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Publication Order of Midnight Books

Midnight Exposure (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Midnight Sacrifice (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Midnight Betrayal (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Midnight Obsession (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Midnight Series by Melinda Leigh

The Midnight Series, authored by Melinda Leigh, has captured the attention of both critics and readers. A former banker, Ms. Leigh has successfully transitioned to a novelist of note.

Ms. Leigh lives near the beach in a suburban “messy” house with her children and various rescued dogs and cats; they usually takes priority over everything, even her writing. She prefers to write at home, when she has the peace and quiet she needs.

She has earned a Black Belt in Kenpo Karate and a form of stick fighting called Arnis, and also Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Her involvement in martial arts lead to her teaching other women self-defense.

Ms. Leigh is known for writing romantic suspense stories. Like all authors, she started with her love of reading which lead to her writing. After living the crazy life as banker, she decided to become a serious writer. When Amazon was rolling out a new romance line, her agent asked if she was interested in writing for Amazon. That launched her highly successful writing career with Amazon.

Since then Ms. Leigh has created ten different series of stories and her books have sold over a ten million copies. She has been nominated for and has been recognized with several writing awards.

Midnight, one of several highly praised series by Melinda Leigh, is comprised of her unique blend of romance and mystery.

The Midnight Series is focused on the Sullivan siblings. The four of them are a close-knit group that stick together and take care of each other. Ms. Leigh says this series is darker than the previous ones. She was pleased to be able to work unique themes of Celtic lore and Viking history into the her plots.

She spent hours, many hours, researching Viking and Celtic cultures and burial customs. Her character, Louisa, is special, although she is a small bit of a misfit. She’s a genius but she has a problem relating to other people. The additional fact that she has a trust fund makes her unique and creates a vulnerability.

Conor is another character in the Midnight stories. He’s nice and quiet, running his own business. He makes sure to look after his siblings, neighbors, and he rescues animals. He’s not wanting to be a super-spy, sniper, FBI agent, or a hero. He wants to simply keep a low profile and help others.

In the first entry of the Midnight series, Midnight Exposure, two hikers vanish in a blinding storm in their Maine hometown. The real truth is much more dangerous. She has dropped into a small town packed with secrets that could be fatal.

Jayne Sullivan, a tabloid photographer, is unaware of the dangers she is treading into as she looks into an anonymous tip as she seeks a highly reclusive sculptor, famous in the art world. She manages to find Reed Kimball, a mysterious handyman.

The mysterious Mr. Kimball buried his wife and walked away from his homicide detective career five years ago. The local police chief has asked Mr. Kimball for help after a hiker has been found dead.

He has his own questions, such as why was a Celtic coin found under the hiker’s body? There is a second hiker that has disappeared. Mr. Kimball has no interest in having a nosey photographer underfoot.

After Jayne is attacked, Mr. Kimball realizes her courage could be his undoing. Now Mr. Kimball is going to risk everything protecting her and finding a cunning killer.

The unknown killer is fascinated with Viking culture. The warriors’ quest for Valhalla in particular has him captivated. Louisa’s father, Ward, is a well known Viking burial expert customs. The killer has kidnapped Ward with the intention of getting advice and in his warped mind, he sees himself as a hero by bringing Ward’s work to the world.

Midnight Sacrifice is the second Midnight series entry. People are still in danger in the small town in Maine. Four months prior, a remorseless killer murdered two people and kidnapped three more. Danny Sullivan’s sister was a lucky one; she barely escaped alive. Sadly, the killer got away without a trace, fleeing into the immense Maine wilderness.

The police failed to capture Danny’s sister’s kidnapper so he has returned to hunt him down. When he begins his quest by trying to interview one of the few surviving kidnapped victims, Mandy Brown, she refuses to cooperate.

Mandy’s lack of participation makes Danny very suspicious. Danny is persistent with his questions to Mandy. As he visits with her there is an apparent undercurrent of attraction between them. This could expose a truth and it could create a danger for her family.

More people are disappearing and it becomes apparent the killer is going to have another ritual. Mandy is his prime sacrifice for his rituals.

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