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Publication Order of Midnight Books

Midnight Kiss (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
Midnight Temptation (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
Midnight Surrender (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Midnight Enchantment (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
Midnight Gamble (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Midnight Redeemer (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Midnight Shadows (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Midnight Masquerade (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Midnight Crusader (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon

Midnight is a vampire romance book series by Nancy Gideon. It was nominated by Romantic Times Magazine for Career Achievement in Historical New Reality. It was also nominated for Best Historical Romance Fantasy and Best Vampire Romance. Nancy Gideon is one of the best supernatural writers today. Midnight book series starts with the publication of Midnight Kiss in 1994 by Kensington Pinnacle Books. It was reissued in July, 2015. The setting is based in Regency London. This book employs a dark and sensuous trilogy which explores the forbidden love between a vampire and a mortal woman. Arabella is forced to choose between her normal, sunlit world and a man tormented by darkness. A mysterious blood malady brought Louis Redman to Arabella’s father. This celebrated doctor is the only one who could break the spell. Louis had been tormented by the spell for three centuries. He is tired of being immortal and wants to live a normal life. Bella is also ready to assist. She ends up falling in love with Loius. This is a romantic vampire story with a classical vibe. The forbidden love between Louis and Bella is touching and thrilling. This pioneer book was destined to be classic.

Midnight Temptation is the second book for the Midnight series. It was published by Kensington Pinnacle books in October, 1994 and reissued by ImaJinn Books in August, 2015. It is awarded as the Best-Selling Paranormal by Booklovers. In the story, Nicole appears to be escaping from her father’s shocking secret and the dark blood legacy. She is lost in turmoil of the post-revolution Paris. He escapes with her handsome aristocrat, Marchand La Valois. Her father’s enemies draw her into an old web of revenge and betrayal. She needs to learn how to control the dark heritage. This is necessary if she wants to protect her love for Marchand and their immortal souls. This is an intriguing and sensual tale of a supernatural love.

This was subsequently followed by Midnight Surrender. This is the third book in the series published in May, 1995. It was reissued by ImaJinn Books in September, 2015. It was a Romantic Times nominee for The Best Historical Fantasy. Cassie Alexander meets the elusive Louis Radcliffe while solving a case involving a series of murders. A killer is stalking the streets of New York and sending clues to her. This old-age threat brings them together to battle secrets and madness of the past. Radcliffe`s erotic embrace and dark hunger bring her into a sensual and dangerous world. This chilling tale is completely mesmerizing.

Midnight book series took a break until Midnight Enchantment was released four years later. The book was published in December, 1999. The story is about a 400 year old vampire, Gerard Pascale. He is tired and wants to shadow the midnight streets of Old New Orleans in calmness. But a blackmail binds her to a mortal bride who stirs his darkness. He tries to escape it with his treacherous ways. He discovers that his new wife is not resistant to his will. Laure Cristobel is haunted by a past of witchcraft and darkness. She became a bride in order to protect herself and the unborn child she is carrying. She finds herself with a monster husband, one she hopes to recreate using her magic skills. This is a unique story with love, blackmail, witchcraft, intrigue, passion and suspense.

Midnight Gamble was published the following year by ImaJinn Books. It is the fifth book in the Midnight series. The setting is based on uninhabited New York in 1920s. The area is filled with a sound of jazz music, rolling dices and liquor bootlegging. Frederica Lavoy, a day walking vampire is sent to look for an exotic and mysterious Eduard D`Arcy. He is to meet Frederica`s father for justice against his crimes against mankind. Both of them are entangled in old enmity and vengeance. This is a game with stakes higher than life and death. In this book the heroine furnishes the drama and the hero is very dominant.

The same year Nancy Gideon released the sixth book in the series namely; Midnight Redeemer. It was published in ImaJinn Books in October, 2000. Dare vampire Louis Redman reappears again in this book. He believes that one female researcher has found a cure for his curse. He is determined to become mortal again. He has to believe in a lovely doctor who has pushed her way into his dark world and heart. Things become more dangerous as Stacy Kimball gets closer to a breakthrough. The agency that funds his work and a blood donor threaten her emotions and life. This book placed Nancy more on the fore-front in vampire romance.

Midnight Shadows is the seventh book for the Midnight series. It was published by ImaJinn books on May, 2001. Frank Cobbs appears to be seeking a vampire into the jungles of Peru. He knows that monsters are real. Frank is required to bring this creature back for government research. But his intentions seem to be inclined more on personal revenge. Sheba Reynard, a myth-busting ethnologist intervenes. She is a strong willed and annoying woman searching for the truth behind her nightmares. The two are stuck together and one of them has to surrender their quest. In this book, the author combines a non-stop action in an erotic setting.

The eight book in the series, Midnight Masquerade was released on October the same year. It received a Reviewers Choice Award from Scribes World Reviews. Nick Flynn joins an exclusive D.C law firm thinking he can leave his shadowy past behind. He is buried in dark scenes. His battle for success becomes a battle for his immortal soul. Rae Burden goes undercover as a call girl while investigating the death of Nick`s friend. She uses Nick for a desired end which turns to be a problem in a crusade of unexpected evil. The setting and characters used in this masterpiece are captivating. Once again, Nancy Gideon shows her prowess in writing vampire romance.

Midnight Crusader is the ninth book in Midnight book series by Ms. Gideon. It was published by ImaJinn Books in December, 2002. It was a finalist in Booksellers Best Award. Gabriel McGraw has given up his mortal life in search for his lost century love. He embarks on a final crusade to free her from the enemy’s hands. Naomi Bright is the same dangerous woman who could betray him. Her memories go back no back than her arrival in Las Vegas. This is a captivating story full of suspense and romance.

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