaching readers internationally as well as nationally. Not just set within the realms of fantasy as well, she has been able to look at themes of contemporary romance as well, with her interest in relationships and love also being a big theme for her. Writing a variety of different series on a range of different topics, she has managed to craft herself a writing career that is unique and stands out from the rest. Many of her series themselves follow topics of the everyday, such as finding love and dealing with relationships, to epic fantasies on a grand scale. What links all of them is their focus on character though, as she grounds them all in a sense of reality that her readers find extremely engaging and compelling. A great example of this is her ongoing ‘Midnight Fire’ Series, a franchise which has been running for quite some time now, with its themes of romance set firmly in the young adult mold. Working as a paranormal romance, it is very much for fans of the ‘Twilight’ series, as takes all of what works, adding its own unique spin upon the highly successful and extremely popular formula. Telling the story of a young woman called Kira Dawson who is able to incinerate vampires with her special powers, it follows her fraught love affair with a vampire who was supposed to be her enemy. Taking many ideas of forbidden love and finding a place in the world, it works at taking all these disparate themes and making them seem fresh and modern for a young and contemporary audience.

Having written over five books in the series so far and counting, this is proving to be an extremely popular franchise given its proven success with audiences worldwide. Writing and publishing the first title back in 2011, this series has come a long way since, along with an omnibus edition of the first four all collected together. The novels have come out at a fairly consistent and regular rate, with a number of them being released in fairly quick succession, thus keeping up with her ever keen following. As more are also expected to follow, it appears that she doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon either, as her writing career grows from strength-to-strength and will continue to do so for some time to come.


Brought out initially on the Kindle, this was first released on the 9th of October in 2011 to much acclaim, it setting up the world and series as a whole. Introducing readers for the first time to the characters and the world, it sets about establishing their various story-lines and arcs, it being the first in the ongoing ‘Midnight Fire’ franchise. Establishing the journeys that a lot of the characters are set to take, it also works well at creating an ominous sense of foreboding for everyone contained within.

Working as an introduction to the series this manages to set the franchise up, as well as introduce a lot of the key themes such as love, passion and romance. The characters themselves are also fully established, especially that of Kira Dawson herself, as she is just finding her place in this new and somewhat daunting world. Working as a coming-of-age narrative, it manages to create a story that, whilst containing fantastical and supernatural elements, also feels very human at the same time. Using its locations to mirror this sense of foreboding it also works at creating a world that is simultaneously dark, whilst being filled with opportunity as well.

Moving to South Carolina Kira meets a new best friend called Luke who is blonde and fun loving, before then meeting Tristan, a dark and mysterious ‘bad boy’. Discovering there’s more to Tristan than initially meets the eye, she must soon decide between the two of them in what becomes a desperate fight for life and survival. Feeling passion for Tristan and a sense of familiarity and friendship with Luke, she soon starts to also come to terms with her powers and the fight she must undertake. What is the truth behind Tristan and his lust for blood? Can she survive long enough to find out? Who will ignite?


Originally brought out in 2012 on the 3rd of April, this was once again brought out on the Kindle as a direct follow-up to the first title. Marking the second release in the ongoing ‘Midnight Fire’ series, it manages to carry on in much the same vein as the original, answering a lot of questions in the process. Not only developing the story as a whole though, it also manages to provide some surprising twists and turns along the way, all of which keep the readers guessing right until the very end.

Having survived the eclipse from the previous story Kira now heads to Sonnyville in the hope of discovering the truth about who her parents actually were. The only problem is she has her enemy Diana out to get her, along with Luke and Tristan battling over her affections, as she is running out of time to find her mother. As she gets closer to the truth, though, the more fearful she becomes, as she starts to realize why everyone may fear her mother, and if they’re right in fearing her. Will she find the truth? Can she stay alive long enough to find out? Or is hope getting slimmer?

The Midnight Fire Series

Given that this has become a highly lucrative field and genre in recent years, this is a particularly noteworthy in regards to its ability in standing out from the rest, it being unique in its approach to the formula. Clearly knowing and understanding the craft, Kaitlyn Davis has worked at building a world that is quite unlike any other, allowing its readers to fully immerse themselves in its many rich and vibrant layers. The characters themselves are also very well drawn, as they come alive off the page, resonating with the young audience, largely due to the timeless nature of the story itself. With more and more readers discovering this series everyday, it will continue for some time yet, as the world and the characters to grow, as it has room to build indefinitely.

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